Nest Bedding Mattress Brand Review: Reputation, Customer Feedback and Top Mattresses

Nest Bedding is not a household name such as Englander and Tuft and Needle. So, it makes sense to do simple research and understand several things about this brand if you are eyeing a Nest mattress.

Lucky for you, we’ve tackled the research bit, so you won’t have to. Among other things, we’ll be looking at the different Nest Bedding products, availability, warranty policy, and previous customers’ real-time feedback.

Is there a Nest mattress for you?

Nest Bedding has been around for close to 7 years now. Compliments to their belief that there can never be a one-size-fits-all mattress for everyone, this brand has managed to offer several mattresses in the major categories that you’d think of; memory foam, latex, and hybrid.

Since these mattresses differ in design, firmness level, and support, the chances are that you will be able to get the perfect fit depending on your sleeping style.

From several customer satisfaction research reports, most lightweight stomach sleepers say that five of its different types of mattresses are good for their sleeping position.

If you are a heavy-weight back snoozer, all the mattresses have been found to be ‘Good’ with the exception of the Hybrid Latex and Alexander Signature that were rated as being ‘Very Good’.

Worth mentioning, Nest Bedding offers their mattresses in 3 or 4 different firmness options. This means that it may be easy to get a mattress for almost any need.

Benefits of Nest Bedding Mattresses

There is a Nest for everyone

I’ve already said this before. Nest Bedding has a philosophy that everyone is unique. As such, its mattresses are designed to suit different people’s needs.

For instance, if you like a mattress that is a bit on the firm side, this brand’s latex model might be worth checking out. This is because they use the Dunlop process which is known to give firm mattresses.

The Love and Sleep mattress is for homeowners who are on a tight budget but want a decent memory foam mattress with great value.

Nest offers eco-friendly mattresses

Nest states that its 2 major mattress components (latex and memory foam) meet the stringent certification requirements of the non-profit Certi-PUR US for the goodness of our planet and the buyers.

The Dunlop latex extraction process, for instance, is a short process that does not require lots of chemicals. Its memory foam is also designed to be eco-friendly and does not contain ozone depleters, PBDEs, TCEP, mercury, and lead among other heavy metals.

Basically, if you are an environmentally conscious shopper, Nest Bedding ticks all the necessary boxes to be your go-to mattress.

Pressure point and back and neck pains

If your doctor specified a firm mattress for your bad back, Nest Beddings’ Q3 Latex mattress might interest you. Its firm design aims at offering a pressure-free spine-friendly neutral surface for users who need it.

Nest also has an alternative for the diehard fans of memory foam: Nest Bedding Signature Series. This model offers 3 firmness options to meet most users’ support and spine alignment needs. What’s more is that Nest also uses gel and Smartflow Air Flow Foam technology to minimize the issue of heat retention.

Advanced technology for special sleep comfort requirements

As you’ll find out in its Product Lines, Nest Bedding combines the latest technology to tackle several special sleep comfort requirements. Their latest addition is the use of Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric that helps in keeping the bed cool.

The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid also uses innovative copper infused foam technology. Among other things, Nest states the copper stimulates your brain during sleep besides drawing excess heat away from you.

Nest Beddings’ major Product Lines

Nest Beddings offer 6 mattresses for its 3 major mattress categories; memory foam, latex, and hybrid. Here is a breakdown of the different mattresses and its favorable buyers.

Love and Sleep

The Love and Sleep is a Greenguard Gold certified memory foam mattress featuring polyfoam and 2.8 PCF memory foam in the comfort layers. These comfort layers comprise of Energex foam and Nest Bedding’s Smart Flow Air Flow layer.

It also has 1.8 PCF polyfoam for the base core and High-Density edge support. The Love and Sleep mattress also features Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric to help in regulating the temperature in the sleeping surface.

This memory foam mattress is available in 2 firmness levels; medium and firm. It molds to your body shape and may, therefore, help in relieving pressure points and aligning your spine.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

If you have problems sleeping on a traditional memory foam mattress due to its heat retention, then the latest gel infusion technology might improve your experience.

