SoundAsleep Dream Series

If you need a decent inflatable bed within a reasonable budget, check out the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. Intended only for sporadic in-home use, this durable and comfortable product inflates quickly, provides good support for your back and features enhanced resistance to punctures. This make the Dream Series a great option if you’re looking for a temporary sleeping solution.

This Mattress Is Your Perfect Choice If You

  • need an inflatable bed for in-house use;
  • intend to use it only occasionally – for example, when a guest stays over – rather than as your everyday bed;
  • need a temporary sleeping accommodation for a person of above-average weight;
  • need an inflatable bed with a waterproof sleep surface;
  • don’t mind it when your bedding has a cool feel;
  • do not plan to use the mattress the same day it arrives.

How It Is Made

Support across the sleep surface is ensured by 40 units of internal coils (21 units in the Twin-size mattress) constructed by SoundAsleep’s ComfortCoil technology. The top surface is flocked and waterproof. Its increased thickness and multiple layers provide for puncture resistance. The product has a sure-grip bottom, which prevents the mattress from sliding on the floor. The choice of sizes isn’t wide: only Twin and Queen are available.

Internally, the mattress features a two-chamber structure. Thanks to this, the bed’s filled with air more uniformly, which creates a level sleep surface. Developed by SoundAsleep’s engineers, the compact air pump is hidden within the mattress. The toggle control element is very simple and has three positions: off, inflation, deflation.


  • Raised height: 19” inches;
  • Internal coils for better support;
  • A rather lightweight (19 lbs), portable product.
  • Quick inflation: under 3-4 minutes, depending on the chosen size;
  • The easy-to-use internal pump is equipped with an anti-leaking valve;
  • Although far from being silent, the air pump is 20% less noisy that in other manufacturers’ air mattresses;
  • The sleep surface is durable and waterproof.


  • Only two sizes are available;
  • Standard sheets fit poorly;
  • No international shipping;
  • Designed for sporadic, in-home use only.

Comfort & Firmness, Motion Isolation

As with all inflatable bed, the desired level of firmness can be achieved by pumping some more air into the mattress. The 21 (40 in the Queen size) coils are designed to facilitate even weight distribution and prevent sagging. Soft and cool to the touch, the flocked top surface keeps the sheets in place throughout the night.

Customers are generally satisfied with the level of comfort and back support they get from the Dream Series products. They point out the air mattress feels like a regular bed and loses almost no air by the morning. As the mattress is usually used by one sleeper, no owners have reported motion isolation issues. However, complaints have been voiced regarding the bulging that may appear in the middle part upon full inflation of the mattress.


The product’s top surface features increased thickness and multi-layer structure, which results in high puncture resistance. The overall durability and wear resistance of the mattress are reflected in its weight capacity: up to 500 lbs (for the Queen size). Thus, the product is suitable for two sleepers, even if both of them are on the heavier side.

The company claims to test the durability of each and every mattress manufactured at their factory. This is done by inflating and deflating the product twice. SoundAsleep specialists check for any material or workmanship defects, as well as for excessive stretching of the PVC film. According to customer reviews, complaints about the product’s durability arose only as a result of its improper use (out-of-doors or on daily basis).


Once the mattress is unpacked, it emanates well-noticeable smell of new plastic. In a few hours, what remains is just a faint odor, which disappears several days later. According to owners, due to the smell issues, this is not a mattress you can sleep on the day it arrives. If you’re sensitive to smells, you should take the product out of the storage and let it sit for a few hours before every use.

Temperature Control

Like the majority of inflatable beds, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress can make you feel cold at night. Due to its raised height (19”), this product contains more air than a regular 10” inflatable mattress. The large amount of air quickly dissipates the heat your body emanates. If a regular bed makes you feel too hot during the night, you’ll enjoy the coolness of this mattress. But if you aren’t a warm sleeper, be sure to put a fuzzy blanket beneath your sheets.

Health, Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

SoundAsleep uses the traditional air mattress material, PVC. The company claims it’s safe and eco-friendly, demonstrating the corresponding certifications. Thus, this product is highly unlikely to cause any harm to your health, especially if you use it sporadically, as the manufacturer recommends. On the bright side, the indisputable advantage of PVC is its invincibility to bed bugs and dust mites.


The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress comes with scarce accessories. The only one the manufacturer provides is a storage bag. With its help, you can store the deflated mattress very compactly in-between the occasional uses. The bag is made of highly durable nylon and features shoulder straps, which makes carrying the product more convenient.

Warranty & Return Policies

SoundAsleep provides a one-year warranty for its air mattresses. However, the company never ceases to emphasize the Dream Series products are designed only for occasional use. Your warranty will turn void if you use the air mattress outdoors or as a regular bed. As for the return policy, it depends on the retailer from which you purchase your air mattress.

Company Reputation

Established in 2013, SoundAsleep Products is a relatively new brand. All the design and engineering work is carried out in New Jersey. The manufacturing facilities are located overseas, in China.

Those who have purchased products from the SoundAsleep highly praise its service. Customers express their ultimate satisfaction with the staff’s friendliness and willingness to help. They also note the company is very responsive to any complaints and dissatisfactions, and always resolves any issues without unreasonable delays.

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