Signature Sleep Mattress Review

Signature Sleep used to be an unknown name on the mattress market, so what makes the brand popular today? Read on for a break-down of the mattresses designed by Signature Sleep in order to get a clear picture.

Who Should Be Interested In Signature Sleep Mattresses

The brand provides a wide range of memory foam and innerspring mattresses that suit almost any sleeping habits. The innerspring mattresses have cooling features that reduce sweating, and good edge support that protects the mattress from collapsing. The memory foam products are known to isolate sound, a very helpful feature for sleepers with a bed partner.

Signature Sleep mattresses can be purchased from third-party sellers, which makes them readily available to any shopper. Additionally, they are more affordable compared to similar mattresses designed by other brands.

What makes Signature Sleep products different

These are the features used by the Signature Sleep designers to make their products stand out from the rest.

Eco Friendly

All Signature Sleep mattresses are made with eco-friendly foam, which prevents the damaging VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from being released into the air. These compounds can be severely detrimental to your health and have been linked to diseases like asthma and cancer.

Despite the company’s eco-friendly certification, some sleepers noted a heavy, off-gas smell coming off the mattress. Make sure to air your new mattress for a few days to prevent this issue.

Good motion isolation

The mattresses’ springs are each suspended in memory cell foam, which reduces vibrations and isolates motion. If you are a light sleeper and share your bed with a partner, this feature can help you have an undisturbed sleep. What makes this possible are the individually wrapped coils in the hybrid models and memory foam used in the foam mattresses.


Signature Sleep mattresses keep you cool during the night, which is helpful if you have sweating issues or live in a hot climate. To achieve this, each model uses different techniques, such as gel infused foam layers or a coiled core. All mattresses come with a cover made of breathable knit fabric.

Back pain reduction

The memory foam mattresses provide back pain relief by conforming to your body’s shape and helping the spine align correctly. Your neck and head will be positioned at the right angle to reduce strain and offer good support regardless of your sleeping position.

However, some customers complained about the mattresses not offering enough support for heavier people. These products might also be too firm for side sleepers who need a softer surface.


Product Lines

There are several models of Signature Sleep mattresses and each has its own perks that are spread across different lines called collections. The main collections are Black, Gold, and Signature, although Youth, and Crib & Toddler mattresses also exist.

Signature Sleep currently carries 15 innerspring models, with 11 of them featuring individually wrapped coils, and the other 4 high density.

All other models use several types of foam, that is generally described as low density. This results in a product with a shorter lifespan that is also rated soft.

Remember that regardless of the line or the specific model you’re interested in, your options are limited as far as sizing goes. Most models are created in Full, Twin and Queen sizes. Nobody complained about the fit to the bed frame, meaning they must be true to size.

Black Collection

This line contains mattress models between 6 and 14 inches thick. The Black Collection brings together both hybrid and memory foam mattresses. Most products pertaining to this line are medium to firm.

The Liberty design is a reversible hybrid mattress. This construction allows you to flip the mattress over, in order to prevent sagginess. No other model in the collection currently offers this feature.

Gold Collection

The Gold line regroups models between 6 and 13 inches in thickness. This line has mattresses ranging in firmness, from soft to medium-hard. As far as their composition goes, they’re either memory foam or hybrid models.

You can find both individually wrapped springs and  high density coils. Additionally, some of the hybrid models have a reversible design.

The official site offers a 15 year limited warranty for most of the products in this line.

Signature Collection

The mattresses in this line vary in thickness from 6 to 13 inches and are split into memory foam and hybrid types, just like in previous collections. Some of the hybrid models are reversible. One of the products that stands out in this line is the 7 zone targeted support mattress.

Youth Collection

There’s currently only one model in this collection, at a thickness of 5 inches. While it is specially designed to offer children a restful sleep, many adults can also use it.

Signature Sleep Reputation

Although Signature Sleep is popular, its customers have been mostly dissatisfied in the brand’s handling of returns. The lack of high quality products coupled with short warranties had a negative impact on the brand’s reputation.

