How to Move a Mattress Alone or With a Friend

Mattresses can be relatively heavy depending on their sizes and are definitely bulky. This can make moving them a hard, laborious and annoying task. This is especially true if you are not hiring professionals and can only get a friend to help or when you have to do it by yourself.

To avoid danger or self-harm, necessary precautions should be taken. You will need to consider the size of your mattress and the distance you have to move it, in order to determine if you can manage to move it by yourself or if you will need to ask a friend to help you.

Knowing how to move a mattress will help you overcome the challenges of moving one when moving or helping a friend move.

A few props that you`ll need to help you move your mattress with ease

  • Bungee cords
  • Ratchet Straps
  • A moving dolly
  • A plastic mattress cover and tape
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • You could always use a helping hand (friend)

Step one –slide the mattress in the plastic cover

You can buy a plastic mattress cover from your local home supply store or from any store that stocks moving supplies.

Unless you are moving the mattress from one room to another, this step is very important. The mattress cover will help prevent the mattress from collecting dirt, water, and stains and also guard it against possible wear and tear throughout the move.

Slide the cover on. This step will be much easier if you have someone helping you. Take alternating turns to slide the cover-up from side to side in a z formation.

If you are moving the mattress by yourself, place the mattress on its long sides and move with the same z-formation to pull the cover on at the top, and then prop it up at the bottom to slide on the cover.

After you are done, make the sides overlap and secure them using a packaging tape or close the zipper if it has one. This will ensure the mattress is sealed off so that it does not collect any dust on transit.

Step two –fold the mattress in half

Remove blankets, quilts, bed sheets, and all other beddings before folding the mattress. If you are moving a king or even queen size mattress, having someone helping is crucial.

Fold the mattress in two so that the top and the bottom are touching and then fasten it using ratchet straps or bungee cords. Depending on the size of your mattress, you will need to have purchased enough cords or ratchets to fasten the mattress with beforehand.

Folding the mattress in half helps reduce its height and width making it easier to move especially if you do not have someone helping you to move it.

You could decide to skip this step altogether and move your mattress unfolded. The moving truck will, however, need to have enough space to place the mattress. If you intend to use your car roof or a small moving van, folding the mattress will help save on space.

Step three -Move the mattress to the vehicle

You will now be ready to move the mattress from the house to the moving truck but first, clear your way. Move any furniture or boxes lying around that might block your way and open the doors so you do not have to stop or trip over objects while moving the mattress.

If you are moving the mattress by yourself, you will require a moving dolly for this step (you can rent one from your local moving or hardware store).

Slide the mattress and balance it well on the dolly and then wheel it to the truck. Maneuver stairs by slowly rolling the dolly down one stair-step at a time, balancing it with your weight so the mattress does not topple over or slide off.

If you have help, agree with your partner about your movements. Agree who between the two of you will be moving forward and who will be moving backward.

Slide your hands under the corners of the mattress on both sides and then stand and balance it well before moving. If you need to take a break before getting to the vehicle, do not just drop the mattress. Instead, talk and agree so you can place the mattress on the ground at the same time. Continue on by lifting up the mattress simultaneously so that the weight of the mattress is distributed between both of you.

Having someone helping you will make it easier for you to navigate corners, doorways, and stairs. The mattress shouldn`t be lifted too high because you might end up straining your muscles, or too low that you have to stoop or bend as you walk which might cause you to strain your back. Instead, raise it to the level of your hips for easier balancing and movement.

Step four –load it up and strap it in

When the mattress is finally outside the house, load it up to the moving truck. Avoid overexerting yourself by lifting the mattress on a bent back. Rather, support it with your knee and use your upper body to lift and load it in the truck.

Strap it on the walls of the truck using ratchet straps or bungee cords and secure it well. Tie the cords on the handlebars on the walls of the truck.

Since most mattresses are heavy, do not place it on top of other appliances because it might damage them, or place any boxes or equipment on top of it for this might compromise the quality of your mattress. Moving the mattress while it is strapped on the wall instead of lying horizontally helps prevent the mattress from sagging at the center.

If you are using a car, balance it well at the top-center of the car and fasten it by tying the cords on the roof rack. Secure it well at the front and back of the car using ratchet straps or bungee cords so it does not move as you drive away.

Once you have double checked to ensure every hook is in place and every cord is fastened, you can now safely drive to your new house.


If you are considering moving a mattress sooner or later, it’s our hope that this article has been informative.

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.’’ You never know when you`ll be called upon to help a friend move and you could use the information provided here to help them out and make their seemingly impossible task feel so easy too.