What does your sleep position mean

If there’s anything that all of us have in common, it’s the relief of sinking into a nice warm bed to get our eight hours! A good night’s sleep is restorative, keeps our stress levels down and improves cognitive functions, plus another host of benefits. Whether we curl up in a fetal position, sprawl out like a starfish or plop down on our bellies, we all need to get that full eight hours to be at our best! Let’s explore what your sleep position means!

You Sleep On Your Side

Side sleepers curl up in the Fetal Position or lay with their arms stretched to the sided in Yearner Position. These types often favor one side over the other and it’s telling whether or not you’re a nighttime watcher or the door or blissfully snuggled up facing the wall. Side sleepers are the most common of all sleep positions.

Fetal Position

If you revert back to your En Utero state in bed, you’re in good company. 41 percent of the population sleep in the Fetal Position. Fetal sleepers are said to be very laid-back and easily misled, although their trusting and childlike nature makes them creative, spontaneous and cheerful during their waking hours.

Yearner Position

Yearners sleep with their arms cradling a pillow or spread out to the side. They make up a smaller percentage of the population than people who sleep in the Fetal Position but are still widely represented worldwide. Yearners have very powerful personalities. They can be bright but cynical, with a suspicious nature and a quick wit.

Whether you snuggle up on your side to revert back to childhood or to reach out for the next big thing, rest assured that you’re in the company of some bright and creative minds!

You Sleep On Your Stomach

If you do a big old belly flop into your mattress at the end of a long day, congratulations, you love Stomach Position. Stomach sleepers aren’t very common and often thought to feel anxious and always running to stand still. On the flip side, people who embrace Stomach Position can be very outgoing and charming! Most stomach sleepers forgo pillows and just curl up on their mattresses, embracing a long night’s sleep with wide open arms.

If you’re a stomach sleeper you might be in for a more… fun night ahead. Stomach sleepers are more likely to have erotic dreams. Maybe that’s why the’re so charming and outgoing in their waking lives!

You Sleep On Your Back

Back sleepers generally either drift off to sleep in Soldier Position (hands down by their sides) or Starfish Position (hands back near their heads). Whether you’re a glorious sea creature or a rigid soldier, you’re in luck! Sleeping on your back is the best position to get your full eight hours and wake up refreshed. Soldiers and Starfish tend to have very high standards and be reserved and very logical. They can also be fun and engaging but are able to separate work and life and take great pride in accomplishing their goals.

People who sleep on their backs wake up ready to take on just about anything. The position lends itself to leaping out of bed ready to conquer the world! If you’re a back sleeper you will likely tend to rush out of bed to complete your to-do list and you probably accomplish more than most people by 10 am. Productive and logical, you most likely expect great things from everyone in your circle.

You Cradle Your Pillow

It should come as no surprise that pillow cradlers like intimacy. They tend to be warm and deeply loyal people who value long friendships and familial relationships. No matter if you’re a side sleeper, belly flopper or snoozing starfish, if you hug your pillow at night, you’re likely to be a true friend and someone who puts transparency and honesty above everything else.

You’re One Of The Spoons

This position refers to how you sleep with a partner. If you’re the “big spoon”, or the person who is doing the cuddling, you probably exhibit traits that are protective and gentle. You are probably the one that people turn to when they have problems because they value your advice. If you’re the “little spoon” or the cuddlee, you are likely compassionate and unafraid to show vulnerability. Both spoons benefit from the serotonin boost that comes with increased intimacy with another partner.

Of course, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” definition of what your sleep position means. Whether you take comfort in curling up into a fetal position, hold close to your pillow, flop down on your stomach or sleep like a soldier, your personality plays a big role in who you are during your waking hours.