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When money is tight but numerous guests are expected, you need an affordable yet comfortable solution to accommodate everyone overnight. The InstaBed air mattresses may be just what you need. The Raised line-up includes models of several sizes, with or without comfort-enhancing features, so you’ll surely find one to suit your liking and budget.

This Mattress Is Your Perfect Choice If You

  • have a large extended family who visit you often and stay at your house overnight;
  • can’t afford a proper bed at the moment and need a comfortable temporary solution;
  • need a highly portable bedding;
  • want an air mattress suitable for heavier sleepers.

How It Is Made

The InstaBed Raised mattresses are manufactured from PVC, a widely used type of plastic. The thickness of the mattress walls is about 0.4 mm, which ensures decent puncture resistance. The flocked sleep surface features ridges that prevent sheets from slipping off during the night. The below-the-surface structure includes circular coils to ensure a decent support level. Depending on the selected mattress size, the number of coils varies from 14 to 35. The model name “Raised” denotes the product’s increased height (20 inches, as opposed to InstaBed’s regular 10” air mattresses).


  • Affordability: the Raised models without additional features are priced at $100-$120;
  • Three sizes (Twin, Full and Queen) and two mattress colors (gray and tan);
  • The mattress is pumped full within 2 minutes; deflation takes less than 3 minutes;
  • The main pump shuts down automatically after inflation/deflation is complete;
  • The main pump works on alkaline batteries, which provides for trouble-free out-of-doors use;
  • Unique NeverFlat technology: a secondary air pump maintains the firmness level of the mattress throughout the night;
  • A lightweight product with great portability;
  • Decent weight capacity makes the InstaBed Raised mattress suitable for heavier sleepers.


  • The Twin-size models are a poor choice for taller sleepers, as their length is only 74 inches;
  • The use of the NeverFlat secondary pump requires an external power source;
  • The included repair kit works rather poorly for patching up punctures;
  • The main pump is noisy;
  • Regular sheets may not fit.

Comfort & Firmness

InstaBed offers its Raised mattresses in three sizes, while the air pump has presets for three comfort levels: Plush, Medium and Firm. To ensure back support, the mattress features circular coils and anti-sagging reinforcements. Some customers noted the central part of a Raised air mattress (without the NeverFlat technology) tends to sag down during the night.

NeverFlat is an original technology developed by InstaBed. It envisages fitting the mattress with two air pumping units. The main one performs inflation and deflation, and the secondary pump monitors the level of air in the mattress during the night. Should the mattress begin to lose its firmness, the additional pump silently blows some air in. For demanding sleepers, the manufacturer offers models with comfort-enhancing features, such as luxury support, remote control, extra-soft, pillowy top, or even a headboard.

Motion Isolation & Temperature Control

The mattress doesn’t embed any specific features aimed at regulating motion transfer or temperature during your night’s sleep. Thus, the product’s motion isolation is mediocre (to be fair, few air mattresses are better in this regard). Major temperature issues haven’t been reported by owners. Most customers underscore that the mattress is purchased as a temporary solution, so such drawbacks are considered negligible.


The mattress features the industry-standard thickness of PVC: about 0.4 mm. While this provides sufficient wear resistance for everyday use, the product cannot be called heavy-duty. The out-of-house use requires carefulness in order to avoid punctures or tears. The manufacturer warns against storing or using the product in excessively hot, cold or humid environments, stating this can result in leaks and tears. This points to a minor drawback of the product: a heated blanket cannot be used with an InstaBed Raised air mattress.

The product’s overall durability is reflected in the maximum weight-bearing capacity of the Raised mattresses. Sizes Full and Queen can carry up to 500 lbs (three persons of average weight). The Twin-sized mattresses have a capacity equal to 350 lbs (two average-weight persons).


InstaBed states you can use the mattress one hour after inflating it for the first time. However, customers note it takes a while for the plastic smell to air out. In most cases, the odor is not harsh; it becomes bearable after a few hours and vanishes completely after the product has been unpacked for several days. Nevertheless, according to customers, it’s advisable to keep the mattress out of the storage bag for a few hours before every subsequent use.


PVC is a synthetic material, so the InstaBed Raised mattress is far from qualifying as an organic product. However, it has the necessary certifications proving its compliance with the applicable health safety standards. Your health might not exactly benefit from this mattress, but no harm will come from it either.


The bag that comes with the mattress helps to keep it very compact during storage and transportation. A basic vinyl repair kit is provided by the manufacturer for emergency patching of small tear or punctures. Some models of the InstaBed Raised air mattress come with a remote control for the most convenient adjustment of the product’s firmness.

Warranty & Return Policies

InstaBed offers a warranty that lasts 365 days from the mattress purchase date. It covers the issues caused by material or manufacturing defects. Within 30 days of receipt, the customer can return the Raised mattress and receive full refund, on the condition the product hasn’t been used.

Company Reputation

InstaBed is one of the numerous brands of Exxel Outdoors, a reputed company specializing mainly in products for outdoor recreation. Manufactured at a factory in Alabama, the InstaBed air mattresses are claimed to boast the famous American quality. The company’s main office is located in Colorado. 82 percent of InstaBed’s customers remain satisfied with their experience of interacting with InstaBed’s customer support.

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