Night Therapy Spring 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress Review

Night Therapy Spring 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring MattressWant to feel like sleeping in a cloud? Then you need to consider the Night Therapy Spring 12 inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress. This is a big sponge that has cooling gel woven within the spaces. This is a good choice for people searching for a mattress at a superb value and those who might have problems with coil mattresses like noise, allergies, discomfort, movement, etc.


This top mattress from Zinus is an exclusive and sumptuous mattress which provides minimized motion transfer from sleeping buddy or partner, at the same time keeping customized spinal arrangement.  This is integrated with Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam and Fiber Quilted Cover.

The blend of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam layers as well as the 7.5 Inch Pocketed Springs offers comfort and hold up for a comfy, healthy and relaxing night’s sleep. Open your mattress parcel within 72 hours of delivery and let 48 hours to go back to its original, luxurious shape. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


One customer stated that when he sleeps on this top mattress, he gradually sinks in, after a couple of minutes he feels a little bit cradled and he did not shift in his sleep. According to him, he often gets himself sleeping in a similar position he fell asleep in, and feel extremely rested upon waking up.  The gel surely assists with keeping the temperature steady. It doesn’t matter if you wrapped up in a comforter or sleeping with just a sheet, it is not too cold or too hot. What is more, this is also very reasonable.


In spite of the many benefits, this top mattress offers it also comes with some drawbacks such as hard and heavy to move once it is out of the box. This is also floppy and does not have grips on the sides. So, you need to be extra careful when lifting the mattress to avoid it from tearing. Also, there’s chemical smell upon removing the mattress from the box that takes 3 t 4 days to dispel.


The Night Therapy Spring 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress, Queen is a great value product. If you want a soft bed that offers cradle-like feeling, then this is the best choice. This product was rated high in various customers reviews online and has lots of good feedback as well from previous users.


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