The company is currently not rated on the Buyer Business Bureau website, despite its 30+ years in business. Durability is not a strong point for Signature Sleep, with its mattresses averaging a lifespan of about 5-7 years (including warranty).

Warranties and Return Policy

Since not everyone can be satisfied with their purchase, let’s have a look at how Signature Sleep deals with returns.

Return policy

Signature Sleep encourages customers to contact them by email or phone for more information regarding returns. If an identical product is not in stock, you might be sent a similar mattress available at the time.

Customers must pay for shipping and handling, which are set at a flat rate. If your mattress was bought in the UK, this rate could differ. In order to get a refund, you must show proof of purchase and also be the buyer of the items in case. Mattress owners must provide 2 clear pictures of the defective product.


Signature Sleep offers different limited warranties for each of its product lines. These vary between 5 and 15 years, starting with the date of purchase. Your mattress will either be refunded or replaced at the company’s discretion.

Once replaced, your mattress is not eligible for a new warranty period. The warranty is only available for defects in manufacturing and does not cover personal preferences. (

Future customers should acknowledge that conflicting information is available online about the warranty offered by Signature Sleep for their products. Thus being said, one would be safer to expect a 1 year limited warranty.

Product Reviews

Sleep Tight Youth Foam Mattress

The Sleep Tight Youth Foam Mattress is 5 inches tall and specially designed for growing kids. However, its 75 inches length makes it suitable for adults as well. This product can be used on multiple surfaces and it’s available in 2 sizes: Twin and Full.

The CertiPur-US certification means the item is free of any elements that could endanger your health. This is a rather firm mattress, however it is comfortable enough for all sleeping positions.

The mattress is easy to wash thanks to its removable cover, which can be helpful if your kid is messy. Despite arriving rolled up, it only takes 2 days to expand completely and stabilise. Furthermore, its odor is minimal and dissipates fast after opening the package.


  • Low price
  • For all sleeping positions


  • Takes about 2 days to fully expand

Aura Memory Foam Mattress

Just like the previous model, this one too can be used on any type of support and allows all sleeping positions. The item is specially built with foam of different density to support the 3 major areas of your body: neck, hips, and legs. This is possible thanks to the 2 inch memory foam layer.

This mattress specifically targets those who prefer a cool sleep. Its memory foam layer is infused with gel, and the fabric covering the product facilitates air circulation. If you’re worried about movement transfer during sleep, this should not be on your mind anymore. There is a 1.5 inch layer of responsive foam under the cooling one, that eliminates motion transfer.


  • Affordable
  • Sleeps cool
  • Good edge support


  • Takes about 2 days to fully expand
  • No returns accepted

Inspiration Coil Mattress

The Inspiration Coil Mattress is a 10 inch thick item designed for those who prefer a more traditional bed. The coils are independently encased, which prevents them from getting entangled.

Despite the mattress having coils, it doesn’t transfer movement during sleep. There’s a high density foam layer that provides the desired edge support. The mattress is delivered rolled up, and it only takes a few hours to expand completely.

The mattress is rated as medium, but labeled as soft. Keep in mind that heavier people can also find the product softer than lighter weight sleepers. The product doesn’t contain any harmful substance, which is guaranteed by the CertiPur-US certification.


  • Affordable
  • Stays cool
  • Firm edge support


  • A bit heavy
  • Feels soft

Inspire Memory Foam Mattress®-Certified/dp/B01BT5E87A

This mattress model is 10 inches thick and is made of 2 layers of foam. The first layer is 2.5 inches thick and is designed to provide balanced support and remove motion transfer. The 7.5 inches bottom layer is high density foam that offers good edge support.

This medium firm mattress has 3 zones of foam density, thus relieving pressure for your shoulders, hips, and legs. This model is available in King size in addition to the 3 mentioned earlier. Some customers found this mattress too firm, but a comforter can fix this.

The cover is very comfortable because of its special basket weave design that allows the body to breathe. The product also has a microban cover which protects further against microbes.


  • True to size
  • Stays cool
  • 4 sizes available


  • Pricier than previous models
  • May not fully expand