Saatva Zenhaven Mattress Review

Saatva Zenhaven MattressSaatva Zenhaven is the USA made 100% latex mattress with no memory foam or coils used in its construction. This product is perfect for you if you plan getting a bed serving you for many years.

Organic products fans must pick it as well – the latex is 100% natural. Choose it when you appreciate a balance of firmness and softness. Saatva Zenhaven is not for you when you plan getting a budget bed that will not last long and can be replaced soon.

The product features and technologies

Saatva Zenhaven is 10 inches thick mattress made from 100% natural Talalay latex from top to bottom. It has 4 layers: the top comfort 1.5” latex one, two 3” support latex layers and 1.5” bottom support and comfort layer.

Bottom and top layers have different firmness, thus you can use both sides of the product. The quilted cover made from organic cotton gives a mattress user traditional soft feeling. The interior Joma wool cover lining helps regulating the bed surface temperature.


Saatva Zenhaven got 9.5 from possible 10 points for its materials’ quality. Its users love the bed surface never gets any deformation, even when a big person sleeps on it. The mattress has a good self-ventilation, providing a comfortable sleep due to the removal of excess heat and moisture. The unit is flippable, thus, you can use its both surfaces picking the firmness level. It shows a great bounce providing enough support.


The biggest Saatva Zenhaven minus is high price – the cheapest Twin model costs $1, 299; for California King you will pay $2, 499. Many customers suppose the company should not $99 take for the product’s shipping. Some buyers find the mattress firmer than they expected.

Comfort / Firmness

Dues to its flappable design (top and bottom comfort layers), the user can experience 2 firmness levels to pick its favorite. Saatva Zenhaven tests showed nice balance between its “hug” and sinkage, providing comfy sleep. In any sleeping position (on the back, side, on the stomach), you always get spinal alignment. Five-zoned mattress design provides different support levels. Customers call its firmness medium or consider the unit “soft”.

Motion isolation

You can use both mattress surfaces to sleep. Thus, you will have greater motion isolation when choosing Gentle Firm side, and less motion transfer when picking its Luxury plush surface.

Tests also showed, you experience the minimal 1-2” sinkage sleeping on your back and up to 4.5” sitting on the mattress’ edge. Motion isolation experienced feeling depends on the weight of a person. 130 lbs weigh person will get better motion transfer than a 240 lbs guy.


Saatva Zenhaven durability has got 10 points from ten possible ones for its durability. Its lifespan lasts longer than the mattress 20 years warranty. Using a slat foundation frame, you will give your mattress additional life years, and it will serve you longer.

Smell / off gassing

70% of Saatva Zenhaven users feel no smell when unpacking their new mattress. The other 30% affirm that they felt a very slight latex odor during first two days of the product’s usage. The mattress will become odorless faster, if you air the bedroom enough, opening its windows.

Does it hot to sleep on?

Sleeping on Saatva Zenhaven, you will not feel hot – the bed will stay cool even in summer. Talalay latex is an aerated material, breathable and comfortable for sleep on it. Additionally, Joma wool layer on the cover’s bottom cools the bed surface well. Choose any mattress side to sleep on, but in both variants your sleep will be cool.

Is it toxic?

Talalay latex is 100% organic “green” material, harmless for health. Saatva Zenhaven cover is also made only from natural cotton and Joma wool. Neither of these products can cause an allergic reaction. Talalay latex is the USA only made product. It has no harmful for health compounds and 100% free from chemical substances.

Bed bugs and dust mites

Dust mites or bed bugs cannot live in a natural latex mattress. Additionally, thick cover does not let any bugs or insects penetrating inside the bed. Give you Saatva Zenhaven an extra thin washable cover, and you will double the mattress’ protection.


Getting a slat platform matching the mattress’ size will make the motion isolation better. The bed foundation will also make your Saatva Zenhaven lifespan longer. Choose a high-quality platform or foundation created to support heavy stuff. Thick 100% latex mattress is very heavy.

Warranty and return policies

The company gives each buyer of Saatva Zenhaven 20 years warranty. Every customer gets also a trial (test) period lasting 120 days. Therefore when you find any defect over 1” on it or dislike the model, you can replace it free in 4 months.

Company reputation

Saatva Zenhaven is manufactured by Saatva company, having great reputation for its service and work with its customers. Saatva products have the highest rating among the customers and get the best positive online reviews.

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