Voila Mattress Review

Voila MattressWant to enjoy the decent comfort level of foam and the reliable support of coils? If you don’t mind giving a chance to a newcomer company, have a look at Voila’s hybrid mattresses. A unique multi-layer manufacturing technology, several firmness variants and reasonable pricing make Voila a viable option for those who value a great night’s sleep.

This Mattress Is Your Perfect Choice If You

  • Want a coil mattress without the shipping inconveniences associated with its dimensions;
  • Want an affordable hybrid mattress that combines a nice feel and durable high-performance materials;
  • Toss about a lot at night and want your bedding to feature reliable edge support and foam of increased density;
  • Want decent bounce with minimal motion transfer issues;
  • Want a mattress with great responsiveness that never makes you feel “stuck”

How It Is Made

While other manufacturers typically use three to four layers, Voila’s product has as many as 13. These include mesh fabric for breathability, pillowy-soft Talalay latex and memory foam infused with gel for coolness. The five separate zones of pocketed coils totaling 768 units ensure proper spinal alignment, while edge support consists of three layers for extra reliability. Although the company’s office is located in Utah, its manufacturing facilities are in China, which some customers see as a serious drawback.

  • A hybrid technology that combines pocketed coils for great support and foam layers for comfort;
  • Three different levels of firmness;
  • 768 individual internal springs forming five separate areas of support;
  • Great bounce and responsiveness combined with minimal sinkage (may vary depending on the sleeper’s weight);
  • Firm triple-layer edges that do not collapse under pressure;
  • “Free” delivery to the customer’s door;
  • Shipping convenience: the mattress comes compressed into a compact box;
  • Delivery without signature: you don’t have to be at your house when your mattress arrives;
  • Considerably cheaper than a store-bought mattress (if purchased directly from Voila).
  • The hybrid technology makes Voila more expensive than some other compressed mattresses you can find online;
  • The firmest option doesn’t provide 10/10 firmness;
  • Strong off-gassing for 1-2 days after unpacking;
  • Shipping is only conventionally free; its cost is already included in the price;
  • Voila charges an extra $100-$300 for delivery on Saturday or a holiday.

Comfort & Firmness

Voila offers three levels of mattress firmness distinguished as Stand Out Soft, Happy Medium and Firm Believer. Different thickness of the cushioning layers is what determines the degree of comfort. All three options, however, feature the same type of coils and edge support. Customers note the insignificant difference between the medium and firm models, estimating their firmness at 6 and 8 out of 10, respectively.

Motion Isolation

Voila mattresses are manufactured with the use of stretch fabrics and dense cushioning foam layers. The company assures you won’t feel anything when your partner tumbles or decides to get out of the bed. Customers estimate Voila’s motion isolation at an above-average level: 7 out of 10.


The pocketed coils are surrounded with two layers of high-density foam. This improves the product’s durability, protecting the neighboring layers from wear associated with coil compression. The exterior cover, although soft and thin, boasts of solid build quality. Yet, some customers complain the density of the cushioning layers of memory foam is lower than desired.


Voila assures you can use the mattress in just 2-4 hours after unpacking it. However, customers state the product emanates a rather strong chemical smell on the first day of use. The off-gassing disappears completely on the third day, though.


The design of Voila mattresses ensures decent temperature control. The mesh fabric layer has porous structure, while the memory foam is gel-infused to keep you cool at night. The cover layer is soft and thin, so that the sleeper can enjoy the cool feel of the second, gel foam layer. Most customer reviews confirm the mattress doesn’t retain heat.

Health, Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

Voila products are made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and hygienic materials. The mattress doesn’t have any specific features aimed at improving its resistance to bed bugs or dust mites. The solid layers of memory foam are an unsuitable environment for such vermin. However, they may find shelter under the external mesh fabric cover, which has porous structure.


The Voila mattress doesn’t require a mattress pad. It should be supported on a suitable bed foundation, though. The product is designed to fit adjustable bed bases and virtually any bed frames.

Warranty & Return Policies

The Voila company offers a limited warranty coverage valid for 10 years, and a 100-day trial period. During this time you can either return your mattress or exchange it for a model of different size or comfort level. The customer is only required to test out their purchase for at least 30 day prior to exchanging or returning it. Voila’s trial period and exchange program are something you’ll definitely appreciate if your first attempt at picking a suitable firmness variant turns out futile.

Company Reputation

As of today, Voila hasn’t yet established a solid presence in the market of bedding products. As a newcomer, it strives to win new customers over by offering more than competitors. More layers, more firmness levels, more exchange and refund options.

Voila’s first market successes have been noted by experts of some renown publications, such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Inc. Most of those who have purchased Voila products estimate their satisfaction with the company’s customer care at 9 out of 10. They note the 27/7 availability of the hotline and the employees’ good attitude.

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