How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

Mattresses cushion us against hard bed frames and offer us blissful comfort as we sleep. You want to enjoy all the comforts your soft memory foam mattress has to offer.

However, your comfort can be compromised by accidents such as spilled drinks, children`s or puppy`s urine stains, and bad smells. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of fresh or old urine stains and smell out of a mattress? Whether they are spills, smells, dust, or old/fresh stains, let us explore methods on how to clean a memory foam mattress.

Method One – Vacuuming

For this method, you will only need a clean vacuum cleaner. Place your mattress on a flat surface, plug in the machine and start from the top. Move to the sides before flipping it over and vacuuming the opposite side.

You can choose to run the machine horizontally across the mattress or vertically along. But whichever way you choose, be sure to cover all corners and the entire surface by moving the vacuum cleaner to and fro to remove all dust and any other particles that might be on the mattress.

Method Two – Deal With Spills Fast

  • You will need an absorbent towel or rag and a fan or a hairdryer.
  • As soon as the spill happens, use a dry absorbent towel or a clean rag and dab on the stain to remove as much liquid as possible from the mattress.
  • If the weather allows, and if you are able to move the mattress outside, do so immediately and set it out to dry. If it is not a sunny day, place the mattress in a room with a stand fan. Set the fan on high speed and place it directly against the mattress to dry.
  • If the size of the spill is not that big, you can dry it using a hairdryer. Plug in the dryer and using circular motions, blow on the stain until it is dry.
  • In this method, we are discussing how to deal with spills, but if the spill leaves a stain, it is time to try out method three below.

Method Three – Removing Stains

  • For this step you will need; water, baking soda, a spray bottle, vinegar, commercial cleaners, protective gloves, and eyewear.
  • Mix the ingredients together by adding equal parts water and vinegar on the spray bottle then add the enzymatic commercial cleaner.
  • Spay a moderate amount of the mixture directly on the stain making sure not to soak up the mattress.
  • Let it sit for five minutes so it can break down the stain.
  • Avoid rubbing on the stain (it can spread it further) and instead use a clean absorbent piece of clothing to dab on it using up and down movements to get as much liquid as possible out of the mattress.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the area and allow it to sit for a few hours. The baking soda will begin to cake up after absorbing the remaining water from the foam. It also helps remove any odor from the mattress.
  • Brush off the dried up baking soda or simply vacuum it out.
  • Since foam mattresses do not dry up fast, you can now place the mattress outside to dry from the sun. You can also use a fan or a hair dryer if it is not a sunny day.

Here is another way to remove stains

  • Follow all the steps above only instead of using commercial cleaners, use hydrogen peroxide which doubles up as a powerful stain remover and a deodorizing agent. It is also inexpensive and available in almost every home.
  • Mix: 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and drops of dish soap. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for fresh smell.

Method Four – Deodorize Your Mattress

Airing mattresses in the open is the easiest traditional way to deodorize your mattress. Leave it in the porch or backyard for an hour or two on a sunny day and let the sun eliminate all bacteria while giving your mattress a clean dose of fresh air.

Don’t worry if you cannot afford to do this due to lack of space or good weather. There are a whole lot of ways to get your mattress smelling fresh.

  • Baking soda is an inexpensive way to deodorize your memory foam mattress. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the surface of your mattress and leave it for a number of hours. You can do this in the morning before you leave for work and then vacuum it out when you get back in the evening.
  • Another inexpensive way would be to make a solution by cutting orange or lemon peels in vinegar and leaving it to sit for a few days. Put the solution on a spray bottle and sprinkle it all over the mattress. Let it soak and give it a few days to dry. When it is good and dry, you will have a citrus-smelling mattress which you will get to enjoy for many nights.

Word of Advice

Apart from accidental stains, dust and sweat can collect on your mattress making it dirty and stained. You must, therefore, take proper care by protecting it using mattress covers and bed sheets which you can wash regularly.

It is cumbersome to clean a mattress because they tend to trap water and liquids used to clean them. This makes them heavy and hard to lift or move around. A water-soaked mattress will take very long to dry and so, one is advised you limit the amount used.

You should also limit cleaning your mattress to a few times a year by dealing with stains as soon as they appear on your mattress.  It is much easier to deal with fresh stains compared to old ones.