The Best Mattress For Heavy People

Are you looking for your best night’s sleep? Do you need advice on what type of mattress to seek for a heavier person? Are you sick and tired of tossing and turning, not feeling refreshed, and generally feeling exhausted throughout the day, leaving you craving a solid sleep? Your mattress is the most important aspect of achieving ideal zzz’s, so it’s vital you are sleeping on one that is designed for your body type. Check out our top tips on all things mattresses for heavier people below, we’ve got you covered!

It’s important to note that for the purpose of this article, we will distinguish ‘heavy’, ‘large’ or ‘overweight’ as anything that surpasses 200 lbs.

What To Look For In A Mattress

All mattresses have their own unique functionality and design so when it comes to purchasing a new mattress for a heavier set person, there are several areas you need to make sure you are focusing on in order to leave with the best type of mattress for you. Regardless of your weight, three important aspect to be aware of are: pressure relief, proper alignment and support and your preference of material. Here’s some of the things you should be looking for:

  1. Thickness

For a person that weighs over 200 pounds, you need a mattress that is going to support your weight, rather than engulf it. The last thing you want is for the mattress to dip within a few weeks of usage. This will certainly not make for a good night’s sleep. Mattress thickness is an important thing to keep in mind as you will want to ensure the mattress you choose is at least 12” thick, or if possible, even thicker than this. Why? Because thicker mattresses have a deep compression support, meaning your weight will continuously be supported and you won’t ‘sink’ into the bed.

  1. Firmness

In the case of heavy people, the more firm the better when it comes to your mattress. Make sure you are picking a mattress that is more medium to medium firm. You’ll need a firmer mattress to prevent your body from sinking too far into the bed, causing you to create a dip or worse yet, feel the springs. Both of these things will affect the way you sleep. For example, a person that weighs 250 or more will be prone to experiencing additional sinkage of 1-2”. When you have a harder mattress, this sinkage is less noticeable and more manageable.

  1. Edge Support

This is one that you probably haven’t even thought of, because it is less commonly talked about. A person that weighs 200 pounds or more needs to be looking for a mattress that has strong, stable and sturdy edges. How come? A mattress that boasts such qualities will help to prevent the edge of the mattress from drooping, sagging or collapsing on itself. Many people enjoy sleeping near the edge of the mattress with one arm or leg hanging off the side, if so, this area of the mattress tends to collapse down one side. When purchasing a mattress for an overweight buyer, it’s a good idea to check the stability of the edge support to stop this from occurring.

The best type of mattress to opt for are mattresses that are built from springs, coil-on-coil build or hybrid designs (which combine springs and foam). Although plain foam mattresses may seem like a super comfy solution, they will not be any good for heavy sleepers in terms of edge support. In fact, you will probably notice the edges of mattress seriously sagging. A hybrid design however adds some necessary springs to the mattress which helps you to get the best of both worlds – comfort and support.

  1. Temperature Regulation

According to a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, they found that in fact body weight does not have a direct impact on the level of our core body temperature. No matter if you weigh 100 pounds or 300 pounds, the temperature your body gets to is not affected by this number. What body weight does however affect how you retain that temperature. When you are regulating your temperature, it is retained by the body and released via your skin. Because of this, heavier people tend to retain body heat more than slimmer people. This is because slim people have a surface area that is larger than volume ratio which lets body heat to escape more quickly and easily. This is why heavier people generally are warmer whilst they sleep. This is why ensuring you purchase a mattress that has a good temperature regulation is always essential. Here is what type of mattresses solve the temperature issue:

Foam Mattresses – Compared to a spring or a hybrid mattress, a traditional memory foam bed has a known reputation for catching and obtaining air which provides for a hot sleep. This has been a complaint of memory foam mattresses since they first appeared on the market. The reason they make for a hotter sleep is because they trap your body heat instead of circulate it. One type of memory form known as open cell memory foam was designed to combat the problem by adding gels and cooling layers which would help facilitate air flow, although some people have still reported that they sleep too hot even with a open cell mattress.

Latex Mattresses – If you are after a latex mattress that features good temperature regulation, opt for a Talalay latex mattress which is better than a Dunlop latex when it comes to sufficient temperature.

Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses – These type of mattress do not absorb nearly as much heat as memory foam or latex ones. They tend to keep the mattresses at a comfortably cool temperature.

