What Kind of Mattress Should I Buy?

A mattress is an investment – of the usual time, effort and money but also in the quantity and quality of rest. This makes a mattress a complicated purchase because of the overwhelming variety of types and sizes linked with budgetary constraints and physiological needs. Purchasing a mattress requires research factoring in various concerns including warranties and guarantees, deliveries and so on.

The Ideal Mattress

A mattress must support one’s body in a neutral position where the spine is appropriately curved and the rest of the body is properly aligned. A hard mattress can force the body out of alignment but can be better for people with lower back aches. A soft mattress will not support the body adequately. The right mattress for any individual is one on which he or she feels no pressure!

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have coil springs encased in various kinds of materials for comfort and they have a wide range in firmness and price range. Spring mattresses tend to be reasonably comfortable for almost everybody provided there are sufficient springs and cushioning material to offer adequate support.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam mattresses are a fairly recent development that are able to contour with use to the shape of the user’s body. The result is that there is a reduction in pressure as the contouring happens but as the mattress is temperature sensitive and can begin to feel excessively hot through the night.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are rubber mattresses which are fairly firm and supportive but of course a rubber mattress feels like rubber which may not be to everybody’s liking.

Air Mattresses

Higher end options include air mattresses which use air-filled chambers instead of coils which are then covered by a foam layer. Air mattresses can be adjusted so they do not continue to press on the same area of the body and the more expensive ones can have different levels of firmness for the different sides of the bed.

Adjustable Beds and Mattresses that Work with Them

Adjustable beds are also available that can be bent or elevated at varying angles and therefore use flexible mattresses. These are typically useful for individuals with medical conditions that inhibit their movement and/or who benefit from sleeping partially elevated.

With all the options for mattresses now readily available the best advice is to buy the mattress that is most comfortable and best facilitates a good night’s sleep!

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