Memory Foam Mattress: Do You Really Need One?

Everyone needs to have a good night’s sleep. And for many, having the right foam mattress can do a lot to make you sleep like a baby. But considering the price you have to pay, you may opt for a spring mattress instead since it is cheaper and within the budget.

But why is there so much emphasis on memory foam mattress? Or the better question is do you really need one? Read on to find out.

Is memory foam better than spring mattress?

It depends on your needs. If you are on tight budget and wants a mattress that can last longer, then going for a spring mattress is okay. On the other hand, if you are suffering from back or joint pain, or you have issues with your pressure joints, or you hate being waked up when your partner moves at night, or you’re simply looking for a hypoallergenic mattress, then memory foam is advisable.

Aside from this, memory foam molds perfectly in the body, thereby evenly distributing weight across the surface. Hence, it a perfect support needed by your body to relieve you from stress and tension while you sleep. When it comes to durability, memory foam mattress can also last long for up to 15 years.

Despite its benefits, memory foam comes with a hefty price tag. And unless you opt for the plant-based memory foam, the traditional version can be too hot to sleep on, which can create discomfort. Not only that. Memory foams are created with chemicals and petroleum products in them, which explains why it has a certain smell you wouldn’t like.

What do you think? Given these pros and cons,-do you think memory foam mattress is worth investing for. Well, it all boils down to your needs.

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