How to Find the Best Bed Frame

If you are reading this, then you may have trouble finding the best bed frame for your room and you don’t know how to choose. I know that it is a problem as bed frames are considered one of the essential and most important pieces of furniture as the good sleep is essential for our health. That is why purchasing the right mattress and the right bed frame is important.

The following 5 bed frames are recommended by a lot of people; one of them may be the best option for you too.
• Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats.
• DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame.
• Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame.
• Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame.
• Platform Bed Frame Solid Wood Mattress.

Here are the most common questions and pieces of information about bed frames that will help you to figure out how to choose the best bed frame for yourself.

  • What are the available types of material?
    Wooden bed frames were famous in the past but they had many problems such as lice and insects but they were safer and cleaner than any other material.Metal is the best option if you are looking for durability because it is tough and will no break or become weaker easily. If you took good care of it, it will last for a very long time.

    The look of the whole room is also something people search for while choosing their bed frames. Metal bed frames give the room a modern look that is suitable for modern bed themes while wooden bed frames give it a classy look. Wooden bed frames also differ in the type of wood used; oak, pine, maple and other types of wood are used to make bed frames.

    Leather is also one of the available options. There are two main types which are genuine and faux and a variety of different colors. The frame is commonly made of hard wood wrapped in leather. It looks great but with main problem which is that leather usually needs to be regularly cleaned.

    • The decoration of the room:
    It is important to consider the decoration of the room before purchasing the bed frame. Ask yourself whether a classy wooden bed frame will be perfect or a modern metal bed frame. Consider where you will place your bed, the surrounding furniture and the color and decoration of the walls. Imagine the room with the bed; if you found yourself glad with what you imagined, purchase.

    • What about the price?
    You need to estimate your budget before purchasing a bed frame. The price varied according to many factors like the size, the design, the manufacturing company, the material and the quality of the material.
    Make a budget and go through all the options that are below it then choose the best. Don’t choose the cheapest bed frame; choose the one that has most of the features that you are looking for.

    • The common features that people look for:
    The following features will help you decide what you really need to look for in a bed frame.

    1. Height: The common standard height is 7 inches tall yet if this height is not suitable; you will find other options like adjustable frames.

    2. Support: There are heavy-duty models of bed frames that provide its users with additional support in order to increase its durability and provide good sleep

    3. Flooring: You need to consider your flooring when you have an expensive carpet or vintage wood flooring in order to choose feet that will not cause scratches.

    4. Mobility: Mobility is one of the problems that you know that it exists when you need to move your bed.
    There are many options for the mobility problem like choosing a bed frame with wheels or roll-away beds.

    5. Changes: if you are about to choose a bed frame for your kid, it is preferable to choose an adjustable bed frame that will allow you to change its size while your kid is growing up.

    • What are the types of bed frames?
    There are 4 common types of bed frames; Platform bed frames, Box spring bed frames, Specialty bed frames, and headboards and footboards.

    A platform bed frame means that it does not require a box spring as it is manufactured with built in slats that support the mattress. It has a low design so it is suitable for kids. It is also available in different sizes.

    Box spring bed frames is the combination of the box spring, the mattress and the bed frame in order to create a bed. Sometimes, a box spring is used along with a mattress without a frame; the box spring in this case is supported by casters standing directly on the floor.

We use box spring in order to make the height of the mattress adjustable which makes it easier for users to get in the bed and out of the bed easily.
They also allow the mattress to be able to absorb any kind of shock and maintain its integrity by reduction of the mattress wear out.
Also box springs make the mattress firm and flat in order to make it supportive.

Specialty bed frames means that you can adjust the bed frame anytime. They are usually tough, durable and made of high quality material to be able to last for a long time. They are available in wide variety of sizes and dimensions and they are considered the most perfect bed frames for growing kids.

Headboards and footboards are quite different. If you have a headboard and a footboard, you will definitely need low profile bed rails to be able to lower your bed frame.
If a headboard and footboard or just a headboard, you will need a bed frame. Choose a low profile bed frame.
Headboards can be wooden or metal. Wooden headboards are mainly made of oak, cedar or pine while metal headboards are mainly made of Iron, metal, brass, antique brass, steel or wrought iron. This may be important in selection regarding the decoration of your room.

Choose the bed frame that has most of the requirements you need.

This short video will tell you how to choose the best bed frame

• The best 5 bed frames recommended by users:

1. Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats:
If you are looking for something stylish that offers great comfort, then this bed frame may be your best option.

It is made of eco-friendly tough wood which does not require regular maintenance so the life span of it is so long.
The bed frame’s style and design are preferred by many users. It is formed of timber which maintain in a good state for a long time.

It has a large headboard covered with faux leather and dark brownish burgundy frame. Its base if formed of 14 wooden slats and a central metal rail so the bed frame can handle heavy weights.

It may be your best option if you are looking for a comfortable bed that can last for a long time.

The pros of Zinus bed frame:
• It is made of tough wood so its durability is great.
• The headboard and the footboard are covered.
• The headboard space is wide which makes it great spot for placing things like books and phones.
• Its leather coverage gives it a luxurious look.
• The overall quality of the material is great and its maintenance is one of the best features of this bed frame.
• It will provide you with great support and comfort.
• It can be dressed with various bed treats.
• It does not produce any kind of noise due to the foam that is added to the frame.

