Purple Pillow Review

After looking at all the Purple pillow features, I’m happy to give it a rating of 4.5. I arrived at this rating because I believe that this pillow attempts to solve most of the problems experienced when using other comparable products.

However, no product in the market could completely have no flaws. Hence I started by looking at the pros and cons of this pillow. I’ve done this to help you decide if the product has any features that you can’t stand and also whether it has the ones you consider non-negotiable.


  • Can be returned within the first 100 days if you don’t like it
  • Suitable for different sleeping positions
  • Good for pain relief
  • Innovative design allows free circulation of air


  • Too firm if you are lightweight
  • One firmness level available
  • Expensive

If you like what you hear so far, you may like to look at some of the leading features of this pillow. I’ve also identified other products in the market within the same class as this pillow to see how it compares.


After looking at this pillow I am convinced that it can be suitable for people who sleep in different positions: side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers (even though many experts indicate that no one should ever sleep in this position).

The Purple pillow is designed with hundreds of small triangles on the surface; giving it the ability to relax when it’s under pressure from your upper body but still be able to spring back once the applied pressure is released. To further enhance comfort and ensure your neck and head are supported through the whole night, the edges of the pillow have been reinforced.

The pillow starts off with a loft of 3 inches. This makes me think that even though this pillow will work well for people who sleep in different positions, it’s more suitable for back and stomach sleepers because such sleepers prefer pillows with a loft that’s low.

The booster feature allows you to increase the pillow’s loft according to both your neck profile and the sleeping position you prefer at any given time. This ensures the neck is never tilted to high or too low. The air boost option is a response to the fact that overall, the pillow is thin (measuring 16 x 24 inches).

The box-like design makes the pillow suitable for side sleepers too. The material from which the pillow is manufactured responds to the contours of the upper body. However, even though it responds to the pressure from your body, it will still provide the support required by somebody sleeping on the side.



If you’re sensitive to heat generated by your body as you sleep, the Purple pillow promises to solve this. The surface of the pillow is designed in such a way that the little triangles allow air to move around freely. This is a feature which allows any sweat accumulated to dry quickly, hence there is neither room nor time for bacteria to start growing.


Another challenge which is found in other pillows that this pillow seeks to mitigate is the loss of shape. It achieves this through the patented material used to make the pillow: Hyper-Elastic Polymer which is designed never to lose its . This is achieved through making the pillow firm on the edges, so as to provide support while the middle is made softer so as to increase comfort.

If you are one who prefers a pillow with a surface that’s firmer, you’ll find the Purple pillow a little too soft. This softness could make you feel as if your head is tilting too low and not supported well enough.


The company’s returns policy of 100-day money back trial is encouraging when it comes to determining how durable this pillow is. To return any of the company’s products within the 100 day trial period, you don’t have to worry about preparing the product for shipment; just call them and they’ll arrange a courier to pick it up.

The triangle design on the surface of the pillow can start splitting where the triangles are joined. Even though this doesn’t happen that rapidly, over time it can compromise the ability of the pillow’s surface to spring back.

Neck relief

With regards to neck relief, the pillow will be best for someone who sleeps on their back. However, this should not be understood to mean that the pillow will not provide great neck support if you’re a side sleeper as you can still adjust the loft. When fully adjusted, the pillow’s loft increases to about 7.5 inches. While this is really helpful for side sleepers, I’m still concerned that it may not provide much neck relief for a side sleeper with broad shoulders.


I always approach pillows made from the type of material used in making this pillow with trepidation because they generally tend to have a chemical smell. So I checked this out and my fears were confirmed as the pillow does have quite a strong chemical smell when it comes out of the box. This smell is nothing unusual, if you’ve ever used any new pillow, especially those made from artificial materials.


Allergy Safe

If you suffer from any allergies, you’ll be glad to know that this pillow is made from a hypoallergenic material. However, if you are allergic to chemical smell, this might not be the right pillow for you.


