Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress – Review

In this article, we will review a mattress product from Zinus which is one of the leading manufacturers in the matters industry. Although the manufacturer company has 25 years of experience and history of providing quality products, we will go a bit deep to find out that whether this product worth your money or not.

The product that we will review is the Zinus 12 inch Gel Infused Green Tea Memory foam Mattress. Let’s see the features of this mattress and the pros and cons related to the product.


There are several mattresses in the market that Zinus has made, but this one seems to be a more beloved product from Zinus. The reason can be the features that the mattress offers at such a reasonable price.

The mattress is designed for better sleep because it has cool, comfortable and gel-infused green tea memory foam. Comprised of four layers of high-quality foams, the mattress includes memory foam, comfort foam, high-density foam, and high-density support foam. These four layers of foams make it a very comfortable mattress to sleep on.

The memory, comfort, high density, and high-density base support foam is engineered inside the knitted jacquard cover. All these four separate layers are made up of high quality, and for 499 dollars one should expect all these features from a mattress.

All the material used in the mattress is infused with a natural green tea extract. The purpose of this infusion is to keep the mattress fresh and healthy for years. This green tea extract provides antifungal and anti-oxide properties that can keep the air around the mattress clean.

Additionally, the manufacturer claims that they have used no harmful chemical in the production of the mattress and the infused gel helps the mattress to stay cool all night.


The Zinus, 12-inch gel, infused Green tea memory foam mattress absorbs the motion very well and is on par regarding heat retention as compared to other memory foam mattresses. This mattress provides ideal firmness for the side and stomach sleepers, and you will experience minimal off-gassing.

The green tea extract infused in the mattress seems to be an effective approach to keep the mattress fresh and odorless. Because it will not lose its shape with time, it will provide great support to the heavier parts of your body.

The best thing is that the mattress is shipped directly from the manufacturers who cut the cost of the salesperson and for such qualities, 499 dollars is a fair price.


The drawback of this product is that there is only a 30 day return period which doesn’t give you enough time to see if it’s a good fit or not. Although it comes with a ten years warranty, there is no guarantee offered with this mattress.

You may refund some of your money, but you have to pay the charges for a refund. For those who prefer their mattress to be a bit, the firm should not consider this mattress because it lies on the softer side and provides medium firm support.


Although there is no full money back guarantee the users of the mattress seem to be satisfied with the product. There are enormous positive customer reviews on Amazon about this product which makes it a recommended product because overall it provides great support and comfort and with an infusion of green tea extract it will stay fresh for years.

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