King Koil Mattresses- Honest and Unbiased Review for 2022

King Koil is, with no doubts, a big name in the world of mattresses. While this brand is perhaps renowned for its innerspring mattresses, it also has a lot to offer in airbeds, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses.

However, if you’ve scoured the net well enough, you’ll realize that there are mixed reports about King Koil mattresses in regard to support, comfort, and durability.

So, what’s the real story? Is this brand’s mattresses worth going for? If so, which models should you consider?

This is what you’ll be finding out soon in this King Koil mattress brand review.

Does this brand have a mattress for you?

King Koil manufacturers a broad range of mattresses. As I have just hinted, this brand has almost every type of mattress that the market offers: memory foam, airbeds, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. While they are yet to offer an all-latex mattress, some of their hybrid mattresses use latex toppers.

Worth noting is that this brand offers these mattresses in various firmness and loft levels. This means that there is a model to meet everyone’s sleep needs.

What makes King Koil unique?

There are 2 key factors that give King Koil its competitive edge; innovation and research. As you’ll realize in the Product Lines section, this manufacturer uses different technologies to give each mattress its functionality.

For instance, if you are looking for a mattress for you back pains, the Montego line mattress might be worth checking out.  This is a hybrid mattress featuring Advantagel and iFusion technologies to promote air circulation and iNergex rapid response foam for excellent conformability (more about this soon).

King Koil also has a close link with the International Chiropractors Association. It is, in fact, one of ICA’s Elite Diamond Partners.

The close relationship with the ICA means that King Koil manufactures its mattresses in line with ICA’s recommendations on proper spinal alignment and healthy sleep. Learn more about King Koil and the ICA in this video.

What are previous buyers saying?

So, with the input and endorsement that King Koil receives from the International Chiropractic Association, how do their mattresses stack up against the competition?

Or put in another way, do these mattresses fulfill their promise in meeting the needs of the target sleepers?

Well, most King Koil mattresses have received a love-hate relationship with most of their previous buyers.

For instance, the King Koil Luxury Raised Mattress is currently the most praised airbed from this manufacturer on Amazon. Check it out here. Most verified purchasers say that it is comfortable and easy to set up and has a good quality.

On the other hand, the King Koil Chiro Luxury hybrid mattress has received a lot of negative reports. Most people report that they wake up with stabbing neck and back pains. Others also note that it has poor durability and breathability.

However, remember that these are just 2 models from the 18 types of mattresses that this manufacturer offers.

Generally, King Koil mattresses perform averagely on most of the vital aspects; pain relief, general support, conformability, and motion isolation.

Product Lines

King Koil currently offers 18 mattresses most of which are sold directly from their website. Here is a list of the major lines.

World Luxury Collection

This is a collection of innerspring and hybrid mattresses that utilize coil and foam technologies. True to this collection’s name, these mattresses feature AvantaGel and iFusion technologies for temperature regulation.

Their base system feature 1000+ Perfect Contour Reaction Coil Systems and their covers have a blend of wool and silk.

World Luxury Collection is further divided into the following 2 lines;

Montego Line

These are hybrid mattresses that feature iNergex Rapid Response foam on a 1000+ coil system. They are also engineered with iFusion technology for temperature regulation.

This line offers the following mattresses

Montego Luxury Firm– this model has a medium firm feel and features memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, and polyfoam on top of the coil system.

Worth noting is that the coils are individually encased in foam to minimize their squeaking noise. On the other hand, the cover boasts a blend of silk and wool and has also been infused with gel for adequate heat dispersion.

Montego Luxury Plush– this model has a medium-soft feel. It features an individually encased coil system and a memory foam comfort layer.

Montego Luxury Pillow Top – as the name suggests, the Luxury pillow top is the softest model here. Its top layers consist of gel memory foam and polyfoam and its coils have also been pocketed in memory foam.

