Nest Bedding Hybrid

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex is the combined mattress, having the layers or organic wool and cotton, latex and inner spring coils. This product is perfect for you if you dislike too firm beds and enjoy bed plush feeling. You should pick it, when you prefer organic materials only. Persons with scoliosis, sciatica and big people will feel more comfort sleeping on this bed.

Features and technologies

Unzipping the cover of this USA hand-made product, you can see its layers. There are three basic components there: pocketed 1100 coils base (7” or 5”), 3” latex layer and the quilted top. The cover, made of organic wool and cotton, is 2” thick. This construction provides a bouncing medium-firm surface of the unit and gives the mattress the maximum orthopedic effect.


You can easily customize the settings of mattress firmness depending on the unit’s model. Natural Dunlop latex covered with quilted top gives very soft, plush feeling and elasticity. Customers love the unit’s springy construction combined with comfortable padding, giving almost no pressure to body. People with allergies choose it for non-toxic materials.


Many customers find these mattresses pricey. The most expensive model is Split California King for $2,598, while the cheapest Twin variant costs $1,199. The other minus is a need to purchase separately slat base for the unit.

Comfort / Firmness

The company offers picking Firm or Medium models with various top latex layer firmness. The hybrid construction gives the combination of good coiled base support and bouncing “floating” feeling from latex. Back and stomach sleepers feel comfort sleeping on it, as its sinkage is 1, 2” only. Unlike the foam mattresses giving the feeling you sleep “inside” the bed, this stuff gives a comfy feeling of resting on its top.

Motion isolation

This product provides good sinkage. The motion isolation feeling depends on the weight of a person testing the bed. A guy of 235 lbs will “sink” inside the unit, while slim people may not even feel the mattress motion. When you leave the bed, its surface becomes flat in several seconds. Exactly the natural 3 inches latex layer gives the mattress this feature.


Buyers give the mattress the highest mark for its durability. Due to the usage of pocketed coils and 3” thick natural latex the bed lifespan equals approximately 20 years. This is the warranty length the company gives to this product. The mattress life can last in reality even longer when you sleep on the bed alone. Spouses having regular sexual life must be ready for 12 years mattress’ lifespan.

Smell / off gassing

As no memory foam, usually having special odor is used in the mattress, you will feel no smell when unpacking it. The top is made from organic wool and cotton; therefore it does not give any odor. The company recommends using a washable cover for the mattress to avoid side smells penetrating into the bed.

Does it hot to sleep on?

Although latex layer always gives a mattress’ user a cool feeling, the wool cover may “neutralize” it, adding the sleeper some heat. Meanwhile, the customers say that as the mattress changes its shape when a sleeper moves, it cools the bed surface. Organic materials give you comfortable sleep, and you do not sweat.

Is it toxic?

Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress is good even for allergic people or those, who have having chronic respiratory diseases. Only non-toxic materials and used there. 100% natural latex of the comfy layer, wool and cotton cover and steel pocketed coils for support are non-allergic. No harmful chemicals are used when manufacturing the product.

Bed bugs and dust mites

This hybrid mattress is made only from organic products. Its quilted 2” cover is so thick and dense, that no dust mites or bed bugs will enter inside the mattress. However, you cannot wash this cover as it will be shrinked and damaged. Thus, the manufacturer recommends buyers using a washable cover. It will protect your mattress surface from bed bugs that can come to it from the carpet or pillows.


The mattress needs a firm slat foundation to support the unit. You can buy it separately or use the existing bed base matching your mattress size.

Warranty and return policies

The company gives 20 years of warranty to this mattress. When you find defects on its surface or simply dislike the chosen model, you can change the unit for another one in 3 months. The other mattress will be shipped to you free as well. You can get money back when returning the mattress within 100 days.

Company reputation

Nest Bedding is a small company, but it has good reputation for manufacturing high-quality bedding stuff. Joe Alexander, its owner, helps each customer having any question to him. The team of friendly and supportive people works with clients daily. The company always informs buyers about the order’s delivery. Its managers call back their customers to be sure the buyers are satisfied with the purchase.

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