Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Hybrid Glenmoor Super Pillow Top Review

With a 4.6 out of 5 rating, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Luxury Hybrid is worth considering for anyone looking for enhanced support and comfort when sleeping. The product’s features, advantages and disadvantages, and what existing users had to say about the mattress determined the score.


  • Advanced multi-foam body-conforming layer.
  • Individually Wrapped Coil innerspring.
  • Maintains temperature neutrality.
  • Offers enhanced back support and spine alignment.
  • Edge roll-off protection.
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Product’s firmness may vary from store sample.
  • Susceptible to developing sink spots.
  • The mattress has a short overall lifespan.
  • It falls on the pricier side.

If you feel like the pros outweigh the cons, then the rest of the Glenmoor’s features are worth looking at. While most of its features are what you would get from your standard hybrid, some set it apart from the rest.

Key Features

The Glenmoor is one of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrids designed to help solve five regular sleep problems. It comes with a toss and turns control system thanks to Serta’s Comfort XD Foam. It means reduced tossing and turning which is a common symptom of insomnia (

With the Serta Custom Flex Innerspring system, the Hybrid Sleeper offers enhanced back support as well as spine alignment.

One of the key features is the Serta gel-infused Cool Twist Memory Foam which helps with temperature control. It promotes better rest by balancing sleep temperatures within comfortable levels.

The luxury mattress features the TruSense design which minimizes impacts received from your partner’s movements. Eliminating motion transfer promotes uninterrupted sleep.

Crafted with Serta’s Individually Wrapped 886 Custom Support, the Perfect Sleeper fights sagging and offers protection from edge roll-off.

A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty backs the product with a phone number given to get more information.


The Glenmoor Hybrid Sleeper provides a balance between softness and firmness. It comes built to address five of the common sleep problems including tossing and turning, partner disturbance, lack of support, edge roll-off and sagging, and uncomfortable sleep temperatures. With the added luxurious pillow top, the sleeper offers an ample amount of comfort anyone would want from a mattress.


Comfort is king when choosing the right luxurious mattress, and the sleeper’s build significantly determines the comfort level. The Glenmoor features a FireBlocker Fiber quilt layer, gel-infused Cool Twist Memory Foam, and a Serta Comfort XD Foam upholstery layer. An added plush pillow top layer enhances the level of comfort the Glenmoor offers.


Serta’s individually wrapped Coil Support system provides both spine alignment and back support. The gel-infused memory foam conforms to your body for added comfort.

Edge Support

Serta’s 886 Custom Support system also plays a vital role when it comes to protecting the edges of the mattress. Edge support is essential because it helps to extend your sleep surface.

Most of us end up sitting on the sides of the bed which may cause some sagging. Besides aesthetics, keeping the mattress edges in proper form helps maintain consistent firmness and support. Serta’s Best Edge Foam Encasement helps minimize edge roll-off.


When it comes to longevity, the Glenmoor performs well with anti-sag and edge roll-off protection. However, like with most mattresses the older it gets, the more susceptible it becomes to sagging. Several consumer reviews have claimed that it tends to form a hump in the middle of two sleeping partners or sinks on the side where they sleep most in under a year of use.

Also, while a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty comes with the product, there is quite a hefty shipping fee in the case of returning the mattress for a replacement.

Pressure Point Relief

The advanced layers of memory foam are crucial because they offer the needed relief anyone suffering from existing backaches needs. The extra thick double and single rows of foam feature both soft and supportive layers. The advanced layering model cradles the body gently providing surface-enhanced pressure relieving comfort.

With the innerspring featuring an individually wrapped coil system, the mattress has a firmer feel providing ample support throughout the entire body. With the pressure point relief, the sleeper helps to minimize tossing and turning.

Easy to Move On

Going back to the layering system, the Glenmoor allows you to move around it while still receiving sufficient support.

No Initial Odor

When unpackaged, the mattress does not emit any noticeable odors characteristic of most new products.