Kingsley Line

This line mainly also offers hybrid mattresses. The main mattresses here are;

  • Kingsley Firm- (has medium-firm density)
  • Kingsley Plush (Medium soft firmness)
  • Kings Euro Top (very soft)

World Extended Life Collection

Similar to the World Luxury Collection, this other series features hybrid mattresses. The major difference, however, is that the World Extended Life Collection throws Talalay Latex foam into the mix. Thus, you should expect a little more bounce and responsiveness here.

Currently, this collection has only one line that has 2 mattresses;

Athens Plush (medium firmness)- this mattress features a high-density polyfoam top layer followed by iNergex Rapid Response memory foam and Talalay latex layer. The base system features individually encased coils.

Athen Firm– this model has a high firmness feeling. Its fabric cover has been infused with foam and the comfort section features a latex layer between 2 polyfoam layers.

World Edition Collection

This collection mainly offers innerspring mattresses. Worth noting is that these are the only King Koil mattresses that feature this manufacturer’s 789 Contour Flex EC coil system.

This is an edge-to-edge build design that offers a larger sleeping surface. That being said, couples who are looking for a bouncy bed and a larger and consistent usable surface might want to consider these models.

The World Edition Collection has 3 lines to it;

Sienna Line

Currently, this line has only one mattress; the Sienna Firm. This mattress has a high-density firmness. It might make a good choice for heavier than average sleepers and anyone else who prefers to sleep on a firm mattress.

This mattress features pocketed coils that have been sandwiched between 2 polyfoam layers. This mattress comes at a considerably lower price tag than most of its competitors from other brands.

The only drawback, however, is that it has no specialized design to offer pressure relief. As such, it might be a good bet if you are looking for a solution for your bad back.

Sydney line

This line brings 2 hybrid mattresses that are ideally sold as innerspring mattresses. The Sydney Firm features a polyfoam layer top followed by another thicker polyfoam layer.

It also has a quilted cover that has been infused with gel foam for improved heat dissipation. This makes it an ideal option for medium-to-heavy sleepers who want a medium firm mattress that sleeps cool.

The Sydney Euro Top, on the other hand, has a medium-soft firmness. It might make a good choice for light-to-medium weight individuals who want a bed that is both soft and supportive.

World Luxury Intimate Collection

Anyone looking for the softest and most comfortable King Koil mattresses might be better off with the World Luxury Intimate Collection.

This collection has only one line with 3 mattresses at the moment; the Vienna Plush (medium soft mattress), Vienna Firm (medium firm), and the Vienna Euro Top (medium soft).

All these mattresses feature the 1000+ Perfect Contour Reaction Coil system base. They also make use of Jomo Wool, GelResponse Latex, and iNergex Rapid Response memory foam.

However, the Vienna Euro Top mattress takes the comfort level a notch higher by incorporating a ThermoGraph temperature regulation foam. It also has an additional layer of micro coils on top of its support core.

iMattress Collection

The iMattress Collection currently has 2 memory foam mattresses and 3 hybrid mattresses. All of them ship in a box. So, you’ll need to give them some time to rise to their height.

XS 10 Hybrid Firm Mattress– this is a luxurious medium-firm mattress that features iFusion Technology foam for temperature regulation and King Koil’s 630 Contour Luxury Plus Encased Coil System.

XS 50 Hybrid Plush– this mattress shares the same construction design with the XS Hybrid Firm mattress. The only difference, however, is that the XS 50 has a medium soft density. Thus, it tends to favor lightweight and average weight sleepers the most.

It also has a fabric cover that has been infused with copper yarns. King Koil argues that the copper infusion boosts breathability and also has health benefits for the sleeper’s skin.

Hybrid Firm– this mattress boasts the 789 Contour Flex pocketed coil system that King Koil uses for its World Edition mattresses. It also has the iNergex Rapid Response memory foam comfort layer and a high-density polyfoam transition layer atop the coil base.

G10 Firm and G12 Plush– these are memory foam mattresses featuring the iNergex memory foam and a polyfoam core base. The 2 also have a Trifusionfom layer for thermal regulation.