The cons of Zinus bed frame:
• Despite its strength, it so heavy.
• The leather coverage of the headboard wears out by the constant contact with pillows.

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2. DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame:
The design of the bed room should help you in tow main things; waking up in a good mood in the morning and drifting into a good, restful sleep at night.

DHP canopy bed frames provide its users with support and comfort. The customers that love elegance will find this bed frame very elegant.
It has 22 metal slats and the grey frame itself is metal; that is why it has a long durability and such solid material that lives for a long time. The slats are placed in a great pattern with a metal rail in the center and 2 legs to provide the mattress with a firm base; that is why it provides its users with great support. The frame is so stable too.

This bed frame will help you to create a cozy bedroom. It will be a valuable addition to your room if you are looking for a renovation.

The Pros of DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame:
• It is great for hanging curtains in order to make a cozy, romantic atmosphere.
• The stability of this bed frame is great.
• It has a fantastic, contemporary and stylish design.
• It provides its users with support and comfort.
The cons of DHP Modern Canopy Bed Frame:
• The material tends to collect dust and dirt; that is why you will need to maintain it clean regularly.
• The variety of sized available is limited.
• It is so heavy and difficult to move.

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3. Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame:
If you are looking for a reliable, affordable bed frame, this bed frame may be the best option for you.

Its construction is so simple; there are no ciphers or twirls. It is formed of solid rails and very strong legs; that is why it is so reliable.
It comes in parts but it is so simple to put together; just follow the guide that comes with it.
It is also adjustable so you can put it anywhere. You can also move it around by the wheels and then lock the wheels to keep the bed fixed and stable.

The construction of this bed frame has no slats so you will need to use it with box spring or mattress sets.
This bed frame offers quite good quality that meets many requirements and is considered affordable.

The Pros of Kings Brand Furniture Bed Frame:
• It is easy to assemble.
• Its construction is made of solid metal which makes it strong and increases its durability.
• It has many health benefits. It is metal so it does not host any kind of bedbugs unlike wooden bed frames.
• It is easy to be moved by the wheels and will be fixed at its place easily by locking the wheels.
• It is considered affordable regarding the prices of the other bed frames.
• It is adjustable so it is suitable for different sizes of mattresses.
• It comes with glides to protect your floor and carpets.

The Cons of Kings Brand Furniture Bed Frame:
• You have to buy some tools to be able to assemble it.
• It is mainly designed for box spring.

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4. Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame:
This bed frame offers great support among its features. It is so wide and its salts are thick so it provides a good base for the mattress so you will not need a box spring.
The good looking feature of this bed frame is an advantage of it. It suits most of the contemporary themes of the modern decorations.

Most of its users say that its support is guaranteed. It is also noise-free.

The Pros of Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame:
• It has a very stylish design that fits nearly any contemporary theme.
• It is resistant to rust and scratches.
• It is so easy to be assembled together without the need of tools.
• Its width and stability holds the mattress well.
• It is noise free.
• No box spring is required.

The Cons of Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame:
• It is kind of expensive.
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5. Platform Bed Frame Solid Wood Mattress:
This is considered the best alternative for metal bed frames; it is made of North American Pine completely.
The durability of this bed frame is so great; it lasts for a long time. It is also tough so it provides strong base for the mattress.

The construction of this bed frame is formed of 7 layers of pressed pine slats. That is why it can support heavy weights.
It is so easy to be assembled without the need of any special tools.

The Pros of Platform Bed Frame:
• It is so strong and durable. The material lasts for a long time.
• It provides 100% support for its users with its 100% North American Pine material.
• It can handle up to 900 pounds.
• No box spring.
• It can be used with any kind of mattresses. This adds a lot to its efficiency.
• It has a flat surface which fits many mattresses especially memory foam mattresses.
• It has many designs; Asian, modern, traditional and many other designs are available.
• It provides comfortable sleep.
• Some designs have storage facilities; that is a very good feature for people who want some space to put store things.
• The slats are placed in a certain pattern to make the frame stronger.
• The space between the slats allows air to reach the mattress. The air flow keeps the mattress cool; that is great for good night sleep.

The Cons of Platform Bed Frame:
• It has low height so it may cause a difficulty while climbing down in the morning especially for tall people.
• The stylish bed frame will require a matching mattress which can be kind of expensive especially when you know that this bed frame is kind of expensive.
• It is difficult to be moved because of its fixation and heaviness.

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• The Conclusion:
There is no such thing that is called the best bed frame for every decoration and mattress. You need to put into your consideration all the points that we have discussed while purchasing your bed frame.

From the number of users and the reviews and according to the information that we have provided, we find that Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats is the best option.

The combination of simplicity, support, comfort, organic material and many other factors makes Zinus bed frames the best option. This bed frame is always the spotlight in the room. If you love the high-quality material, this may be one of your best options. Also, if you want a bed frame that will last for a very long time, this bed frame may be one of your best options due to its great durability.
Of course, there is no perfect bed frame but the disadvantages of this bed frame will not interfere with your good sleep.