Ghost Pillow Review – Wonder Pillow or Overkill?

The Ghost Pillow is the new kid on the block. This is a sibling to the GhostBed and the two were, in fact, engineered by the same sleep scientists.

If you’ve cared to check out their promotional video, Nature’s Sleep claims that this is a technological breakthrough into an everyday pillow. Really?

They also go ahead to say that this pillow offers the ‘perfect combination of support and comfort.’’

Whether this is mere marketing hype or not, my Ghost Pillow review will answer the BIG QUESTION in your head, ‘’is this pillow worth its marginally high price tag?’’


  • Has a breathable construction
  • Gel-infusion technology promotes air flow
  • It’s highly resilient for quick responsiveness
  • Has a sweet lavender scent when new
  • It’s soft yet plushy for comfort and support
  • Performance fabric cover wicks away sweat


  • It’s costly
  • Only ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Available in only one size
  • Not size-adjustable (not a big deal though)

Key Features of the Ghost Pillow

The Ghost pillow is a queen size model measuring 23.6 x 15.8 x 5.5 inches and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

It is way smaller than most standard size pillows but I bet you won’t realize it until you measure it yourself.

This means that it might fill the bill if you are used to standard pillows. Its weight also makes it quite easy to lift and turn the pillow as you may wish during the night.

About its construction, the Ghost pillow features a gel-infused top layer that aims at keeping your sleeping surface cool. It also has a ventilated memory foam core that gives this pillow its 5.5’’ profile.

There are lots of things that I need to say about the 2 components above. But I’ll do that in the review section below.

Another great feature that I have to mention here is this pillow’s removable, washable and dryable embroidered cover. Nature’s Sleep states that this cover has been crafted from 97% premium polyester and 3% spandex.

True to its components’ attributes, this cover has a cool and soothing touch. The manufacturer says that this cover is also designed with a patent-pending Adaptive Sleep Technology that senses your body temperature and adjusts accordingly to offer you a neutral sleeping temperature.

The top cover has a zip on the inside that exposes a secondary cotton cover that holds the comfort and support layers. This one is not removable and, therefore, only requires spot cleaning.

Ghost Pillow Review

Fairly easy set up

Unlike most memory foam pillows that are shipped vacuum-compressed, the Ghost pillow comes ready to use right out of the wrapper.

This means that you won’t be required to wait for some hours (or days) for the pillow to gain its intended usable height before sleeping on it.

This doesn’t sound like much. But I’ve seen lots of complaints about pillows and mattresses that never reached their intended heights after shipping. So, it’s a really good thing to have a pillow that eliminates this worry.

Loft Vs. Your Sleeping Postures and Comfort

The Ghost Pillow has a height of 5.5 inches and a medium firmness. This is a sweet spot that I always recommend to most of my readers who can’t figure out what firmness-loft combo to go with when buying a new memory foam pillow.

Generally, what this means is that this pillow is neither too hard nor too soft and might offer a good blend of comfort and support.

Considering its height and firmness level, the Ghost Pillow might make a good choice for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

One thing that these 2 sleepers will appreciate is the way the memory foam and gel layer molds to gently cradle their heads.

If you are a side sleeper, this pillow’s height will help in bridging the gap between the neck and the shoulder.

This pillow’s medium firmness density doubled with the viscous trait of memory foam means that your head will sink deeply into it as a back sleeper.

Thus, you will be able to get adequate support and the much deserved neutral alignment. This makes the Ghost Pillow a wise choice for people who might want relief from neck strain and pain and chronic back pain.

You might be wondering, ‘’is the Ghost pillow ideal for stomach snoozers?’’

Well, in my opinion, heavy stomach sleepers (over 200lbs) might find this pillow useful especially if they combine it with a firm mattress.

But it might not be ideal for lightweight stomach sleepers. According to Christopher Winter, MD, Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center, this slightly higher loft might push your head into an awkward and unnaturally upward position to cause neck and back-related issues.

Thermal regulation

Memory foam is known for sleeping hot. So, it’s not a surprise that most potential buyers first enquire about this before buying this memory foam pillow.

Luckily, sleeping hot was among the top issues that Nature’s Sleep aimed at solving with the Ghost Pillow.

This pillow has what its manufacturer calls the ‘’cool burst airflow technology.’’ Basically, this is a layer of aerated gel memory foam.

This layer has an open cell design that is responsible for this pillow’s fluffy, soft, and airy design. That’s why this pillow will let out a burst of air once you put your head on it.

The open cell structure of the top layer also promotes good airflow beneath your head and neck to ensure that you have a cool sleeping surface.

The Ghost Pillow also adds something else to its cooling technology- Performance Fabric Cover. Without going too much into the details, performance fabric is used in athletic clothes and helps in wicking away sweat.

Consequently, this cover wicks away perspirations on your skin fast to leave you cool. If you hate dipping your face in a damp patch on your pillow, then this might be a remedy.

Has a burst of soothing lavender scent

Another feature that has attracted lots of praise and a few complaints as well is its infused fresh lavender scent.

What I personally liked about this scent is that it is subtle and not overpowering in any way. While its main role is to deaden the new mattress smell, WebMD states that lavender may help in curbing mild-to-severe anxiety besides improving sleep.

The manufacturer states that this scent might linger around for around a week. This is quite great for people who might appreciate the smell. On the other hand, it might be a huge turnoff for sleepers who might find it unappealing.


Memory foam is the major support and comfort component of the Ghost Pillow. And as you probably know, memory foam products are renowned for the funky chemical smell that they produce when new.

The Ghost pillow is not an exception. You will notice some slight odors similar to the smell of paint or the inside of a new car when you remove the pillow out of its plastic.

However, the scent won’t be so intense since the pillow comes fully expanded.

If you are allergic to the synthetic smell of a new mattress, then you’ll need to air the pillow for around 48 hours to let the smell dissipate. It might also be important to wash and dry the outer cover to remove any factory smells.

Trial Period and Warranty

Now, trial periods are quite common with mattresses. Most brands will offer you anywhere between 30 and 90 days to test drive the product and return it if necessary.

However, this is very uncommon with low-end pillows. And that’s what makes the Ghost Pillow unique. What’s even more amazing is that you get a 101-day trial period to try out the pillow and decide whether to keep it or ship it back for a full refund.

I don’t know about you, but this is simply an unbeatable deal for me!

To sweeten the deal even further, Nature’s Products offers you a 5-year warranty (that’ right 5 years) against manufacturer’s defect including immature sinkage.

This goes a long way to show how confident this manufacturer is about this pillow meeting your sleeping needs.

My Verdict

I have to admit that the Ghost Pillow is notably pricier than most of its competitors. But I think it is worth every penny considering the all-around comfort that you get.

One thing that you might like is its soft yet plushy feel. It lets you sink without feeling the mattress. This may offer a superb neck and spine alignment and thereby help in alleviating back related problems for side sleepers, back sleepers, and some stomach snoozers.

Its gel-infused layer and performance fabric, on the other hand, offers an advanced cooling technology to keep you dry and cool as you sleep. This makes it a superb choice for people who sweat a lot when sleeping.

The Ghost Pillow scores a not-so-bad 4.4-star rating out of 5 on our score sheet based on comfort, support, and usability.Among other things that take a toll on its performance include its high price tag and non-adjustability.