Top 3 Benefits of Getting a Good Night Sleep

You’ve heard it from your grandmother, mother and even the older women in your family. Sleep plays an important role in your health and the lack of it can lead to tons of medical conditions.

So why should you sleep for seven to eight hours anyway? Sure, it helps you relaxed and more energized the following day but what exactly can it do to your body?

Read on to find out.

Sleep Benefit No. 1: Better sex life

Sex is more than just an in and out motion. If you often find yourself too tired at night that you’d rather sleep than be intimate with your partner, then that can be a problem. Not only will your health suffer but you might find yourself alone because your partner walked out on you for always saying no to sex.

That’s not all. In men, lack of sleep is also associated with lower T levels which can affect your sex drive. Therefore, the well-rested you are, the better sex you’ll have.

Sleep Benefit No. 2: Better weight control

Did you know that getting an adequate amount of sleep can help you lose weight? And there are various studies to prove that.

When you are able to sleep well, leptin or the hormone that signals satiety is not affected, thereby making you feel full. At least you don’t have to worry about incessant cravings for sweets and processed foods which help you maintain a healthy weight.

Sleep Benefit No. 3: Better memory

Have you noticed how sharp your brain is when you are well-rested? This is because studies show that sleep is an opportunity for your brain to process and consolidate memories from the day. If you’re unable to sleep well the night before, your brain might have difficulty storing those memories, making you more forgetful.

What are you waiting for? Keep the room dark and shut down your eyes. You need your beauty rest after all.

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