How to Soften a Memory Foam Pillow?

Even though memory foam pillows might be the solution that we have all been waiting for, they are by no means entirely perfect. Memory foam pillows sometimes can harden up, which can then cause the aches and sprains once again.

Why Do Memory Foam Pillows Harden Up?

One of the main reasons why memory foam pillows tend to harden up over time is because of the surrounding temperature in which it is kept. Sometimes, the memory foam can even be stiff from the moment that you buy it, solely because of how it was stored in before you bought it. Sometimes, memory foam pillows can also become stiff if they are not used for a long while. With prolonged use, the threads inside the pillow tend to loosen up, making the pillow feel softer. This is also why memory foam pillows that are new tend to be softer; it’s mainly because people are trying and testing them out all the time.

So, How Can You Soften A Memory Foam Pillow?

There are a number of ways in which memory foam pillows can be softened at home, which are as follows:

One of the ways in which you can help reduce the stiffness that you see in a memory foam pillow is by applying a certain amount of heat to it. The heat, when applied, helps the fibers loosen up and expand through the pillow, helping it become softer than it was before. If you have a heating pad at home, you can use that for around fifteen minutes to get your pillow to the ideal softness. One of the best ways to do this is by using an electric blanket.

  • Step 1: Place the blanket over the pillows and the mattress
  • Step 2: Turn on the electric blanket. This should ideally be done fifteen minutes before you head to bed
  • Step 3: Get into your warm bed that is going to be softer.

Some people feel like applying heat to a pillow, or a mattress is not entirely enough to soften up the memory foam. Another way to soften this is to use a broom or something with a firm handle and beat it up. This clubbing motion helps reduce the strain on the fibers in the memory foam, thereby making it softer than before.

  • Step 1: Get a broom or something with a long hard handle
  • Step 2: Place your pillow on the mattress or flooring depending on what you find more comfortable
  • Step 3: Hit the pillow repeatedly on both sides. Make sure to cover every inch of the pillow while doing this.
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