Why Use a Buckwheat Pillow?

A buckwheat pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls instead of the foam or feathers which go into regular pillows. Buckwheat hulls are the cover of the buckwheat kernel which a fruit related to the rhubarb. As buckwheat pillows have gained popularity in recent years, they have also been lauded for their health benefits amongst other virtues.

Eco-friendly Option

Unlike the more readily available alternatives, buckwheat hulls are good for the environment. The feather alternatives come from living birds, while the foam option is synthetic. Buckwheat hulls are comparatively long lasting and can be rejuvenated simply by a round of sunning every few months. When it is time to replace the pillow, which should last a few years, the filling is biodegradable and can be emptied into a compost heap.


Health professionals, particularly naturopaths, find much to praise in the buckwheat pillow. For one, the hull filling has natural air pockets which keep the pillow from getting hot. The air circulation results in a better night’s sleep. For another, the pillow provides better support for the neck and the back compared to fluffy pillows. Buckwheat hulls conform to the shape of the neck and head thereby providing adequate support through the night.

Range of Sizes and Shapes

Buckwheat pillows come in all sizes and shapes as they are often recommended by chiropractors for various conditions. They range from keyboard rests to full length body support pillows. The standard large pillow is normally zippered so the user can extract some of hulls from it, as required.

Health Benefits

Since buckwheat hull pillows are prescribed for relief from cervical and lumbar subluxations, insomnia, snoring, muscular tension, neck and back pains, migraines, amongst others, most people can gain some benefit from switching to them. Some companies also offer buckwheat hull pillows with other herbs for aromatherapy.

Cold Therapy Option

While cold (or heat) therapy should be done with a physician’s blessing, an advantage of buckwheat hull pillows is that they can be cooled in the refrigerator or freezer during summer for cold therapy.

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