The Restonic Brio Mattress, Queen, off-white – Review

The Restonic Brio Mattress from the stables of Restonic is manufactured 100% in the United States with an aim to give a most comfortable experience before, during, and after sleep. The purpose of this article is to enable you to make an informed choice at the point of purchase or better still, make recommendations for others.


On this product, Restonic offers a 1.5-inch layer of hypoallergenic open-celled latex foam which gives relief at pressure points with a lot of comforts. This mattress also features 1.5 inches of breathable memory foam under the latex, which gives a cooling effect and a cradle like comfort to your body (absorbing your motions during sleep).

It is manufactured with a True Comfort Support polyurethane core for durable comfort life. The Restonic Brio Mattress is packaged in a vacuumed plastic container and sealed in a cardboard box. This ensures its maximum protection during shipping.


The prevalent benefits cited by users of the Restonic Brio mattress are comfort, coolness, and packaging. This product, based on reviews from real users, is super comfortable, yet doesn’t sink in which makes it easy to switch sleeping positions. The easy-to-breathe 1.5-inch thick foam gives comfort like a cradle, complimenting the firmness of the mattress.

The coolness of the hypoallergenic open-celled foam check mates heats generated by the body through metabolic activity while sleeping. The risk of damages by scuffing on the foam is eliminated using a vacuumed plastic packaging sealed in a cardboard box. According to the experiences reiterated by users of this mattress, it gives a pain-free after sleep experience.


Quite little is said about negative experiences with the Restonic Brio mattress. However, the price for this product was relatively high when pitched with other brands of comparable features and quality. The difficulty and awkwardness experienced in moving it around, due to its heaviness, was also highlighted.


The firmness from the foam/latex combination and the True Comfort Polyurethane core makes the Restonic Brio mattress suitable for persons engaging in regular and lengthy (concerning duration) physical activity. It will do well with individuals who don’t want to risk adding any extra pains to their body as a result of extended bed rest.

Additionally, prospective users seeking an alternative for a conventional innerspring mattress are very likely to find this product a suitable choice. Those who sweat a lot or feel heat easily at night will benefit from using this mattress. In a nutshell, it’s a good buy if you place value on your comfort before, during and after sleep (some folks don’t).

It should be noted, however, that the Restonic Brio is not a solution for body pains. Consequently, you shouldn’t purchase it if you’re looking for more support for a chronic lower back pain or chronic pains in general. Finally, if you’re going to be moving your mattress around frequently, you should probably go for something lighter and more portable.

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