Saatva Mattress Review

Saatva MattressIn this review, we will be giving a brief overview of Saatva mattress. We will discuss how it is made and go over some of the most important features that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress such as motion transfer, firmness, durability, off-gassing and warranty.

We will also summarise the pros and cons that existing Saatva customers attribute to the mattresses and suggest who might be the most interested in purchasing this particular mattress.

Who Should Be Interested in This Mattress?

You will love the Saatva Mattress if you want a traditional luxury feel with great cooling and edge support. The fact that three different firmness levels are offered makes this a very flexible choice that most consumers will love!

How It Is Made

The Saatva Mattress is made using a different construction method to most factory direct mattresses that are 100% foam. Instead, the construction is coil on coil which means that there are two separate layers of steel coils with a foam encasement and a pillow top. The Comfort layer ate the top adds comfort and softness. It is made from an organic cotton cover which is completely breathable. Beneath this is a lumbar support layer made of memory foam. Next comes the comfort and support layer of contour coils individually wrapped in foam. Finally the bottom layer provides most of the support thanks to high profile steel coils. The mattress also features an edge support system.


The Saatva Mattress rates fairly high in customer satisfaction and as a result there are lots of ‘pros’ related to it. These include excellent value for money, little to no heat retention, great warranty and return policy, comfort, edge support and a great company to deal with.


Most of the downfalls mentioned in relation to the Saatva mattress are because of comparisons with foam mattress. Some consumers are not happy with the motion transfer and they feel it is not as durable as they would like. However, Saatva is on a par with other innerspring mattresses even though it performs less well than memory foam options.


The Saatva Mattress comes in three different comfort levels. The Saatva Plush Soft is the softest of the three, sitting at about 3.5 on a firmness scale of ten. It is the best option for side sleepers. Next is the Saatva Luxury Firm which is the middle of the road medium-firm option. The firmest mattress is the Saatva Firm which is rated around 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This is the best option for most back or stomach sleepers. However, although some firmness levels may suit certain sleeping positions better than others, that coil on col construction means that all three are supportive enough regardless of which position you sleep in – side, stomach or back.

Motion Isolation

This is a spring mattress, so it is to be expected that there will be more motion transfer than you would get in a foam mattress. However, it is not too noticeable. This is because Saatva have done everything that they can to improve motion isolation by wrapping the contour coils individually in foam and adding a foam support system.

This goes a long way towards minimizing motion transfer. However, there are some consumers who are disappointed in the motion isolation performance and for that reason this is neither a strength not a particular weakness for Saatva.

It is worth noting that many of the people who mentioned that the motion isolation was not good were previously sleeping on foam mattresses, so some difference is to be expected.


According to consumer feedback the Saatva mattress has average durability. This is often the case with innerspring mattresses as they just do not have the durability of a foam mattress. Saatva does not really perform any better or worse in this area than other coil mattresses from competing brands.

Smell/ Off-Gassing

There is little to no off-gassing with the Saatva mattress. There are a small number of Saatva mattress owners who have mentioned a smell, but do say it dissipates fairly quickly. This suggests that unless you are particularly sensitive to smells there should be no issue for you with off-gassing.

Temperature Issues

One of the advantages of a spring mattress is that it has natural cooling. Adding foam into the mix could have created heat retention issues, but Saatva have kept the foam layers thin enough that there is no real heat issue. In fact, the Saatva Mattress is the best of both worlds. The pillowtop gives all the comfort and support of foam while the coil on coil construction provides excellent air flow and cooling.


Saatva Mattresses use natural thistle as a fire retardant and the cover is made from organic cotton. The springs are also made from recycled steel. All of this highlights Saatva’s commitment to creating a healthier and more natural mattress. It is not by any means a 100% organic mattress, but it does have a focus on organic and recycled materials. The memory foam used is certified Certi-Pur foam which is not toxic.

Bed Bugs/Dust Mites

Since there is air flow between the coils the Saatva mattress has clean evaporation of moisture which also helps to deter bed bugs and dust mites.


You do not require an additional mattress topper with the Saatva mattress, although some owners do choose to add one for additional comfort.

Warranty & Return Policies

Saatva offers a 15 year warranty on its mattresses which includes 15 years non-prorated repair coverage. There is a 120 night trial period in place during which customers can request a full refund less the original delivery cost of about $100. Unlike many other mattresses, there is no minimum time that you must keep the mattress before being able to return it.

Company Reputation

Saatva is based in Westport, CT and has been in business since 2011. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating and in the past 3 years there have been only 3 complaints filed against the company. This is well below average for a company this size. The company is also renowned for offering excellent customer service which is one of its biggest strengths.

Where to Buy?

The Saatva Mattress is sold exclusively online and is shipped direct from the factory.

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