Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress Hydro-Support 1400 Queen – Review

Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress Hydro is a premium water mattress made in the USA. It has a deep molded pressure reduction surface which allows great comfort and quality sleep.

The mattress is 25 mil vinyl, which is 25% thicker than the other mattresses of the same range available in the market. The mattress offers a 3-7-3 fiber layer wave less system. The bottom of the mattress is heating compatible, and it boasts of reinforced corners, which adds to its durability.

This particular mattress from Strobel Organic is designed to be fit on the standard 60×84-inch wood type waterbed frames. All the mattresses manufactured by Strobel Organic, including this particular model, do not require flame retardant chemicals as they are naturally fire resistant.

Their bodies consist of 90% water; hence, they can provide you with quick relief from a backache or soreness as compared to other mattresses. With this mattress, less pressure is imposed on the body of the person sleeping on it; hence, they can sleep comfortably. Moreover, it eliminates the surface tension and decreases the pressure for relaxing the body muscles.


The biggest benefit of buying this mattress from Strobel Organic is that it gives a fabulous feel of the waterbed. It is a firm where it is required to be and provides ample support for the lower back, which helps to provide quick relief from backache.

The mattress is easy to install and can fit on a standard wood type waterbed frame. If you do not own a frame, you can create it easily with the help of the frame building instruction that you will get with the mattress. The mattress is reasonably priced and offers a great value for money.


A major drawback of this mattress from Strobel Organic comes in the form of the odor it leaves after installation. It stays for a good period of two weeks; however, certain customers have reported that the odor did not fade even after two weeks.


To sum it up, apart from the issue of vinyl smell, there is no other reason, which goes against buying this mattress. It provides comfort, enhances the quality of sleep, and alleviates the aches and soreness, all at a reasonable price. You will get complete value for money; if you are buying this mattress because of the exceptional features, it boasts of.

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