How Long Should You Keep a Pillow?

Your pillow is your closest buddy, more than your partner or anybody else. This is due to the fact that you spend half of your day with it on average as you sleep. Now, you probably can’t remember when the last time you have changed bed pillows was or you might have thought this is no longer necessary for as long as it doesn’t spill. This is after all, a misconception.

A misconception too many are not aware of. You are lucky to have encounter this as you will likely learn how long you should keep a pillow, and why you need to change it on a regular basis. Sleep experts recommends you replace your pillow every six months. Dr. Mercola has it that The Sleep to Live Institute in America aggressively advise people of this. How would you know your pillows are ready to be tossed off, anyway?

• When odor, molds, and mildew starts to develop.

It is a sign you need to change pillows, even if 6 months is not over yet.

• Fold your pillow in half. If it bounces back, it’s still okay.

If it doesn’t, that means, the product components are shrinking inside and it is no longer safe to use.

Dust mites and itchy critters inhibit your pillows when used over time.

These may be invisible but you will now they’re there when you start scratching or your pillow gets a little heavier.

Above tips will help you determine when you’re supposed to replace your bed buddy. This is however, on top of the 6-months-rule. Do not sleep with your furry pets as they can be carrier of those scratchers bugging you when you sleep. Whether you are using pillowcases or you don’t, changing your pillows is still a must to ensure you get undisturbed and long hours of sleep. At the end of the day, sleep is priceless and it cannot be replaced.

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