Ikea Latex Mattresses Reviews – Are They Any Good?

Ikea is a Swedish company that always comes to mind when most people think of affordable home furnishings, particularly mattresses.

This manufacturer basically offers all types of mattresses; memory foam, latex, and hybrid models at an affordable price tag.

When we reviewed Ikea memory foam mattresses, we received several requests to shed light on their latex models as well.

And that’s what we’ll be doing in this Ikea Latex Mattresses review.

Who should consider Ikea Latex Mattresses?

Let’s start with the budget. Ikea is generally famous for its amazingly affordable mattress products. For instance, its memory foam mattress department has a model that goes for as low as $80.

Things are not so different in its latex mattresses category.

Well, you won’t get an Ikea latex mattress at below the two hundred dollar mark. You know how pricey latex mattresses can get, right?

But you’ll realize that latex mattresses from this brand are pretty much affordable compared to what alternative models from other brands such as Sleep On and Lucid sell at.

That being said, Ikea latex mattresses cater to people who are looking for a ‘natural’ mattress that won’t break their budget.

Note that I hesitate to use the word quality for these mattresses because Ikea leans more towards affordability rather than high-end.

On the same note about affordability, Ikea caters to two categories of buyers. Homeowners who prefer a greener latex mattress tend to gravitate towards their natural latex models including their latest offering, the Mausund.

Of course, these mattresses come at a higher price tag. But they never go past the $1000 mark which isn’t commonplace for natural latex mattresses.

On the other hand, people who want to enjoy the versatility of latex mattresses without spending much are better off with this brand’s synthetic models.

Generally, Ikea Latex mattress is yours if you;

  • Want an affordable latex mattress for temporary use, for instance, in a guest’s room
  • Are looking for a latex mattress for your kids
  • Are skeptic about a latex mattress and just want to try it out
  • Have been advised to use a firm mattress for a short while due to back pains by your doctor

What makes Ikea Latex Mattresses different?

Well, the first thing that gives Ikea latex mattresses their competitive edge is their very low prices. Assuming that you are not an alien to latex mattresses, you probably know that these models cost way higher than most high-end memory foam alternatives.

This is, in fact, one reason that makes latex mattresses a little bit less popular than memory foam.

So, if you are excited about trying out a latex bed but don’t want to spend over a grand, Ikea might be the way to go.

But remember what I’ve just told you… don’t expect high end at these mattresses’ low price.

Another impressive aspect of Ikea is that it offers you several options in regard to the type of latex used (synthetic or natural), heights, sizes, and pricing.

This means that virtually everybody is covered. You just have to find a mattress that best suits your sleeping needs, bed, and budget.

There’s yet another thing that differentiates Ikea Latex Mattresses from other models from other brands; its 365-day trial period.

This is the longest sleep trial period that we’ve witnessed from a mattress company. Most manufacturers allow a 30-90-day test drive.

Admittedly, you only need utmost one month to decide whether to keep the mattress or ship it back for an exchange or refund.

But what happens when you can’t try out the mattress within the 90-day period? That’s where a longer trial period comes in handy.

Moreover, similar to any other Ikea mattress, you also get 25 years of warranty with the latex models. Don’t be excited yet. None of their mattresses are crafted to last that long.

What type of latex does Ikea use for its mattresses?

This manufacturer uses the Dunlop process for its latex. In case you are alien to this, the Dunlop process is simpler than Talalay.

It uses fewer chemicals and its latex is, therefore, a little bit cheaper. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Ikea prefers it.

The Dunlop process also offers firmer and ‘greener’ mattresses. It might fit the bill if you prefer sleeping on a firm mattress with minimal initial chemical smells.

Worth mentioning, however, is that Ikea uses natural latex on only 2 of its latex mattresses; the Morgongava and Mausund.

It’s also worth putting it clear here that albeit being sold as natural latex, these mattresses actually use a blend of natural and synthetic latex.

Usually, Ikea uses 15% synthetic latex to top up its 85% natural latex. This is one way of keeping the prices down.

What do previous buyers say?

Ikea has created a good name for itself among budget homeowners who are looking for affordable latex mattresses.

Research shows that these mattresses have a higher-than-average owner satisfaction among previous buyers.

Most people also report that these mattresses have better performance than spring and foam mattresses from the same manufacturer in terms of back pain and pressure point relief.

They also perform averagely in regard to motion isolation, off-gassing, and ease of maintenance.

The major complaints about these mattresses emanate from their poor edge support and heat retention. Most buyers also note that there’s need to use a topper with most Ikea latex mattresses.

Major Product Lines

The Ikea latex mattress collection isn’t as complex as the memory foam and innerspring lines. Actually, Ikea currently has 4 latex mattresses that are not classified into any particular lines.

All in all, you could differentiate them by the type of latex used and their prices. For instance, if you want to enjoy the attributes of latex without spending close to $1K, the Myrbacka and Matrand latex mattresses are the way to go.

These are affordable mattresses made of synthetic latex that has been engineered to mimic all the characteristics of natural latex.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending top dollar on an eco-friendlier and more durable bed, the Morgongava and Mausund mattresses have your name on them.

I’ll be reviewing each of these mattresses later in this article to give you a deeper insight into them.

Company Reputation

Ikea scores an impressive A+ rating on BBB. Let this not fool you though. While this company gets a good name for its inexpensive merchandise, there are lots of complaints about its mattresses’ durability.

Regarding the yearlong trial period and exchange or refund, most people have reported that Ikea is quite hard to reach through the phone. They’ll either put you on hold or take up to an hour before someone can talk to you.

