My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow Review

New mothers could feel overwhelmed when trying to nurse their babies, but My Brest Friend nursing pillow could help out. Available in several colored patterns and with a ow enough price tag, this item could be something to consider getting any mom-to-be. The product received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, pointing to a big number of satisfied mothers.


  • Offers back and arm support
  • Flat cushion
  • Comes with buckle and pocket
  • Cotton cover
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable


  • Not easy to clean
  • Doesn’t fit every size
  • Difficult to put on
  • Can’t be used without a cover

Key features

My Brest Friend pillow features a flat top side that keeps your baby in place when you feed them. This is particularly helpful for mothers who are concerned about the baby rolling and causing discomfort. The pillow will also not slip from under the baby during nursing time.

The pillow also includes a snap that secures it and wraps around your body for added back support, as well as a pocket for storage of small items. The pillow comes with a cover that is easy to clean, which is a plus for tired new mothers.

Unfortunately, the pillow’s belt may be too small for women with a waist over 44 inches. If you are worried about the product not fitting well, measure it first to avoid disappointment. The brand does make tein pillows that could fit mothers with a bigger waist.

Review of My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

With so many different nursing pillows on the market, Let’s have a look at how helpful this pillow is for a new mother.

Back support

Giving birth can be quite straining on your back, and the pillow offers good support for this area by going around your body. With your back supported, pain will be reduced which helps you focus on breastfeeding while your body recovers.

Snap closure

The side snap closure on My Brest Friend pillow would be more useful for taller women because they’ll be able to place the item right under their chest, meaning they won’t have to hunch over to nurse their baby. Their spine will be in less pain as well.


Unlike other nursing pillows that are round, this one has a flat top. While uncommon, the shape helps with keeping the baby in the same position for longer which makes breastfeeding a lot more comfortable. The pillow also includes a small pocket which can be used to store small items you need on hand, a necessity for new mothers.

Durable design

The item’s base is made of foam that keeps its shape over time, providing durability to this product. The cover is made of cotton, known forits on lasting properties.

Ease of use

My Brest Friend Pillow is easy to learn how to use, but can be inconvenient in practice. The pillow has a buckle that can be difficult to put on with one hand, which often happens when you do several things at once.

What’s more, the buckle is placed on the right side makes it harder to use for left handed mothers. You may need to leave the baby aside and focus on the pillow even after learning how it works.


This product comes with a cover that is said to be easy to remove and clean, a feature that is helpful as breastfeeding can get messy. This slip cover is made of cotton and can be machine washed, however some women noted it is of poor quality. Furthermore, the cover needs to flat dry, which can be inconvenient when you need to use it.


The brand did recently create an all organic nursing pillow that some future mothers could give a try. My Brest Friend launched their products with cotton covers that keep your baby safe from allergies and adverse reactions. However, the pillow itself is made of foam which can give off an unpleasant odor at least for a while.

How does it compare

Knowing everything possible about an items doesn’t mean you can make an informed decision. Only by comparing it to similar products can you really see if it would meet your needs or not.

Comparing it to the Boppy pillow

The Boppy pillow also wraps around your body, however it has a horseshoe appearance which makes it useful in more situations. Tall mothers may not like this design for nursing babies as the product will sit in their laps.

Neither product is waterproof and as a result they get dirty easily. To prevent this, you can easily use another cover on top, including their original plastic wrap. However both models allow you to remove their covers for cleaning purposes.

Many mothers use the Boppy pillow when making their kids sit to fight acid reflux. The baby has to be at least 2 or 3 months old for this purpose. My Brest Friend pillow doesn’t allow this type of use.

These 2 models also have a similar price tag, so choosing one over the other is simply a matter of preference.

Comparison to the Leachco Natural Boost Nursing Pillow

This is a pillow shaped like a crescent moon. It stands out with its extra piece that can be moved left and right depending on which side you nurse. This feature makes the product a good purchase for mothers with bad acid reflux babies because they need to be nursed in a more vertical position.

One can easily detach the flexible piece if they find it uncomfortable, as it has 2 straps that close with velcro. Attaching it closer to one of the ends of the base is also possible as the baby grows.

Its downside is being overstuffed as it can push the baby too high up compared to your chest level. Taller women could also find this feature useful though, so maybe the product was created more for them.

Comparison to the Nook Niche Pillow

The model suggested by Nook Niche looks a lot like a neck pillow as it’s shaped like a horseshoe. The front part is squared so it has more space for the baby to stay on without fearing either the baby or the pillow would fall. The unique design is also seen on the top of the product that gives the impression of large rocks.

Its price tag is rather hefty, however it is made of organic materials and the cover is water resistant and easy to clean as well. The pillows is made of really unique materials: organic kapok filling and organic cotton mixed with eucalyptus cover.

Taller mothers preferred it over the Boppy and praised it because it maintains its shape just like My Brest Friend model.