Why Do We Talk During Sleep?

You surely have encountered a case when somebody is fast asleep and suddenly speaks up as if talking to someone in the same room. It can be a friend or just anyone in the household. We simply call it sleep talking while medical experts call it somniloquy. This is basically an abnormal behavior taking place while one is asleep. When this happens, we usually think that the person has psychological issues or any mental cases that needs to be attended to immediately. Well, this is a misconception. This is not a medical condition at all. This is harmless. This is a sleep disorder yes, but there is nothing critical with it. Sleep talking causes may include but not limited to the following:

• Stress

There are things that must have been bothering you during your awake time which you still think about until you sleep.

• Substance Overuse

Drugs or similar substance usage, when you are not taking it moderately can likely cause you to speak overtime, even when you’re asleep.

• Health Disorder

This can be a sign of an impending health problem, so if this happens regularly and at the same time you feel anything unhealthy, you better have yourself checked.

• Medication

If you are under a maintenance or medical procedure, it is likely you hallucinate and speak while asleep but this is but natural.

• Fever

You may get delirious in case you have high fever. Or, if fever is at bay and about to attack you very soon, you will likely do a little sleep talk.

If you are experiencing this, you should need to speak to a sleep specialist. Treatment can start with as simple as getting yourself a comfortable pillow so you sleep straight and undisturbed. Experts know better and it is but right to seek their advice when these cases occur. This will definitely sort out whatever unbecoming issues your sleep talking will likely lead to when not accordingly dealt with early.

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