Motion Isolation

With the TruSense design, the Glenmoor absorbs localized movements well. The ability to reduce transference makes it an ideal option for couples.

No Sleeping Hot

Built to regulate temperature, the Luxury Hybrid ensures that you do not get hot while sleeping. With the Cool Twist Memory Foam, there is reduced surface build-up of heat. The ability to maintain temperature neutrality further promotes uninterrupted sleep.

Heavy Person Friendly

This Serta Sleeper is approximately 14 inches in height, and the foam layering makes it a friendly option for the heavy person.

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to maintaining this luxury sleeper, it is easily cleanable using a handheld vacuum. The mattress features side handles making it easy to rotate it as desired to even out regular wear. Getting a liquid resistant and breathable Serta mattress protector makes it even easier to maintain.

How Does The Serta Perfect Sleeper Compare To The Rest?

The Serta Perfect Sleepers have a mid-range price with merits and demerits against competitors. We pitted the Serta Sleeper against three other similar mattresses to see how it holds up. The three mattresses we compared the Serta Sleepers with include:

  • Sealy Performance/Posturepedic
  • Aireloom/ Kluft
  • Denver Mattress.

Serta Perfect Sleepers Vs. Sealy Performance/Posturepedic

The Sealy and Serta mattresses are similar to each other based on several features, but the Sealy is a bit pricier. Both are innerspring with good durability backed by 10-year non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty. They both would work well for the small, average, or large sized person.

Both also provide a relatively similar level of temperature control and body conforming capability.  The Sealy would work best for the person looking for a mattress with a medium-soft to firm profile while the Serta works for anyone who wants a medium to firm profile.

With 5 to 7″ base layer thickness and an overall thickness of up to 14.5″, both options provide a decent level of comfort. The Serta outdoes the Sealy when it comes to foam layering with memory foam and gel memory foam included for added comfort.

When it comes to initial odor, the Serta Sleepers do not come with noticeable odors after unpacking. The Sealy do have a reasonably discernable smell which does fade after a few days.

The two mattresses seem very similar, but the Serta is the better mattress because of its relatively lower price and advanced foam layering system.

Serta Perfect Sleepers Vs. Aireloom/ Kluft

At first glance, the Aireloom/ Kluft may seem to be the better mattress, but it does come at a remarkably higher price. Both are innerspring, but the Aireloom features a medium-soft to firm profile while the Serta has a medium to firm profile.

The Aireloom mattresses work best for someone looking for maximum comfort because they come with cashmere, latex, wool, memory foam, and cotton comfort layers. With regular foam, regular gel foam, memory foam and gel memory foam, the Serta sleepers still hold up well when it comes to comfort.

One of the other selling points of the Aireloom mattresses is their suitability for the side, back, and stomach sleep positions. They provide enough level of comfort without the need for a mattress topper. The Aireloom mattresses also deal better with motion isolation in comparison with the Serta Sleepers.

With a 10 to 25 years warranty, the Aireloom does come with a better assurance of durability. However, the Serta Sleepers perform better when it comes to fast break-in, they are firmer and do not come with an initial odor.

In this case, the Aireloom/Kluft mattresses prove to be the better mattress.  Going back to the price point, the Serta Sleepers still measure up and perform decently as significantly affordable luxury hybrids.

Serta Perfect Sleepers Vs. Denver Mattress

The two options are both innerspring and provide temperature control reasonably well. The Denver mattress comes with a medium-soft to firm profile which means that the Serta Sleeper is firmer.

Both do not hold up well when it comes to different sleep positions for the small, average, and large-sized person.  However, the Serta Sleepers offer better conformity and comfort.

The Denver mattress provides better motion isolation, and it is easy to move on. Backed with a 5 to 15 years warranty, the Denver mattresses promise better longevity of the two options. Both come with a relatively similar price point, but the Serta Sleepers are the pricier option.

With this comprehensive review of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Luxury Hybrid, you can now figure out whether it is the right mattress for you or not.