Loom&Leaf Relaxed Firm Mattress – Review

Loom and Leaf’s Relaxed Firm featured a quilted, flame retardant and breathable organic covering(infused with cooling gel) and made with natural thistles to keep you comfortable, safe and cool. The Spinal Zone Gel top memory foam layer is crafted with a non-toxic and stable cooling gel in the center-third lumbar section, to keep your body cool while offering premium support for your spine.

A naturally cool and Eco-friendly memory foam, void of off-gassing, is strategically positioned beneath this layer to enhance your comfort while sleeping. The dual breathable support layer has airflow channels to wick away heat and give deep down support.


The Relaxed Firm has proven – on the word of verified users – to be very supportive for the back, neck, and shoulders. Virtually all of them having back pains from sleeping and other activities had relief within days of sleeping on it.

According to them, the mattress is firm but very comfortable, cradling(conforming to) the body in any position, sleeps cool, has no motion transfer, eliminates morning stiffness and finger numbness, a great bed for an unbeatable price, drastically reduces tossing and turning by eliminating pressure on vital points, and has no odors on arrival. Some liked that it is Eco-friendly; partly made from organic materials.


There were isolated reports of inadequate support at the edges, and a fair number of verified users who gave five(5) stars also admitted that the Relaxed Firm can sleep hot sometimes.


Loom and Leaf offer a “wallet-friendly” price for the quality they give when compared to other brands of similar features. It’s a resounding experience amongst verified users. On this premise, this mattress is suitable for individuals looking for quality within a constrained budget.

It is a worthy investment for pain/ache-troubled sleepers and those recovering from back related surgeries or treatment. Lightweight persons who can’t wait out the “breaking” process of this product might need to go for something less firm.


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