Serta F700 iComfort SmartSupport Mattress Review

Serta F700Serta’s F700 combines several memory foam layers of varying thicknesses and composition to give you a responsive, supportive, cradling, and cool effect. The features producing the aforementioned effects include an upholstery layer comprising of 2 layers of patented EverFeel Triple Effect Gel memory foam which gives uniform support throughout the night irrespective of temperature changes, a Cool Action Gel memory foam for extra support, and two layers of Serta PillowSoft foam.

It also features a SmartSupport Memory Coil System which acts like memory foam but with the extra support coils gives. The Ultimate Edge support gives full utilization of all the surface area on the foam by providing the same comfort at the edges. The foam support core gives deep down support and reduces motion transfer.


The F700 provides good edge support which provides the same level of comfort at the edges. Based on statistics conducted with over 550 owners, only 7% reported weakening support at the edges. It conforms well to the body, reduces motion transfer satisfactorily, sleeps less hot than the average memory foam and makes no noise.


The durability/longevity of this product’s deep down support is questionable based on the reports given by close to 21% of verified owners. They observed the development of indentations in the form of “peaks and valleys” within three(3) years of usage. Sagging, which caused discomforts and back pains, was also reported by 18% of users. Conforming abilities of the mattress present some resistance to movement on and off the bed.


There are quite a lot of varying experiences with many of the features of this mattress adding up to a conclusion of personal preferences and tolerance. Amongst this features are break-in duration, need for a topper, off-gassing, back pain reduction, back, side, and stomach sleep friendliness.

This product will do well with middle-weight back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. This isn’t for those seeking a highly supportive bed and not for the weak, sick, disabled or elderly folks as the conforming effect can make it a little difficult to move on and get off the bed.

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