Sleep On Latex Mattress Review

It’s difficult to shop for a mattress these days, thanks to the many available options and sleeping needs and habits. Trusting a relatively new brand on the market is even more difficult, but the guys at Sleep On Latex designed a product meant to help us sleep like babies while also meeting the above-mentioned diverse demands. Based on its properties the Sleep On Latex mattress can be rated with 4 stars out of 5, and if you want to learn more about it, read on!


  • Made of natural materials that minimize the risk of allergies: rubber, cotton, and wool.
  • Safe for your health because no chemicals have been used.
  • 100% Organic wool acting as fire barrier.
  • 100% Organic cotton that is soft to the touch.
  • The price is considered too low for the promised quality.


  • A bit on the heavy side.
  • Latex allergy is rather rare, but it can be quite serious.
  • Not for those who prefer Talalay latex.

Key features

  • All natural materials
  • Organic cotton
  • Organic wool
  • No assembly needed
  • Products certified by both Oeko-Tex and eco-Institut.
  • 7 available sizes, 2 thickness levels, and 3 firmness levels.

When choosing a mattress, just like with any other product, paying attention to some key features is important. Each person has specific needs that influence their choice, which is why we focused on shoppers’ most popular criteria. Keep in mind that mattresses are made differently, and depending on the model you may have to sacrifice some of your requirements.


It is important to know the lifespan of a mattress especially when the price involved is higher. When it comes to mattresses sold by Sleep On Latex, you cannot really tell for long they will last as the company was only founded in 2013. While this period of time is too short to average the lifespan of their products, Sleep on Latex uses rubber, which is known to be a highly resistant material. The quality is also influenced by how the the material has been treated and processed.

In general, most mattresses need to be replaced after about 7 years. However, it should be noted that the average lifespan of a latex mattress is at least 8 years. Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the person using it, as heavier people tend to need their mattress replaced more often.

Support (general support of mattress)

The Sleep On Latex brand offers 3 types of mattresses based on firmness – soft, medium and hard. Out of these, the medium mattress has a rating of about 6 – 6.5 out of 10. This firmness rating is one of the most important when shopping for a mattress, regardless of the type you choose. The staff at Sleep On Latex recommend their soft mattresses for customers who sleep on their sides, while the medium ones are a good choice for everyone. The hard mattresses are suggested to those who prefer sleeping on their backs or stomachs.

Edge support (support of mattress on edges)

Some people sleep very close to the edge of their bed. This means the edges of their mattresses will wear faster than the middle. After 2 months of sleeping on the edge of the Sleep On Latex mattress, the product maintained its shape – indicating a good support in that area as well, unlike with other brands.

Pressure point relief

Sleep On Latex mattresses provide good support, thanks to their natural rubber composition. This generally also means less worries about the pressure points. However, you should probably consider buying a mattress topper if you are a side sleeper. These toppers add a layer of cushioning that is much needed by anyone sleeping on their sides, so you can buy a firmer mattress without sacrificing comfort.

Easy to move on

Perhaps you didn’t know that mattresses can either enhance movement or make it more difficult. The memory foam models could make you feel trapped, while latex based products decrease this sensation because they don’t contour around your body as much. The Sleep On Latex mattress is a good alternative to memory foam products, especially for those of us who suffer from claustrophobia or simply dislike not being able to move easily.

Less pain

A mattress that offers good support to your pressure points means less pain. Additionally, because the Sleep On Latex mattress breathes really well, it means there won’t be any moisture trapped in it to cause more pain due to arthritis. Generally, users of this product woke up with less pain than when sleeping on other mattresses.

No initial odor

Most items have a specific scent, especially when newly purchased. Some products have an intoxicating odor – much like the items made of plastic. Other items have a more subtle or specific scent, such as the genuine leather shoes. Depending on the product, the initial scent will be more or less persistent, with the poorest quality ones not losing it even after being exposed to air.  When it comes to mattresses, expect the odor released by one made of natural rubber to be gone within 2 or 3 days.

Keep in mind that some people are more sensitive to scents than others. If you’re one of them, expect the unpleasant smell to linger for a little longer. A good solution is leaving the mattress in a well ventilated room for at least a day before installing it, if you have the space and find the odor disturbing. Most folks purchasing the Sleep On Latex mattress discovered the scent to be nearly gone under the bed’s covers and sheets.

Motion isolation

Since not everyone has identical sleeping habits, it is sometimes difficult for light sleepers to share a bed with heavy sleepers. If you or your partner wake up easily in the night due to the other person moving, you might want to consider a mattress made of natural latex, like the ones made by Sleep On Latex. Natural rubber is known to isolate movements, therefore your sleep will be interrupted less. Don’t worry about comfort, as Sleep On Latex offers mattresses with any level of firmness.

You should know that a latex mattress is not as bouncy as the ones made of other materials, and this is also true when it comes to the Sleep On Latex products. The lack of bounce is caused by the rubber’s own lack of responsiveness, and this feature could discourage children from jumping on the bed and bothering you.

No sleeping hot

The Sleep On Latex mattress is covered with a protective layer made of organic cotton and organic wool. Wool is known to have good insulating properties, while allowing the skin to breathe. The combination of these two fibers will ensure a smooth, soft surface that stays cool for longer. The construction of the foam itself also allows for good ventilation – a feature that not all similar products share.

Heavy person friendly

Some people are heavier than others, and this has a great impact on how well a mattress will perform as well as its durability. If you are on the heavier side, the Sleep On Latex mattress could be the right choice for you as natural rubber is known to maintain its shape for a long time. Depending on your specific weight, you might want to get either a medium or a hard mattress. This will ensure you are getting the best use out of your new item, without needing to replace it anytime soon.

Easy to maintain

The Sleep On Latex mattress is rather heavy, which makes washing quite difficult. However, the item is placed inside a cover that can be easily removed and cleaned if needed, thanks to its zipper. The Sleep On Latex mattress doesn’t need much maintenance since it breathes well and it keeps its original shape for an extended period of time.

How does it compare

You can’t really make up your mind by reading all the good parts about a product – you should also know how it is different or similar to items made by other brands.

Comparison to the Tuft & Needle mattress

Take for instance, the Tuft & Needle mattress. This brand is also pretty young as it was founded in 2012. Their products weigh much less than the Sleep On Latex: the Queen size Tuft & Needle mattress weighs 78 pounds while the Queen Sleep On Latex mattress weighs 125 pounds. Both brands manufacture their products in the USA. The Tuft & Needle products will bounce more than the Sleep On Latex ones,  thanks to the several types of materials used in their construction. While the Tuft & Needle mattresses are cheaper, they also don’t contain neither natural nor organic fibers.

Comparison to the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex mattress

A mattress similar to the one designed by Sleep On Latex is the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex mattress. While this one can cost about twice as much as the Sleep On Latex one, you should know that this PlushBeds uses 2 types of latex – Dunlop and Talalay, as well as 100% organic cotton and New Zealand wool for the cover. The Queen size weighs 128 pounds making it heavier than the Sleep On Latex one, however it is also thicker: 10 inches for the PlushBeds versus the 9 inch of the later. The PlushBeds offers just 2 firmness levels for their products.

Comparison to the Latex for Less mattress

Another mattress made in the USA is the Latex for Less which comes with 2 firmness levels in one product: one side is firm and the other medium. This is possible because the firm side uses Dunlop latex and the medium side uses Talalay latex. This being said, you might have a difficult time telling the two sides apart in this model. Their Queen size is just as thick as the Sleep On Latex one, 9 inches, but it’s heavier: 132 pounds. Organic cotton and natural wool are used in the cover, just like in the Sleep On Latex mattress.