SleepOnLatex Pure Green

Is it possible to find a decent 100% natural latex mattress that doesn’t cost a bomb? The SleepOnLatex Pure Green proves the answer to this question is positive. It’s an organic, US-manufactured product, in which surprising budget-friendliness is achieved without quality compromises.

This Mattress Is Your Perfect Choice If You

  • want an affordable latex mattress made from organic materials;
  • truly enjoy the feel of a latex mattress;
  • do not need your bedding to be highly resilient;
  • need a mattress with great motion isolation;
  • are not a warm sleeper who needs the mattress to provide a cool feel throughout the night.

How It Is Made

Depending on the selected thickness, the Pure Green consists of either two or three layers. The core of the mattress is 6 inches of dense latex foam, which creates a strong, supporting base. The product is topped with a 1” cover made from organic wool and cotton. The 9” mattress has an additional 2” layer of softer latex foam between the core and the cover, which ensures a cushioning feel.

The company uses natural Dunlop latex, organic cotton and quality wool, which allows to call the mattress a 100% natural product. SleepOnLatex is headquartered in Chicago, where its office, factory and warehouse are located. The materials the Pure Green is made from are imported from Sri Lanka and New Zealand.


  • Affordable prices as compared to other 100% natural latex mattresses;
  • Justifying its name, the Pure Green is made of non-toxic, certified organic materials;
  • Works great with adjustable bed bases;
  • Both sides of the mattress are usable;
  • Low bounce results in excellent motion isolation;
  • No off-gassing;
  • The cover is fitted with a heavy-duty zipper for easy removal.
  • It’s a hand-crafted product;
  • Manufactured in the US;
  • To prevent any delivery inconveniences, the mattress comes vacuum-packed into a small box.


  • To achieve affordable prices, the manufacturer uses Dunlop latex, which some sleepers may consider a bit too firm;
  • Might be not a good option for heavier sleepers due to its sinkage level;
  • Below average hip support for back sleepers;
  • The mattress tends to retain warmth;
  • No split-sizes available.

Firmness & Comfort

The Pure Green comes in three firmness levels. They are created using latex of different density (in the 7” variant), or by adding a 2” comfort layer (in the 9” variant). According to customer reviews, the mattress provides decent overall support and helps the sleeper maintain proper spinal alignment.

However, some users are unsatisfied with its sinkage level. Even a sleeper weighing below 150 lbs sinks all the way to the firm base level, which creates pressure points. The mattress is said to provide the most comfortable experience to petite side sleepers. Back sleepers note the insufficient hip support. Customers also emphasize the softest variant isn’t as cushioning as expected; they estimate its firmness level at 4.5 out of 10.

Motion Isolation

High-density Dunlop latex used in the Pure Green ensures a much lower level of bounce as compared to Talalay products. This results in great motion isolation, as the latex layers simply absorb any motive energy. If your partner is easily woken up by a slightest movement, this product is an option to consider. Customers also note that the mattress is very responsive in spite of its low resilience; its surface recovers from any impression almost instantaneously.


The main layers of the Pure Green are composed of natural Dunlop latex, which offers enhanced durability at the expense of a firmer feel. The quilted cover consisting of cotton and wool proves to be rather resistant to wear in day-to-day use. In their reviews, customers pay special attention to the sturdiness and reliability of the heavy-duty zipper the cover is fitted with. Worth noting, the Pure Green has been marketed for less than two years. No reviews regarding its durability throughout the warranty period are available yet.


The use of natural materials ensures the off-gassing level of the Pure Green is negligible. Nevertheless, some customers were able to notice a chemical odor upon unpacking. However, according to reviews, it’s very slight and disappears in about two hours. Unless you are extremely sensitive to smells, you can use the Pure Green mattress the same day you set it up.


The top layer of quilted New Zealand wool provides decent heat insulation. Thanks to it, the warmth your body emits isn’t absorbed by the lower latex foam layers. Customer reviews point out the surface of the Pure Green is pleasantly cool. However, the mattress is said to retain warmth throughout the night, so it isn’t a good choice for an extremely warm sleeper.


The Pure Green carries several certifications that prove all its components (latex foam, cotton and wool) comply with modern health safety standards. It neither contains harmful chemical substances nor emits volatile organic components. The product’s resistance to fire and vermin is achieved without involving harsh inorganic additives.

Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

The wool used in the top layer has a natural property of repelling dust mites and bed bugs. The organic Dunlop latex isn’t a suitable living environment for the bedding vermin either. You run no risk of facing an infestation.


For the Pure Green mattress, SleepOnLatex offers a latex topper that allows to adjust the firmness level or improve the cushioning feel. The accessory ranges from 1” to 3” in height and comes in three firmness levels. Customers underscore their satisfaction with the topper’s durability and cool feel. It’s also advisable to use a proper foundation with the mattress to ensure the product’s useful life lasts as long as intended.

Warranty & Return Policies

SleepOnLatex offers a 10-year limited warranty. It covers the cases where the Pure Green begins to demonstrate a body impression of over 1 inch. Customers who are unsatisfied with their purchase can return the mattress within 100 days of receipt and get refunded in full.

Company Reputation

Established four years ago, SleepOnLatex quickly gained traction thanks to the affordability and decent quality of its products. As of today, the company claims to be the largest retail seller of latex mattresses and accompanying goods. Customers underscore SleepOnLatex provides helpful phone and email consultations, while refunds and exchanges are carried out without a hitch.

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