Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

In this review, we will be looking at some of the most important features offered by the Alexander Signature Series mattress from Nest Bedding. Some of the things that we will discuss include how the mattress is made, firmness, comfort, motion isolation and more. We will also evaluate some of the pros and cons mentioned by customers who have already purchased the mattress.

Who Should Be Interested in This Mattress?

You will like this mattress if you are looking for the right balance between comfort and support. It is perfect if you want a mattress with no off-gassing and would prefer to choose your own level of firmness.

How it is Made

The Alexander Signature Series Mattress is a 12.5 inch foam mattress consisting of 5 different layers. The foundational layer at the bottom is 4 inches of high density (1.8) foam which offers deep compression and solid edge support. Next up is a 3 inch layer Smart Flow Air foam. The foam used is manufactured using a special technique to increase breathability without damaging structural integrity. The middle layer is a 2 inch visco Foam layer followed by a 2 inch thick layer of 4lb gel foam which absorbs heat to reduce sleep temperature. This layer also contributes to the mattresses pressure relief. Finally, there is the 1.5 inch soft quilted cover which serves as a comfort layer.


Some of the pros that customers have highlighted in regards to the Alexander Signature Series include the fact that the mattress has been designed and sold by expert Joe Alexander for whom it is named. The fact that he has such a trusted reputation and has put his name on this mattress gives people a greater peace of mind.

They also highlight the fact that there are a variety of firmness options which is something that is lacking with some online mattress retailers. Customers have also commented hoe the mattress is much springier than traditional memory foam, but not to the detriment of comfort and support. Other pros are that there is minimal motion transfer and it does not sleep hot.


One of the cons that was mentioned by some customers is the pricing. Most will agree that the Alexander Series is great value for money based on what you are actually getting. However, if you are looking for a budget mattress then this is not the one for you. Some customers were also disappointed that the Alexander range does not use only natural and/or organic materials as is the case with some of the other mattresses in the Nest Bedding range. However, it is more natural than many memory foam mattresses on the market.

Comfort/ Firmness

The Alexander Signature mattress is actually offered in three different firmness levels allowing customers to choose the best fit for their individual needs. The choices are soft, medium and luxury firm. Each of the options differs slightly in terms of the construction of the foam layers in order to achieve the appropriate level of firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10, the soft is around a 4, the medium about a 6 and the luxury firm around an 8.5. All of the mattress options feature a soft quilted cover for your comfort.

Motion Isolation

In terms of motion isolation, the Alexander Signature series performs fairly well. Although some customers have stated that they can feel some movement from their partner, it seems that the majority of people are happy with how well the mattress absorbs movement. In motion transfer tests the mattress usually performs well making this a good choice for couples.

Smell/ Off-gassing

Nest Bedding state that there will be no odour with the Alexander Signature Series mattress and according to customer reviews it does live up to that particular claim. The majority of customers say that they were unable to detect any off-gassing smells at all when opening up their new mattress.

Temperature Issues

Foam mattresses are known to sleep hot, but the Alexander Signature Series does not follow this trend. The mattress does not really heat up too much through the night, largely thanks to most of the softness coming from the quilted cover rather than the foam. The gel layer also helps to disperse heat rather than retaining it.


All of the materials used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified giving customers the knowledge that they are not toxic and are safe to sleep on. The mattress is made in the United States and meet all requirements in health and safety. Nest Bedding also put a lot of emphasis on using natural and/or organic materials. While the mattress is not completely natural, it does use many natural materials in order to make sure that it is non-toxic and as healthy as possible.

Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

The mattress is supplied with a cover and is also breathable in order to avoid bed bugs and dust mites as much as is possible.


You will not require a mattress topper with the Alexander Signature Series mattress as it already has a 1.5 inch cushioned cover.

Warranty & Return Policies

The Alexander Signature Series mattress comes with a 20 year warranty and a 101 night trail period. You are covered by a full 100% money back guarantee if you should decide within this trial period that this is not the right mattress for you.

Company Reputation

Nest Bedding have an excellent reputation in terms of customer service thanks to the fact that they are so responsive to customers. It is a small family run company which probably helps a great deal. Customers describe staff as helpful and friendly.

Where to Buy

The Alexander Signature Series is available direct from the factory via the official Nest Bedding Website. There are also 8 showrooms located across the United States in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Albany, Santa Monica, Studio City, Costa Mesa, New York City, and Chicago.

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