XS 10 Hybrid Mattress – Review

The XS 10 Hybrid combines a temperature regulating iFusion foam with a body conforming and pressure relieving individually coil system. This mattress features only the best odor eliminating and antimicrobial sleeping surface. It’s built in the USA and endorsed by ICA or International Chiropractors Association. This is even made available for you in a plush model.

The XS 10 Hybrid is one of the commonly chosen ones not only because of the fact that it offers many benefits and lots of high-quality features. However, this mattress cannot give what you’re looking for all the time. Hence, you need to be aware before choosing one since there are also some drawbacks or flaws reported about this mattress.


The mattress features 630 encased coils individually designed to conform and respond to the curves of the body while eliminating motion transfer. This is the reason why even if your partner moves around too much, you can still enjoy an undisturbed sleep at night.

It also features excellent edge of foam encasement that delivers great stability along with a firm type of seating edge with more usable and larger sleeping surfaces right for you. With this kind of mattress, expect to acquire undisturbed sleeping activity at night and because of the independently wrapped type of coils that it have.

It is also one of the only endorsed mattresses of ICA which means to say that its features are approved by the association that promotes proper and healthy alignment of the spinal cord. This also indicates that you can acquire healthy sleep at night.


Aside from the high-quality features of the XS 10 Hybrid mattress, it also offers many benefits. This includes giving your body the best support even when your companion who is sleeping with you in the bed moves a lot.

Apart from that, this mattress also reduces any motion sense if your companion decided to get or move out of the bed.  Another great thing about this mattress is that it promotes proper alignment of the spinal cord, allowing you to sleep at night.  It can also be adjusted depending on the kind of position you want to have.


XS 10 Hybrid has a lot of benefits, but it also has simple flaws that customers are a bit disappointed about. This includes the price of this memory foam mattress compared to those ordinary mattresses in the market which is a bit expensive. So, if you want to have this memory foam mattress, well you need to prepare the exact amount of money to have it.


XS 10 Hybrid is another great mattress that you should try if you want to sleep better. It is also approved by the ICA which means to say that it is perfect for those who are experiencing problems with their spinal cord. If you don’t have enough money to pay for it, you can choose other memory foam mattresses.

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