As the market leader for Nest mattresses, the Alexander Signature Series is a 12.5 inches gel infused memory foam bed solution that comes in 3 firmness levels.

This gel topper boosts the memory foam’s response to the user’s body weight and shape for improved pressure point relief.

Gel has also been found to offer unparalleled spine support which helps in reducing back, neck, and joint pains.

Again, do note that gel incorporates gel particles or beads during its manufacturing process. When infused in a memory foam mattress, the gel layer allows effective heat dissipation by allowing improved better air flow.

Hybrid Latex

The natural and durable Hybrid Latex mattress from Nest Bedding comes in medium and firm variations. Its base layer is a 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam that supports an innerspring support system with 1100 individually wrapped coils.

It also brings one layer of Dunlop latex for its comfort system. Most of its users report that it is quite firm. This mattress might make a great choice for people living with allergy given its hypoallergenic nature.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is the cheaper alternative of the Hybrid Latex mattress. But despite its relatively low price tag, this model has been dubbed the most comfortable mattress on the internet.

What makes it unique from its high-end alternatives is the innovative copper that has been infused in its foam.

Studies show that the infusion of copper in mattresses may help in boosting its pain relief functionality since it minimizes inflammation. It may also help in improving your bed’s hygienic condition thanks to odor-control function.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid might be a great option for people with painful backs, hips, and shoulders. You might also consider it if you sweat a lot and you are provoked by dust mites.

Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour

The Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour is what you’d consider an advanced hybrid mattress. Its top layer consists of 2.5 PCF phase change gel memory foam that has been infused with copper, 3 PCF polyfoam at the middle, and a 4 PCF bottom layer.

Its core is an advanced spring system with individually wrapped coils. It also uses high-density polyfoam for its edge support.

This model’s gel foam and individually wrapped coils combo make it a worthy option for people who want constant support without sinking too deep inside the mattress.

The innerspring system responds actively to your body’s pressure and may help in relieving pressure point pressure. Its spring back action also makes the Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour an ideal bed system for the elderly.

How is this brand’s reputation?

Nest Bedding has built a really good name for itself with its current 6 mattresses. Most comparison sites show that it has a 75-79% customer satisfaction rate for all its models which is quite impressive compared to other brands. It has a rating of A+ on BBB and 4.0/5 star rating on Amazon.

Among other advantages, most buyers highlight that Nest Bedding Mattresses have close conforming and above-average motion isolation.

The availability of multiple firmness options with each model is a good thing too. Buyers on a budget also appreciate this brand’s below-average price tags on most models and its non-prorated lifetime warranty.

Similar to any other brand, Nest Bedding has its share of drawbacks too. For instance, several of its models are heavier than average. So it might be somewhat daunting to flip or turn them or even move them around your house.

Its non-hybrid mattresses have also been reported to have poor edge support. Clients living outside U.S.A contiguous also complain about the pricy deliveries.

Warranties and return policy

Guarantee, Trial period, and Return Policy

Each model from this brand comes with a lifetime comfort guarantee. You are only allowed to return the mattress after trying it for at least 30 days from the date of purchase. You won’t be able to return the mattress if you did not unpack it within the first 30-day window.

You will receive a full return product if you return the mattress within the first 100 days. After that, you’ll only receive a 50% product exchange with another mattress.

Nest Bedding also states on their website that the mattress needs to be returned within 30 days after it has been approved for exchange or repair. Exchange of mattress to the Non-US States is not possible with the exception of Canada.


All Nest Bedding mattresses are backed by an exclusively non-prorated lifetime warranty. As such, you can get a replacement for a defective mattress regardless of how long you’ve been with it.

The manufacturer may opt to replace or repair the mattress. However, a repaired or replaced mattress does not come with a new warranty.

Warranty covers physical flaws such as broken zips and indentations on the sleeping surface that are at least 1 inch. It does not cover burns, cuts, damage due to bed bugs and molds, and normal wear and tear.


Worth mentioning is that of all the mattresses from this brand, only the Love and Sleep is currently available on

Other models can be bought either from the Nest Bedding Website or from a Nest Bedding brick-and-mortar store near you.

