Zinus Night Therapy 10 inch MyGel Memory Foam Mattress – Review

There are people out there that could fall asleep somewhere and everywhere, while some need further support to enjoy the heaven of full night sleep. The latest Night Therapy 10” MyGel Memory Foam Mattress from Zinus has been medically and scientifically proven to assist you not just fall asleep fast, but also to have a yawning sleep. People with serious pain, general discomfort and insomnia must read this review to help them decide if this is perfect for them or not.


This mattress comes with CertiPUR-US flexible memory foam which allows for proper circulation of air. It takes account of components such as ActiveFresh Charcoal, Green Tea as well as natural plant oil that keeps this mattress healthy and fresh.

Zinus Night Therapy 10” MyGel Memory Foam Mattress provides the support as well as pressure point relief of regular memory foam merchandise while keeping temperature control in its open cell system.

This mattress is offered with a limited ten-year warranty to make sure no factory faults. This is also CertiPUR-US Certified for performance and durability.

This mattress has undergone thorough, a voluntary laboratory test to acquire its CertiPUR-US certification grade, making sure its safe for the users.

There is no weight limit issued, but people of all sizes have given this product with positive reviews.


Offer Custom Fit- Night Therapy 10 inches MyGel Memory Foam mattress from Zinus is complete with supportive memory foam which offers users with a custom- form fitting rest. Ideal for People with Sleeping Issues. This is a therapeutic top mattress which is scientifically and clinically proven to assist users with sleeping issues fall asleep fast as well as sleep longer.

Safe to UseThis mattress meets all safety standard imposed by the government and comes with exceptional components like charcoal and green tea that offer extra health benefits.
Easy to Setup- Utilizing patented compression system, this mattress is packed and delivered to let easy setup as well as portability.


Due to its foam content, it conforms to your body during sleep that some users didn’t enjoy. They were capable of modifying this mattress more to their needs using a topper. Some also stated that still, they felt hot after sleeping on it; however, the mainstream reviewed it as foam which is cooler than usual memory foam available today. Some also stated that this product is too firm for them, but addressed with the help of topper.


In general, the Night Therapy 10” MyGel Memory Foam Mattress is adored by many users due to its many states of the art technologies, from reasonable, flexible open cell memory foam to green tea, charcoal as well as plant oils to promote the best therapeutic sleep setting possible. Also, it is one of the most excellent options for those who are likely to get overheated.

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