Jamison Mattress Reviews – Top 5 Picks

Marriott Hotel Bed- Best for Comfort

If you’ve spent several nights at any Marriott Hotel, the chances are that you slept on this mattress. This is one of the most popular mattresses from this brand.

It has been designed and created in line with Marriott’s high comfort standards and with the sole purpose of offering ultimate sleeping enjoyment to these hotels’ guests.

The main reason why we like this bed is the excellent construction design used in it. The manufacturer uses high-density foam that has been infused with soy-based products to offer optimum comfort.

This mattress has also been engineered to allow even weight distribution for equal support of the entire body. This feature boosts your blood flow to offer a more restful slumber.

The soy-based foam used in it also offers it high-resiliency and ‘quick recovery’ to help prevent the formation of holes- a major problem with most low-end alternatives.

Jamison also says that this mattress is inherently hypoallergenic. This means that it might be a good option for people who are allergic to dust mites and other allergens.

Does it sleep hot?

Although Jamison does not use any advanced cooling technology in this mattress, the soy-based foam seems to help in thermal regulation by a huge margin. Very few people reported sleeping hot.

On the flipside, most people report that the quality of this mattress is quite different from how it felt before 2014. Scanning through the reviews, most people who bought it before 2014 have positive reports compared to those who bought it later.

To make things worse, shipping it back is almost impossible. So, inquire about its year of manufacturing and ensure that you are getting it from a reputable dealer beforehand.


  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Has incredible thermal regulation
  • Offers even support for pain alleviation


  • It’s pricey
  • High risk of knockoffs

Jamison Skandia- Best for Sleeping Cool


The Jamison Skandia has a medium feel but still manages to offer the support needed by back, stomach, and side sleepers.

This mattress has been constructed using 2 layers: 3-inch High-Resolution Convoluted Comfort Foam and 5-inch High-Density Foam Core.

The main reason why we include it here is its temperature neutral design. This means that its sleeping surface does not heat up with you and will, therefore, let you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

This feature renders it nicely as a good option for people who are easily disturbed by heat.

The Jamison Skandia derives its temperature-neutral attributes from the 5/8’’ gel-infused memory foam used on it. It also gets a good boost from its bamboo stretch knit cover that helps in wicking away sweat to keep you cool.


  • Excellent cooling features
  • Has an impressive warranty (20 years prorated and non-prorated)
  • Accommodates all sleeping styles


  • Few complaints about sagging after several years

Jamison Elite Plus Queen Mattress- Best for Comfort


The Jamison Elite Plus comes as an option for people who won’t stop at anything else other than a comfortable mattress. While this is a queen size model, it also comes in king, twin, and full versions.

What most people like about this mattress is its high level of comfort. It is made of high density, comfort foam that contours to your natural curves to aid in pressure point relief.

This mattress has a high density too and might be the ticket for people who are looking for a good back support. It also has an impressively tailored fabric cover that offers you a soft and smooth sleeping surface with minimal heat retention.


  • Soft fabric cover for a smooth sleeping surface
  • Soft yet supportive
  • High density for excellent pressure point relief


  • Not available in most retail stores

NordicRest Icelandic Collection- Best Jamison Memory Foam Mattress


The NordicRest is among the most famous Jamison mattresses from its Icelandic collection. This model is not as popular as the Marriott. On the upside, it has maintained its consistency over the years and has not been prone to knockoffs.

What you might like about this mattress is that it comes with a dedicated foundation. The TruBalance is a specially designed and aesthetically appealing base that aims at offering you optimum support.

This mattress comes in 3 sizes: Full 54″ x 75″, Queen 60″ x 80″, and King 76″ x 80″ and has been constructed with high-density memory foam to give it a firm feeling.

That being said, this mattress may be a great addition to your bed if you tend to bottom out a medium-density mattress easily.

It might also fit the bill if your doctor has prescribed a firm mattress for your spine and back pain. What’s so good with this mattress is that it has been designed to accommodate both back and side sleepers.

Are you looking for a mattress that won’t sleep hot? Well, the NordicRest might be it. This mattress features a 2-pound gel layer that creates a continuously cool sleeping surface.

In addition, this mattress also comes with a super soft cotton fabric cover. This cover not only boosts this mattress’ hypoallergenic traits, but it also offers you a comfortable sweat-free sleeping surface.


  • Gel-infused for a cool sleep
  • Soft cotton cover for a soft sleeping surface
  • High density for optimum back support


  • Might be too firm for lightweight sleepers

Jamison Gold Ultra Plush- Best for Back Support


The Jamison Gold Ultra Plush is designed to be a luxury hybrid mattress for lumbar pains relief. This mattress pairs a supportive layer of gel-infused foam with a high-quality innerspring coil base to offer you even support over the surface for excellent pressure point relief.

Compliments to memory foam’s contouring traits, this mattress ensures optimal spinal alignment which is paramount for lumbar support and pain alleviation.

Similar to other products from this manufacturer, the Jamison Gold Plush also has also been infused with gel to boost its breathability. Even better, this mattress also boasts a quilted fabric cover that keeps you from sweating.

Without forgetting, this hybrid mattress also has quantum steel coils along the edges to protect you from rolling over.


  • Innerspring system offers continuous support
  • It’s highly responsive
  • Has a firm edge support
  • Gel-infused foam for pain relief


  • Coil system may sag easily

Final Verdict

The Jamison Skandia fills our number slot for the best Jamison mattress reviews. What we like most about it is its temperature neutral design that emanates from the gel-infused memory foam layer and the sweat-wicking bamboo fabric cover.

This mattress also has enough comfort and support to cater for the most people thanks to its high-resolution convoluted comfort foam and high-density foam core.