Nest Bedding has outlets in Denver, New York, Minneapolis, and Chicago. For those who live in California, Nest Bedding has its foot in Albany, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Costa Mesa, and Studio City. You could also get one in Arizona at 4 locations; Surprise, Tucson, Phoenix, and Scottsdale.

Top Nest Bedding Mattresses

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress

The Nest Bedding Love and Sleep is an impressively constructed mattress that comes at a relatively affordable price tag. This mattress aims at relieving the pressure around your body curves.

While I chose to review the medium-firm model, there is another version, the Luxury firm that is a bit on the firmer side.

The medium firm mattress has 4 layers that make up its 10 inches. The first layer is a soft phase change cooling cover that works by distributing your body heat away for dissipation.

This cover is thin and breathable for excellent air circulation within the sleeping surface. It also has a lot of stretch in it. So, it regains its normal shape easily after being pulled to prevent bunching.

Next is a thick Energex Cooling layer that is made of thick latex. This layer has good conformity and it’s also responsive. The third layer is the SmartFlow Air Flow.

This layer is crafted from convoluted poly foam and has lots of air pockets to make it highly breathable. The last layer is the foundational foam that is very sturdy to keep your back aligned.

Its edges are also more supportive than you would expect from a memory foam mattress although not as strong as a hybrid’s. Again, we like that it has minimal motion transfer.

All these features make it a good deal for back and side sleepers. Its supportive edges will also give you more sleeping surface if you’ll be sharing the bed with someone else.


  • Has supportive edges
  • Good value for money
  • Minimal weight transfer


  • Might be a little bit too firm for side sleepers


Alexander Signature Series

Alexander Signature Flippable

The Alexander Signature Series is among Nest’s top-rated mattresses today. This is an all-memory foam mattress with 3 layers of foam and a thin, soft, and highly breathable cover that helps in temperature regulation.

Worth noting is that the Alexander Signature Series features a 4-inch gel memory foam as the first layer. This gel layer helps in solving the problem of ‘sleeping hot’ that is common in memory foam mattresses.

The gel top layer is followed by a visco foam layer that lets you sink slightly into the mattress. This layer helps in relieving pressure point. The last 2 layers consist of a transitional layer and the base that hold the top layers intact besides supporting the sleeper.

This mattress’ medium firmness design makes it a good option for people who change sleeping styles and positions at night. Not unless you are really specific on your sleeping needs, I bet this mattress might support side, back, and stomach snoozers without fuss.


  • Supports different sleepers
  • Gel top layer for heat dissipation
  • Has minimal motion transfer


  • Not yet available in most online stores
  • Less supportive edges ( this is common with memory foam mattresses though)

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid

Alexander Signature Hybrid

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is currently being referred to as the ‘most comfortable mattress on the internet.’ Whether this is true or not, this mattress is climbing the rungs of the most sought-after bed solutions really fast according to research.

You must be wondering, ‘’What makes it unique from other Nests?’’

I bet what sets this mattress aside is the great innovation used in its design. This model features the pocketed innerspring system that offers a higher degree of support than the traditional spring system.

It also has 5 innovative layers that comprise Nest Bedding’s Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric, gel foam with copper infusion, Visco foam, and Smart Flow foam. There is also a solid edge support layer to protect you from rolling over the bed especially if you share it with someone else.

This mattress’ Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabric, the copper-infused gel layer, and the spring system make it worth considering if you love sleeping cool. The amount of bounce that comes with the pocketed spring system could also make it a great mattress for sex.


  • Available in 3 firmness levels
  • Easy to change positions
  • Accommodates different sleeping styles


  • Several reports of premature sagging
  • Limited online availability

Final Verdict

Do we recommend Nest Bedding mattresses? Sure! Its over 75% customer satisfaction rate coupled by A+ BBB rating is enough evidence that Nest Bedding is worth trying out.

But what’s appealing is that you can return the mattress for another one within 100 days. Even better, the mattress comes with a lifetime warranty! In my opinion, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try one out.