Intex Premium Comfort Mid Rise

It’s a popular belief that cheap products equal to inferior quality. While such an opinion may be generally true, the Premium Comfort Mid Rise airbed by Intex is a pleasant exception. It’s definitely an option to consider if you want to get a comfortable and durable temporary sleeping accommodation without going beyond a modest budget.

This Mattress Is Your Perfect Choice If You

  • dislike very tall air mattresses;
  • need a highly portable and lightweight airbed;
  • need to accommodate a couple of heavier persons;
  • are a cold sleeper and need an air mattress that won’t make you freeze at night.

How It Is Made

The top and sides of the mattress are made of 0.55-mm-thick flocked vinyl; the bottom part is plain vinyl (0.4 mm). The sleep surface features linear ridges that help keep the sheets in place even if you toss around a lot at night. The edges of the mattress are elevated to prevent the user from rolling off the bed while sleeping. The headboard part is raised to make using the mattress comfortable even without a pillow.

Internally, the mattress features 12 traverse Dura-Beam partitions for added support and firmness. The electric air pump is built into the mattress, with only the control elements and power cords remaining outside. The pump is equipped with a factory-tested airlock to prevent any leaks throughout the night.


  • Ultimate affordability: different retailers offer the airbed at $50-$70 per unit;
  • Extremely lightweight: the Queen-size mattress weighs only 16 lbs;
  • Fast inflation: the bed’s ready to use in below 5 minutes;
  • Waterproof top;
  • High weight capacity (600 lb, or up to four average-weight persons);
  • The product’s height is raised to 13” for more comfortable use;
  • Despite the airbed’s increased height, you can use standard Queen-size sheets.


  • The mattress comes with no warranty coverage;
  • May bulge in the middle of the sleep surface when fully inflated;
  • Features a built-in pillow-substituting ridge that most owners describe as uncomfortable;
  • Comes in one size (Queen) and one color combination (beige on top, black sides and bottom);
  • Not recommended for out-of-doors use.

Comfort Level & Motion Isolation

The mattress features raised height: 13” as opposed to standard 9”-10” inflatable products. This enhances the sleeper’s comfort while getting in and out of the bed, even if you place the mattress on the floor rather than a foundation or a bedspring. Unlike taller air mattresses, the Intex Premium Comfort Mid Rise is more stable and transfers less motive energy, which makes it suitable for two sleepers.

The raised headboard part of the mattress is designed to imitate a cozy pillow. However, most customers state it’s deteriorating the comfort level rather than enhancing it. In addition, the mattress may suffer from noticeable bulging in the central part, which often makes the sleeping experience less comfortable.


Although the product is lightweight, the combination of materials is picked up to resist the wear and tear resulting from sporadic use. In the class of affordable airbeds, the Intex Premium Comfort Mid Rise offers one of the best weight capacity figures: 600 lbs. The airbed’s internal structure is designed to withstand deformations. If you’re looking for a solution to accommodate a couple of heavier guests, this mattress is a good choice.

According to the manufacturer, the mattress isn’t designed for outdoor use. However, some customers disregarded this recommendation and did use it for camping and other activities. They emphasize the product proves to be very durable if used with due carefulness. In case a puncture occurs, the manufacturer provides a set of patches for emergency repair. However, owners note that the patches do not stick to the flocked top and side surfaces.


In comparison with double-raised air mattresses, the mid-rise product by Intex needs a smaller amount of air to get filled. As a result, this airbed feels not as cool as the taller options. However, if you tend to get cold at night, consider adding a fuzzy bedding layer between you and the mattress to enhance your comfort.

Smell & Health; Bed Bugs & Dust Mites

The Premium Comfort Mid Rise mattress is manufactured from PVC: flocked vinyl sides and top, and a plain vinyl bottom. It’s not an organic bedding, but its safety is proved by a bunch of international certifications held by Intex. A minor drawback of the material is the plastic smell: although the odor’s quite strong upon unpacking, it goes away after a few hours. An advantageous property of this synthetic material is its resistance to the common in-house vermin, such as bed bugs and dust mites.


The manufacturer provides a duffel bag for carrying the deflated mattress around with maximum convenience. The accessory also works for storing the product; only in-home storage is recommended, according to the manufacturer. Owners state in their reviews the bag’s durability is questionable.

Warranty & Return Policies

Warranty isn’t something Intex can boast of. In fact, the manufacturer does not offer any warranty coverage for its air mattresses. If you’ve been delivered a defective product, you can request a replacement through the retailer from which you purchased it.

As for airbeds bought through the Intex website without any intermediaries, the following rules apply. Within 15 days of the purchase date, any defective mattress can be returned to the manufacturer with the subsequent refund or replacement. If a customer wants to return an unused product, they have to do so within 30 days of the purchase date. Any resulting shipping costs are the burden that lies on the customer’s wallet.

Company Reputation

Established in the 1970s, Intex Recreation specializes in manufacturing PVC goods: airbeds, boats, inflatable pools, spas, and other items for leisure and recreation. The company focuses on affordable products of decent quality, and markets them in several countries of the world. An emphasis is placed on safety and environmental friendliness.

Many other airbed manufacturers offer customer care hotlines available 24/7. However, the call center of Intex handles issues and receives complaints only during the standard office hours on workdays. Nevertheless, the overall effectiveness of Intex Recreation’s customer service is estimated at 4.5 out of 5.

Many other airbed manufacturers offer customer care hotlines available 24/7. However, the call center of Intex handles issues and receives complaints only during the standard office hours on workdays. Nevertheless, the overall effectiveness of Intex Recreation’s customer service is estimated at 4.5 out of 5.

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