Essentia Mattress Review

The Essentia Mattresses are specially designed from natural, non-toxic materials, and they offer the same comfort as artificial foam mattresses, but with more refreshing night sleep. There are absolutely no chemical smells with the Essentia, even when the mattress is brand new.

Who Should Sleep On The Essentia Mattress?

While the Essentia mattresses support every type of sleeper, the comfort one experiences as he/she sleeps depend mostly on their weight and sleeping position.

  • A heavy sleeper who weighs 230 lbs. and above can sleep in any position and have a peaceful night sleep on any of the Essentia mattress models.
  • The Energie Opus, Beausommet, and the Dormeuse models are excellent mattresses for medium heavy sleepers weighing between 130lbs. and 230lbs who love sleeping on their sides or the stomachs.
  • The Classic 8 and Bionda models are perfect for light sleepers weighing 130lbs. and below who like sleeping on their backs. The Bionda model is also an excellent choice for people who suffer from back pains.
  • All the Essentia mattresses have an aspect of pain relief and pressure point release. However, if you are looking for a whole body recovery mattress, the Beausommet, Dormeuse, and the Dormeuse Fior models are your best options. They are perfect for pain relief and posture support.


What Differentiates the Essentia Mattress?

Motion Isolation

The Essentia mattresses are made of natural polymers that stretch every time someone moves around the bed or gets off it. The stretching helps to reduce vibrations present in many of the traditional coil mattresses.

This feature is quite a plus for the Essentia mattress as it ensures that your partner is not disturbed anytime you get off the bed. It is also a positive inclusion for people who share beds with sleepers who move on the bed throughout the night.

Consistent Temperature

Essentia designed their models keeping in mind that people enjoy a peaceful night sleep when there is a constant level of temperature.

Essentia mattresses are made with natural memory foam that allows airflow from all sides of the mattress; bottom and sides through to your sleeping surface. This ensures that heat does not build up on your body.

The top layer is an open core of 3 inches that contains millions of air pathways meant to pull fresh air through the mattress and from your sleeping surface. The mattress will stay cool enough to allow you to enjoy a peaceful night sleep, and comfortable in that you won’t keep covering and uncovering yourself due to the temperature inconsistency.



Do They Smell When New?

  1. They don’t.

Unlike the traditional memory foam mattresses that come with hazardous chemical fumes, the Essentia mattresses are made of natural latex from rubber trees that are meant to get rid of chemical odors.

As other memory foam mattresses undergo their off-gassing period on the sleeper’s bed, the Essentia mattress undergoes this period in a negative pressure vacuum at the factory. This process ensures that the products are free from any harmful odors before being released to the market.

It is only the Essentia mattresses that are sold ready for use right after unpacking. And they do not need any form of ventilation. This is quite a unique plus that no other mattress manufacturer can claim.

Health and Safety

Essentia mattresses are said to be the healthiest. The mattresses are manufactured from an all-organic material, which is a healthy choice for human consumption as there are no harmful chemicals involved.

Many customers have also praised the mattresses for being quite good at relieving pain. Most of them say that their back pain conditions improved when they acquired a mattress from Essentia. They are also very useful for reducing pressure points.


Company Reputation

Essentia is the only company in the whole world that manufactures natural memory foam mattresses. Other than being unique, the company builds very high-quality mattresses that can serve relatively every type of a sleeper.

Essentia mattress has a very positive customer service report, showing that 50% of all the Essentia customers have had a satisfying experience with the company, even for those who did not buy any of their brands.

Essentia Mattress Reviews

Essentia currently has seven models on the market namely Dormeuse Fior, Dormeuse, Beausommet, Energie Opus, Classic 8, Stratami, and Bionda

Below is a brief review of five of these models.

Energie Opus

The Energie Opus is an excellent mattress for side sleepers who want the cradling feel from their beds, and at the same time, they want to feel supported on their spines. It is also good for people who sleep on their stomach and want to feel firmly supported on their necks, without their necks being pushed back by the mattress.