Trial Period, Refund, and Warranty

I’ve already told you that Ikea offers your body a yearlong trial period to test-drive the mattress. If the mattress isn’t right, then you have an option to return the mattress either for a refund or an exchange.

What’s even more interesting is Ikea’s Love It or Exchange It program. This is a program that eliminates the hassle of trying to reach the customer care team.

It simply allows you to take your mattress (or Ikea pillow or quilt) to any Ikea store near you for an exchange with another product. Read more about it here.

Each Ikea mattress ships with a 25-year warranty that starts on the day of purchase.

Note that this is a limited warranty that only covers any defects in material and workmanship particularly in the core of the latex mattress.

In addition, to correct any problem, Ikea will decide if the drawback is covered under the limited warranty or not. On the same note, this manufacturer will decide whether to replace or repair the mattress.

You’ll be required to produce the original purchase as a proof of purchase. So, don’t lose the receipt in the midst of the excitement.

Best Ikea Latex Mattresses

Matrand Latex Mattress- best for affordability


The Matrand is the most affordable beds in Ikea’s line of latex mattresses. But that’s probably because it is made from man-made materials.

This mattress has 2 layers and a cover that make its 7 1/8’’ thickness. Its comfort layer is a 2-inch latex layer that promises even weight distribution and contourability. Its base is a 5-inch 1.7 lb/cu.ft polyfoam that supports your weight on the comfort layer.

The Matrand has a medium firm density but it’s more on the firmer side. This makes it a go-to choice for back sleepers and stomach snoozers. Lightweight side sleepers who love sleeping on firm surfaces might also find it useful.

Featuring synthetic latex, this mattress has been engineered to offer more support, comfort, and pressure relief than typical polyfoam. But that does not make it a perfect match for natural latex foam.

This mattress comes compressed in a vacuum package and might take up to 72 hours to gain its full height. You might also come across a chemical smell but that should dissipate within 48-72 hours.


  • Removable cover makes it easy to keep the mattress clean
  • It simulates natural latex experience
  • It’s inexpensive


  • Man-made latex does not last long
  • Might have a chemical stench when new

Myrbacka Latex Mattress- best for value of money


The Myrbacka is a sibling to the Matrand considering that it has been crafted from synthetic latex. Its slightly higher price tag, however, is a reflection of improved quality and performance, in my opinion.

Going straight into its construction design, the Myrbacka offers you a 2-inch taller mattress than the Matrad.

This mattress has a height of 9 ½’’ which definitely makes it worth checking out if you have trouble getting on and off a short bed.

Similar to the Matrand, the Myrbacka has 2 layers. The major difference is that the comfort layer is 3 inches tall and might, therefore, offer better durability when used by an average-weight sleeper.

The bottom layer of this mattress is also notably denser than that of the Matrand. This further reflects better durability.

This denser base layer means that the Myrbacka may take some time before showing signs of deformation and sagging compared to the Matrand provided they are subjected to equal use and abuse.


  • It has a thicker comfort layer that slows sagging
  • Dense support layer makes it more durable
  • It’s fairly priced
  • Generously filled cover gives you comfort


  • It’s synthetic latex- might not last long with regular usage
  • Might have a strong chemical smell too

Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress- best for support and back pain relief


The Morgongava is a great improvement over the above 2 mattresses in that 85% of its latex is all-natural.

With only 15% synthetic materials, you should expect it to last considerably longer and have minimal chemical smells right out of the package.

Similar to its synthetic siblings, the Morgongava has a medium firm feel. However, this one is more resilient and might offer superior comfort and more precise support to the sleeper.

However, it’s worth noting that this mattress has a thickness of 7 7/8 inches. While this is still usable by a large segment of lightweight to average-weight sleepers, heavy persons (above 200lbs) might find it rather uncomfortable.


  • Higher natural latex percentage promises better spine-joint alignment
  • Natural latex sleeps cooler
  • Has a higher resilience for consistent support and durability


  • Its height is not ideal for heavier-than-average sleepers
  • Quite pricey compared to other Ikea mattresses

Mausund Natural Latex Mattress- best for bargain


The Mausund is the latest natural latex mattress from Ikea. This mattress has a markedly lower price compared to Morgongava’s asking price.

Thus, it makes a good choice for people who want affordability without compromising quality and health.

The Mausund uses a blend of natural and synthetic latex in the ratio of 85% and 15% respectively. It also has a height of 7 7/8’’. This means that all the strengths and drawbacks of the Morgongava are replicated in this model as well.

Generally, this mattress promises better conformability and higher resiliency than synthetic latex mattresses.

Therefore, it might offer superior musculoskeletal support and pressure point relief around your shoulders and hips.

This mattress’ cover is slightly different in terms of color combination. But it still features a generous layer of natural cotton and wool fillings that offer the initial comfort when you first lay on the mattress.

This soft cover minimizes that stiffness that medium-firm natural latex causes. Its natural fillings also promote thermal regulation for a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.


  • Good value for money
  • Might sleep cool
  • Offers better support than synthetic latex


  • It’s notably thin for heavy users


Ikea might not be the go-to mattress brand if you are looking for a high-end mattress that will last you a lifetime.

But this Swedish company has lots of options for homeowners who want a temporal solution for their sleep needs.

Similar to other mattresses from this brand, these latex mattresses might feel pretty decent when new. But they will degrade and compact a little bit faster than other high-quality models from other manufacturers.

Of course, my recommendation would be to hang on in there and save for a reliable latex mattress such as the Pure Green Natural Latex by Sleep On.

Among its best highlights is that it does not contain synthetic or blended latex. Again, it is designed, sewn, and assembled in the USA. So, there’s no question about quality.

However, if you are really pressed for money and can’t wait to get a latex mattress, Ikea is still worth checking out considering its price.