  1. Comfort Zones

A mattress with a good comfort zone means it features a variety of depths, firmness, tensions and densities which means that is has a series of different zones within it.

The My Green Mattress, which is made from all-natural materials, uses an innerspring base unit to produce a variety of comfort zones that work to give amazing support to the hips, back and shoulders of the sleeper.

Types of Mattresses

  1. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress have been applauded over recent years for their extreme level of comfort. They are so comfy because they provide consistent support that contours to your unique body shape. They are soft and smooth with just the right amount of bounce that helps to relieve pressure points and provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

One type of memory foam mattress known as open cell memory foam feature gel and a cooling layer that helps to cool down the air regulation, compared to traditional memory foam mattresses which are known to provide you with a warm sleep.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy People

Novosbed – The Novosbed mattress is one of the best options for heavy-set people. It has been designed with hundreds of small air channels that help to regulate your body temperature whilst you sleep by facilitating air. It’s durability is excellent and it has been built to last, even when taking extra than average weight.


– It has multiple levels of firmness

– A strong support system

– Sleeps cool


– Is only 11” thick

  1. Latex

Latex mattresses are a great choice for heavier people that don’t enjoy the contouring or sinking feeling of a memory foam mattress. If you also struggle with getting too hot when you sleep, then a latex mattress could be best for you. This is because they do not absorb as much heat as other type of mattresses. You often have more options with latex mattresses as they can be less than 12” and still be suitable for a heavy weight person. And last but not least, they are super durable and last a good amount of time.

Best Latex Mattress for Heavy People

Spindle – The Spindle mattress comes in medium and firm options, both of which are greatly suited for a person of a heavier size, however if you have a body mass index (BMI) of over 31, then the Spindle won’t support you. It is affordable compared to many other latex mattresses and offers a great amount of support and comfort.


– Affordable in comparison to other latex mattresses

– Has firmness options

– Offers a great amount of support

– Has good motion isolation

– Has customizable options


– Doesn’t have great edge support

– Has had experienced complaints about being too warm

– Can’t support people with a BMI over 31

  1. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattress can be excellent for heavy people when you find the right one. Some lower quality innerspring mattresses aren’t so great, as they can create unwanted pressure points and don’t provide consistent support. When searching for an innerspring material, it’s important to make sure you are looking at ones that have coil-on-coil construction. Why? Because a coil-on-coil mattress combines two layers of springs which helps support your weight, allows for deep compression and a comfortable feel.

Best INNERSPRING Mattress for Heavy People

Saatva – Saatva have a wonderful reputation across the board of the mattresses they produce, but are they really as great as everyone says they are? All Saatva mattress are high quality and luxury options. They are designed with a coil-on-coil build and feature a foam edge support. They offer three great levels of comfort – plush, luxury firm and firm. Luxury firm is used in many 5* hotels around the globe! If you are a heavy person looking for a great night’s sleep, then luxury firm or firm is what you need to go for. They are known for having impeccable motion isolation. When you move out of the bed or change positions, there is barely any movement to the mattress itself. You also will get a nice cool night’s sleep with a Saatva mattress.


– Sleeps cool

– Has multiple firmness level options

– Great motion isolation


– Back support isn’t great

– Some customers have complained about its durability

– Has a faint smell and a little off-gassing

  1. Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress offers fantastic edge support, good deep compression support, an extra bounce and great temperature regulation which is due to the coils allowing a good level of airflow.

Best HYBRID Mattress

Ghostbed – The Ghostbed is a superb mattress for a heavier person. In fact, the Ghostbed can withstand weight up to 750 lbs when it is placed on a sturdy and secure surface. As a combination of memory foam and latex, the Ghostbed provides excellent support all found, and has a medium-firm feel which is perfect for a heavyweight.


–  Great motion isolation

– Affordable

– Sleeps cool

– Is extra comfy


– It’s edge support isn’t great

– Not the best for sleepers who sleep in only one

– Has some off-gassing

  1. Organic Mattress

Organic mattresses are a really fantastic choice for anyone because it can help to save our precious environment. Some specific organic mattress can be a suitable option for heavy people, and they offer great durability.

Best Organic Mattress for Heavy People

Avocado – The Avocado mattress is a fully-naturally made mattress that is a superb solution of heavier people. When you purchase an Avocado mattress not only are you making a great decision environmentally, but you’ll also receive a mattress that provides great support and eases pressure relief. It is extremely durable, bouncy and is comfortable without allowing too much sinkage.