If you are a back sleeper, this is your mattress too. The mattress offers a luxurious encasing in your bed and eliminates the numb arms experienced on the traditional coil mattresses by many back sleepers.



  • Comes with a 20-year warranty
  • Suitable for many sleeping positions
  • Consistent sleeping temperature
  • Does not produce odors even when new
  • Excellent lifespan


  • Expensive – priced above average cost for memory foam mattresses
  • The mattress is heavy and quite difficult to move alone
  • Prorated warranty

Classic 8

This mattress features a 5.28 PCF memory foam layer for comfort. It also has a six-inch supporting core and a top layer of Dunlop latex. It has a softGripTM base layer of cotton designed to hold the mattress in position and prevent it from shifting.

The Classic 8 mattress has a medium firmness optimized for people who sleep on their backs and would like to feel definite support on their spine as they sleep. It is designed to give enough support to the back sleepers’ spine, without pushing on any pressure points. It is a real pressure point free brand, and you will love it if you are a back sleeper.




  • It is designed from natural latex memory foam for therapeutic support
  • No outgassing of hazardous organic compounds
  • Medium mattress designed perfectly for back sleepers
  • Airflow provides consistent temperature throughout the night
  • No motion transfer to disturb your sleep partner
  • 20-year warranty
  • Excellent lifespan


  • Prorated warranty
  • Priced above average for memory foam mattresses
  • Too heavy to be moved by one person


The Beausommet is one of the high-end quality mattresses from Essentia manufactured from natural latex memory foam. It has a top comfort layer of high density 6.25 PCF memory foam, and a 5.25 PCF memory foam at the bottom.

It also has a five-inch supporting core made with latex over a thin layer of cotton at the base. It is a firm mattress that helps in pain relief.

The Essentia Beausommet is a preferable choice for people who love to sleep on the side, on their backs, or on their stomach and also prefer a medium soft mattress. It is also a good mattress when you sleep with someone who moves around the bed throughout the night as it has no motion transfer.


  • No odors when new
  • No pains and aches in the morning
  • Consistent bed temperature – no sweating as you sleep
  • Perfect comfort and support
  • Excellent lifespan


  • It is priced above average price for memory foam mattresses
  • Prorated warranty
  • Heavy to be moved by one person

Bionda Organic Latex Mattress

The Essentia Bionda is made with two layers of natural organic latex for comfort. It has a pillow-like soft top with a little bit of bounce. The two latex layers are dome-shaped, allowing more air between the body and the sleeping surface. This feature helps to reduce pressure.

The mattress is built with the contour latex layers on both sides, which makes it possible for you to sleep on either side and enjoy the same level of comfort.

Bionda doesn’t have any traces of fiber, cotton or wool that could create a perfect habitation for dust mites. It is 100% organic certified.

The absence of fiber, wool, and cotton make it the perfect mattress for allergic people, while the bounce makes it a good sex mattress.


  • 20-year warranty
  • Free shipment
  • 100% organic – suitable for allergic people
  • No chemical smells
  • Excellent lifespan


  • The mattress is priced higher above the average price for memory foam mattresses
  • Heavy to move alone
  • Other memory foam mattresses have better user ratings


Like the Beausommet, this mattress model features a comfort top layer of high density, 6.25 PCF memory foam and a 5.25 PCF bottom layer. The mattress is designed with a latex supporting core of 4 inches, and a SoftGripTM cotton base to hold it in position to prevent it from shifting.

The Dormeuse is designed with the desired softness to offer a kind of support you can feel. Its therapeutic abilities provide comfort by relieving the pressure that builds up on your back as you sleep.

The Dormeuse is a perfect mattress for people who prefer to sleep on their backs, their sides and also those who love to sleep on their stomachs. Dormeuse natural memory foam mattress is an ideal choice to give you a good level of comfort and good night sleep.


  • Helps in back pain relief
  • Natural latex foam – doesn’t produce fumes
  • Airflow provides a consistent temperature throughout the night
  • Excellent lifespan


  • It is costly – above average price for memory foam mattresses
  • Heavy – difficulty to move alone
  • Other memory foam mattresses have higher consumer ratings