How to Clean a Down Pillow at Home

Down pillows are pillows stuffed with soft down feathers that are usually taken from geese or ducks. Usually, this type of pillow is soft and warm and tends to hold on to its supportive properties over time. Because of its materials, down pillows are typically expensive and often associated with the rich and elite.

Down pillows offers warmth, thanks to the feathers found on the undersides of the birds that are responsible for insulating their bodies from moisture and cold temperature. So if you are living on colder countries and with extra dollars to spare, then down pillows are advisable.

But the biggest question remains – how do you clean down pillows?

Tips in Cleaning Down Pillows at Home

  • • Always read the instructions label. This will give you information about proper care and things to avoid to prevent any damage on the pillow.
  • • Opt for machine wash. This will be easier since down pillows tends to be heavy when wet. Before you put it inside the machine, check the pillows for any tears or scratches. Sew the torn fabrics since putting a torn down pillows inside the washing machine will be problematic. If you’re too scared of ruining the pillows, put it inside zippered pillow covers.
  • • Use gentle liquid detergents. Harsh cleaners and bleach can cause the feathers to break and loose the pillows warmth and ability to loft.
  • • Take it easy on drying. Gently squeeze the pillows to remove excess water and moisture. Do not hang it in a clothesline and just allow them to dry on their own. Or you can use electric dryers. Just don’t forget to add tennis balls inside the dryer to keep the fluffiness of the pillow.

It is very important to dry the pillows completely to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria which can cause allergic reactions. It may take up to three hours but you want to prolong your down pillow’s usable life, right?

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