– Made with absolutely zero chemicals

–  Is exceptionally comfy for heavier people

– Is strong and long-lasting

– Has excellent edge support

– Sleeps cool

– 25 year warranty!


– You can’t remove or wash the cover

– Only has 2 comfort levels

– May be too soft for overweight people

  1. Bariatric Products

Bariatric mattresses are designed to aid overweight and heavy people get a great night’s sleep. They are constructed by specially shaped foam which can help overweight people as it offers great ventilation, a reduced amount of pressure, a comfortable feel and a medium to firm level of support. Bariatric mattresses are built to withstand very heavy weight so are ideal for those who are severely obese.

Additional Mattress Options

Aside from the above named mattresses, there are tons of more mattress that are suitable for heavy people, and these ones all have proven themselves with amazing reviews. Check them out:

Leesa Mattress

This mattress is so good that they only make one kind of it, literally the one and only Leesa mattress! It’s an excellent choice for anyone that weighs up to 300 lbs. Why is it such a good choice for a heavier person?


– Medium to firm feel which is ideal for a large sleeper

– Offers a good amount of consistent support

– Super comfortable

– As memory foam is known to contour to your body, it can feel like you’re sinking away into a deep, deep sleep.


– It is 25cm (9”) deep, and we recommend a heavier person opt for a mattress of 12” or more.

– If you aren’t a fan of the sinking feeling though, then this type memory foam may not be the most logical or sensible for you.

Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf mattress is a memory foam mattress that is made from the super reputable brand named Saatva. Saatva had made mattress products which have received some of the highest and most praised reviews online, and their latest creation, the Loom and Leaf mattress is no different. Loom and Leaf mattress uses a combination of all three types of memory foam – traditional memory foam, cooled memory foam and gel memory foam. This unique combination provides the sleeper with a comfy, supportive and restful night’s sleep.


– Extremely comfortable choice of mattress due to its innovative memory foam construction.

– Good firmness for a heavier person

– Good edge support

– Eases pressure points


– Only has two comfort levels.

– It fairly pricey compared to similar options on the market.

– If you don’t like the feeling of sinking, this mattress isn’t for you.


The Helix brand has received a whole lot of fantastic praise and positive reviews over the last few years. The main reason they have come to be so highly talked about by customers is because of their ability to listen and adapt to each and every one of their customers. If you are looking a mattress that will offer a great night’s sleep for your heavier weight, and be built to your bespoke requirements, check out why the Helix mattress could be just right for you.


– Helix mattresses totally customizable. You can choose your preferred comfort level, so for a heavier person, you would make sure to pick a medium or firm level. Helix also enables you to pick your desired support level based on both your height and weight. You can also choose what kind of temperature regulation you would like, so if you prefer to sleep cool, you’ll get just that! And lastly, Helix mattresses have a great amount of bounciness, which accounts for providing you with decent support for pressure points. Sounds great right, a bed totally designed for you!


– Has a fair amount of sinkage. When put to the test, a 50 lb medicine ball endured 3” of sinkage.

– Edge support isn’t great. It will not directly support sleeping weight or support you if you were to sit on the edge. This mattress has good support but mainly within its core.


Amerisleep is a brand that offer a large variety of extra comfy memory foam mattresses. Each one of the Amerisleep mattresses are constructed and designed with super high quality materials that are strong and durable.


– You can pick your mattress based on the way you sleep. For example they have options for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers.

– Great bouncebackability.

– They hug and contour your body whilst being exceptionally responsive when you move.

– Sleeps cool

– Amazing edge support

– Provide a suitable amount of support to your back and body.


– If you prefer sleeping on top of a mattress rather than falling into it, then an Amerisleep may not be for you

– Hefty price tag.


The Purple mattress has many great features as well as some fabulous benefits, especially for a heavier person. Such features include its unique construction and intricate design which involves a layer of hyper-elastic polymer. This type of design makes for a very comfy night’s sleep.


–  Good amount of air flow which cools your body down.

– Great for supporting your back and features layers that are excellent for pressure relief.

– Very comfy


– The sinkage and motion transfer isn’t top notch

– Although they have a good amount of edge support, there is gathering compression when you focus weight in one area, or when you move positions so it’s not ideal for heavier people.