The major difference between these mattresses is that the G10 Firm has a medium firm density while the G12 has a medium soft density.

All in all, these mattresses will cater for a large population thanks to their excellent conformability, motion isolation, and pain relieving capabilities.

Company Reputation

King Koil currently has an A+ BBB Rating with zero complaints so far. But this changes when you consider individual customer feedback.

Generally, King Koil mattresses have a customer satisfaction rate of approximately 64%. This is considered lower than average compared to its competitors. But satisfaction varies with the model.

Previous buyers praise King Koil hybrid and innerspring mattresses for their incredibly low heat retention traits.

These mattresses have also received a good rating for their responsiveness and strong edge support that make the entire bed surface usable especially during intimacy.

On the other hand, the chief complaints that emerge include above-average price points and poor durability compared to competitor mattresses.

This manufacturer also fails to disclose some key information about some of their mattresses including size, weight, trial period, warranty, and delivery policies. This might make it a bit hard for buyers to make informed decisions.

Trial Period, Warranties, and Return Policies

King Koil does not mention anything about sleep trial period on their website. However, some select Brick-and-Mortar and online stores may allow this on specific models.

Warranties vary depending on the mattress. For instance, mattresses in the Montego and Kingsley lines alongside Sydney Firm and Sienna Firm come with a 10-year non-prorated warranty.

The Athens Plush and the Athens Firm both have a warranty of 25 years which is divided into prorated and non-prorated periods.

On the other hand, King Koil does not disclose the warranty information about several of its other mattresses including the G10, G12, Vienna Firm, Plush, and Euro Top, Sydney Euro Top, and the XS 10 Firm and XS 50 Plush.

Best King Koil Mattress Reviews

King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress- Best Airbed for Comfort

The Luxury Raised Air Mattress is currently the most reviewed and best-rated King Koil mattress across the internet. This is a 20-inch highly affordable bed that is currently available in twin and queen sizes only.

This model is super affordable at slightly over a hundred bucks. But that’s not the reason why we included it here.

Actually, what we like is that the Luxury Raised bed is not your average air mattress. Right off the bat, this model’s 20-inch thickness is unheard of in the world of air mattresses.

King Koil says that the reason for this height is to make it strong enough to withstand weights of up to 600 pounds.

To complement its unique thickness, this mattress also uses Enhanced Coil-Beam construction design that promotes even weight distribution on the sleeping surface.

Again, the fabric used for its construction is seemingly durable and quite thick for puncture resistance. This mattress has a thick quilted waterproof comfort top that you can decide to lie on directly.

But what most people seem to appreciate the most is the built-in user-friendly pump that inflates the mattress in utmost 4 minutes.

You might like this mattress if you are looking for a portable mattress that you can use in camps. It also makes a good choice for a guest bed since it does not require lots of storage space and it inflates quite fast.

It’s good for back pain too!

Rarely do we recommend air mattresses for back pain relief. But the King Koil Luxury Raised Air mattress is a special case. This mattress has a medium-firm density and offers a mild mold that will align your spine and joints and relieve your pressure points.

Any drawbacks?

Well, some buyers reported that their mattresses had leaks right off the package. Fortunately, most of them also report that the dealer was super responsive to their complaints and even sent replacements without lots of grilling.


  • Tall design can be used with or without a base
  • Thick, puncture-resistant fabric assures durability
  • It’s easy to use thanks to the built-in pump
  • Super comfortable


  • A few complaints about leaking mattresses

G10 Firm Memory Foam Mattress- Best for durability

The G10 is a mattress that you really want to look at. This is an International Chiropractors Association-endorsed memory foam mattress that has been specially formulated to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the night.

So, what’s so unique about it?

Past reviewers compare the G10 to sleeping on a cloud. This is a medium firm mattress featuring a TrifusionFom top layer for thermal regulation.

