Ikea Hesseng Mattress Review – Is It Any Good?

The Ikea Hesseng is a hybrid mattress that aims to give you the best sleeping experience by its combo construction.

This mattress combines the benefits of an innerspring system with other natural materials including latex, cotton, wool, horse hair, and lyocell.

This article will give you my personal view of this mattress. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of its performance in regard to support, comfort, pain and pressure point relief, and durability.

Our verdict first

Don’t have enough time to read the whole review? The Hesseng is a substantial mattress that combines 5 comfort zones to aid in pressure relief and support especially around your lumbar region.

This mattress scores 4.6 out of 5 on our typical scale and it’s, therefore, quite recommendable if you are looking for a supportive mattress with a good amount of bounce.


  • It’s well made
  • Has superior construction
  • Comes with an unbeatable warranty
  • It’s firm enough to support heavy people
  • It’s comfortable


  • Might be too heavy to move around
  • Quite on the pricey side
  • Some claim that it’s a little bit firm

Ikea Hesseng Key Features

As I hinted before, the Ikea Hesseng is a hybrid mattress that lets you enjoy the benefits of innerspring, latex, and several other natural products all in one mattress.

This mattress features an innerspring system with individually pocketed springs that work independently to offer you support where you need it.

This fabric pocket also minimizes excessive bounce. That being said, this mattress might be a good bet if you are looking for a good mattress not only for sleep but also for sex.

What actually sets the Ikea Hesseng apart is its 5-layer comfort zone. This zone combines latex, lyocell, wool, cotton, horse hair to offer you excellent comfort.

This comfort system also transitions you to the supportive innerspring system beneath it. But it does this without letting the coils to feel so stiff on your back. On the same note, it does not curb the feel and performance of the support base.

We also like this mattress’ stretchy cover. This cover boosts the conformability design of the comfort zone and does not hinder the performance of the layers below it.

Need for flipping

The Ikea Hesseng is heavy. Luckily, its design does not necessitate flipping. It might, therefore, fit the bill if you have issues lifting heavy things or if you are buying the mattress for a senior citizen.

Motion isolation

In mattresses, motion isolation refers to how it localizes the sleeper’s movement. A mattress with excellent motion isolation means that your ups and downs don’t disturb your partner’s sleep.

Innerspring mattresses are well-known culprits in poor motion isolation.  On the other hand, memory foam and latex are the best performers at this front.

When used in a hybrid mattress, memory foam or latex alleviates motion transfer to a good degree that might help in minimizing disturbance. This means that the Ikea Hesseng might suffice if you use your bed with a partner or pet.


With hybrid mattresses, durability depends on the design of the coil system and the quality of the comfort layer.

Individually-pocketed springs are the least durable compared to Bonnell, continuous and offset wire coils.

On the other hand, natural latex can last up to 8 years. That being said, the Ikea Hesseng might last upwards of 5 years.

Temperature Regulation

Hybrid mattresses are known for sleeping cool due to their innerspring system. However, they might end up sleeping hot depending on the component used in the comfort zone.

Innerspring-latex hybrid beds such as the Hesseng make a good choice for people who tend to sleep hot at night. This mattress also adds lyocel, wool, and cotton layers to minimize perspirations and allow optimal air circulation.

Trial Period and warranty

We all take quite some time to get used to our new mattress no matter how perfect it looks on paper. Therefore, we always advocate for brands that allow you some time to adjust.

Most manufacturers and dealers extend a 30-90-day trial period. Amazingly, Ikea offers you an impressive 365 days to try the mattress out.

This means that you have an entire year to check out whether the mattress will fit your comfort and sleep needs or not. You could exchange your mattress for a new Ikea model within this time.

In addition, you get a 25-year warranty for any mechanical fault. Honestly, very few brands will offer you this perk.


As a final thought, don’t always fall for the manufacturer’s marketing hype. Rather, look around to see what previous buyers have to say about the mattress.

Importantly, consider feedbacks that explain how the mattress holds up after a year or two. I took the liberty of doing this as well.

Most people seem certified with this mattress’ performance. One thing that stands out from most buyers’ feedback is that this mattress does not sleep hot. Again, several other people affirm that the firm performs well in terms of comfort even after a year.

However, I also did come across a few complaints about mattresses that sagged within a few weeks. But the best part is that Ikea will exchange your mattress for a new one up to 3 times to find a suitable model.