This is a heavy pillow and so will not move around and make noise during the night. The material used to make the top layer doesn’t make any noise when you move.

Reduction of snoring

The manufacturers of this pillow don’t say a lot regarding whether this pillow is designed to reduce snoring. So, I looked at its features such as its adjustable loft and came to decide that it can help to align your spine and open your breathing passages. However, the strong chemical smell could irritate your nasal passages if you happen to be sensitive to such smell.

Product comparison

Even though the Purple pillow design and material from which it’s manufactured is unique, I still found other products on the market we can compare to this pillow.

The products I will be comparing the Purple pillow are;

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Bubble Gel Bed Pillow

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

VS Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Bubble Gel Bed Pillow

The main difference between the Purple Pillow and the Comfort Revolution pillow is that the two are manufactured from different materials. Owing to the fact that the material used to manufacture the Purple pillow, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, is patented, no other manufacturers are using it. Hence, anyone who wants a pillow made from this specific material will have to go with the Purple pillow.

One of the biggest differences between the two pillows is the cost. The reason behind this difference could be that the Purple pillow is still a new concept which has used a lot of resources in researching the product. Also, the product is able to sell at higher prices because it is the only one made from this material. Hence, it would be a suitable product for someone who has tried all the other available innovations with no luck.

One of the similarities between the two products is the mesh cover designed to ensure that air moves around with ease. This makes both the pillows suitable for someone who wants to sleep cool. In the Comfort Revolution pillow, this sleep cool feature is pronounced by the gel layer on the surface that is in contact with your body.

If you asked me which pillow I would go with between the two, I’ll probably take the Purple pillow. Why? I love trying innovative products. I would also go with this pillow because I know I’ll get all my money back if I don’t like it and the product I returned can be donated to someone who may appreciate it.

VS Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

When I compared the Classic Brands Reversible with the Purple pillow, I was looking a product that would have similar features but comes at an affordable cost. Hence, the first difference between these two products is in the cost. The Purple pillow would be ideal for you if you have a deeper pocket and want to try new things.

Even though the two pillows are designed to sleep cool, the Classic Brands Reversible pillow combines a breathable surface with a layer of gel. On the other hand, the Purple pillow just uses the air spaces on the surface to allow for free movement of air. The one thing I like about the Classic Brands Reversible is the fact that it’s been designed in a manner which allows you to reverse it and sleep on a surface that sleeps hot on cold nights.

With regards to the loft, the Classic Brands pillow only comes with a 5-inch fixed height while the Purple pillow allows you to adjust the height anywhere between 3 inches and 7.5 inches. This makes the Purple pillow suitable for you whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper. The Classic Brands pillow doesn’t take different neck profiles into consideration.

If I were to select the best one for me between the two, I would go with the Classic Brands Reversible pillow because it’s more affordable but still promises similar benefits the Purple pillow offers.

VS Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

I also identified the Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible pillow which also comes at a much more affordable cost when compared to the Purple pillow.

Even though the Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible pillow is supposed to be made for people who sleep in different positions, I don’t understand how this becomes possible considering the fact that its loft is not adjustable. On the other hand, this is a plausible promise when made by the Purple pillow which you can adjust, not just according to your sleeping position but also according to your neck profile.

Both the pillows are designed to be resistant to such allergens including dust mites, molds, and other types of bacteria. For the Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible pillow, safety is further enhanced by the fact that its CertiPUR-US certified for performance and safety.

The Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible pillow also allows you to reverse the sides depending on whether you want to sleep cool or hot. This is a feature which I didn’t see in the Purple pillow. This means that since the Purple pillow promises to sleep cool, it might not be the most suitable pillow on a winter night when you want to preserve all the heat you generate.

Between these two pillows, I would go with the Comfort & Relax Sleep Reversible pillow because it’s more affordable while also coming with almost the same features as the Purple pillow.