The second layer is a Rapid Response memory foam. This layer gets reinforcement from the HD Perfect Form base core to do a great job of contouring to your body shape to provide pressure point relief. The 2 layers also keep your spine in its natural alignment and soothe your aching joints and sore muscles.

Another great feature that we like about this mattress is that it has been infused with copper yarn.

Without making things complex, copper helps in dispersing heat to create the perfect sleeping temperature for you. It also antibacterial and anti-microbial and thereby makes the G10 a good mattress for everyone including the allergic.


  • Good durability expectations
  • Has low off-gassing
  • Excellent conformability for pain relief


  • A few reports of it being too firm

G12 Plush- best memory foam for softness

The G12 is a replica of the G10 in terms of layer placement but it’s pretty softer. So, if you like a mattress that you literally sink into, this could be it.

While this mattress is quite soft, King Koil does not skimp on its quality. It features this manufacturer’s coveted Trifusionfom iNergex Rapid Response foam, and a seeming durable and conforming foam core.

The Trifusionfom gives this mattress its excellent thermal regulation while the iNergex layer is responsible for its contourability. On the other hand, the base gives this mattress its shape besides boosting its durability.

This mattress might be an ace in terms of comfort to mid-to-lightweight sleepers. Unfortunately, it might not be the best mattress for heavy sleepers since they’ll tend to feel like they are sinking in sand.


  • Good value for materials used
  • Offers incredible comfort to suitable sleepers
  • Has good motion isolation


  • Might be too soft for heavy side and stomach sleepers

Montego Luxury Firm- best for pain reduction

Montego Luxury Firm is yet another highly reliable medium-firm mattress with a lot of high-end features to offer to people struggling with back pains.

The Luxury Firm’s comfort layer is a 3-topper system featuring Advantagel and iFusion technology. King Koil says that these layers have been intelligently gel-infused and feature an open-cell design that offers optimal thermal regulation.

This mattress also has a layer of Rapid Response iNergex Foam. This foam has the contourability traits of memory foam but has a greater resiliency like latex according to the manufacturer.

Double this highly responsive memory foam with the 1000+ Perfect Contour Reaction coil base and you get one of the best mattresses for proper spinal alignment.

Worth mentioning, this mattress offers several size options; twin, twin xl, queen, king, king California, and full.

The only drawback with this mattress is its high price tag.


  • Thoughtfully engineered to relieve pain
  • Offers a good balance of comfort and support
  • It will accommodate different sleeping postures


  • Quite pricey for what it offers

King Koil Cantebury Express Mattress- Best for Sleeping Cool

I have to admit that this mattress has a higher price tag than similar products from other manufacturers. However, we also appreciate the thoughtful consideration that King Koil has used on it to ensure that you get a balanced feel of comfort and support.

This mattress features individually pocketed coils for durability. While this feature is not unique to the Cantebury mattress alone, it’s worth noting that it won’t weaken and break down easily like the traditional hourglass-shaped springs.

In addition, these coils will respond individually to your body weight and sleeping postures. This may offer even weight distribution and soothe your aching back, shoulders, and hips.

What we like most about this model is the comfortable and breathable top and the tennis shoe material border that boosts air circulation. This is a guarantee that this mattress won’t make you feel like you are on a treadmill.

The Cantebury Express mattress has a medium firm feel. So, it might favor mid-to-heavy weight side and back sleepers.


  • Highly breathable to minimize heat retention
  • Has above-average motion isolation
  • Offers reasonable support along the edges
  • Medium-firm design won’t sag easily


  • Lightweight sleepers (below 130lbs) might find it a bit firm
  • Its price is higher than other mattresses of its design


King Koil might be a good brand to consider thanks to all the technology that King Koil puts in its mattresses.

You only need to be sure of exactly what you are getting, for instance, after test-driving it in a showroom or in a hotel.  This is because there are very few reviews of most of their mattresses on the internet.

There are lots of options though. You could also checkout other brands including Ikea (for those on a tight budget) and Comfortaire if you don’t mind spending a little more for your sleep.