– Only available in four sizes so you won’t be able to get a twin or full size.

Alexander Hybrid

The Alexander Hybrid mattress is a joyful blend of memory foam and pocketed coils. This combination has been reviewed to be one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market, so if you are looking for the ultimate ‘snuggable’ bed, this one could be for you. It is super high quality and has five layers of construction which makes it thick and smooth. They include a soft cover, copper infused gel foam, Visco foam, Smart Flow foam and a Solid Edge Support Base Layer.


– You can choose from three levels of firmness, so opt for medium to firm if you are heavier person.

– Good amount of bounce

– Very little motion transfer, meaning you or your partner needn’t be disturbed by one another.


– Sleeps fairly warm


The Winkbed mattress is a very unique hybrid type mattress. It features a coil-on-coil innerspring construction combined with the luxury of foam to create a comfortable and luxurious feeling mattress. The blend of the two mattress type gives this Winkbed a great amount of support, accelerated comfort and a strong and long-lasting durability.


– Has an optimised amount of airflow, making it great for temperature regulation. There are micro-air springs with all for a good amount of airflow which stops the sleeper from overheating too much

– Fantastic support due to its tempered support springs which are comfortable yet strong

–  Affordable price for the high quality that it offers.


– Only one comfort level, which is medium firm. However for heavy weight people, this should work just fine.


The Sapira mattress is a hybrid type, made up of a combination of foam and springs. It has an elegant and luxurious appearance, and the spring and foam blend gets just the right consistency to make it very comfortable to sleep on. The cover is quilted with a beautiful pattern of stripes. The foam layer has a great feature of hole punches which allow air to circulate and prevent the sleeper from sleeping too hot.


– Sleeps cool

– Good amount of density within the soft foam which hugs your body, allowing your pressure to be released and for your body to sink effortlessly into its embrace

– Combination of coil and foam is that it gives a perfect amount of bounce

– Strong support for your weight (from the springs)

– Pressure relief and comfort (from the foam)


– Doesn’t have great motion transfer


The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress and is a good option for heavier customers for many reasons including it’s breathability, comfort, support and price. Here’s the good and bad about the Nectar mattress and why it may be right for you.


– Balanced level of support and comfort due to its super-dense foam level.

– Affordable.It is known as “the better mattress and a better price”.

– Very comfortable and  has been said to ‘feel like a cloud’.


– Only has one firmness level which is medium firm, but for larger people this is just the level you want.

– Fairly slow motion response time. This means that when you move, the reaction for the mattress to bounce back up is not 100% instant.


The Layla mattress is a copper infused memory foam mattress which features

ThermoGel technology. What does that mean? The copper in the mattress helps to reduce muscle pain, joint ache and pressure points and also helps to promote a better blood circulation. All these points means this mattress is absolutely ideal for a heavy person.


– Sleeps cool

– On one side you will get a super soft sleep, and when you flip it over, you will have a firm side. So for heavy people, opt for the firm side. Both sides of the mattress are covered in a smooth quilt that is soft to touch and very comfortable to lie on


– It is very heavy and if you attempt to flip it alone, you may struggle.

– The softness on one side and the firmness of the other doesn’t offer maximum comfort

– Has some off-gassing

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams

Dreamfoam are a leading retailer in memory foam and latex mattresses, and with the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress you can see why. This mattress has been praised for its unique gel-infused memory foam layers which are blended with a combination of high quality materials.


– This mattress was designed with airflow in mind, and it created layers which each individually ensure you will enjoy a cool night’s sleep.

– It is 13 inches overall which is great for a heavy person, and is complete with an 8 inch base which helps to maximise and optimise the airflow

– Is customizable to your weight, body type, sleeping positions and more


– Firmness level isn’t that firm

– Edge support is not as great as other memory foam mattresses

Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe

The Tempur-Pedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe is a memory foam mattress features a 2” comfort level made from tempur, a 2.5” support level also made from tempur, and a 9” base layer. It is a thick mattress which makes it suitable for a heavy weight.


– Good amount of firmness, it is rated at 7.5 out of 10

– Excellent motion isolation

–  Great support

– Has been highly praised for its good ability to greatly relieve pressure on common pressure points

– If you are on the heavier side and wriggle while you rest, this could be a great option for you.


– Its firmness is not as good for side sleepers

– High price tag