Englander Mattresses Brand Review: Is it reliable? FIND OUT!

This article aims at shedding light on some of the most popular mattresses from Englander, the possible benefits that you are likely to get, and the risks involved.

We’ve also scoured the web quite hard to bring you unbiased customer responses on different key aspects of this brand’s mattresses including durability, support, and warranty.

Read on.

Who will benefit from Englander Mattresses?

As a brand that has been around since 1894, it’s not surprising that Englander has a mattress for almost any purpose. Basically, everybody should get a mattress that targets their needs from this brand’s 10+ product lines.

For instance, this manufacturer has orthopedic mattresses for homeowners who want a mattress with superior back support. This department might interest anyone looking for a good mattress for the elderly citizens as well.

The Hotel E collection, on the other hand, could have a solution for you if you want a great mattress for sex. If you suffer from acid reflux, the Healthwedge is their latest addition to their collection and might help.

We’ll talk more about these types of mattresses and what the actual users say about them in the product lines section.

What benefits do Englander products offer? What is the customer feedback?

They are eco-friendly

It’s undeniable that Englander is among several other brands that are on the forefront of saving our fragile planet. For instance, this company uses the Dunlop process to manufacture their latex mattresses.

Unlike the Talalay process used in most other brands, the Dunlop process uses a shorter process for its extraction.

By the same breath, it does not require the use of harsh chemicals for stabilization. This means that their latex mattresses are less likely to subject you to carcinogenic substances.


There are impressively low complaints of odors or awful smells in most of its latex mattresses. This can be attributed to the fact that the Dunlop process does not use a lot of chemicals. Their memory foam mattresses, however, has this issue since they are 79% polycarbonate materials.

Do you sweat a lot when sleeping?

Englander uses a patented VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) process to tackle the issue of sleeping hot in memory foam mattresses. Although polyurethane is the main material for its memory foam (79%), it adds soy to the mix (21%).

Englander claims that the thing here is to save on oil and to make its mattresses eco-friendlier. These mattresses also employ this manufacturer’s Airtech construction design that aims at offering you a cool and comfortable sleeping surface by increasing the air circulation around you.

From research reports and reviews from several online platforms, Englander’s E-gel memory foam mattresses perform below-average in eliminating body heat. But their innerspring mattresses seem to perform quite well on this front.

Pressure point and back pain reduction

Englander’s latex mattresses tend to be on the firmer side due to the Dunlop process used in the extraction of the latex. While back sleepers and those who generally love a firm mattress seem to appreciate it, side sleepers and stomach snoozers say that it aggravates pressure points and back pains.

E-gel mattresses have a good amount of conforming to it. Hybrid and Tension Ease mattresses receive the most praise in this arena especially because of the memory foam comfort layers used in them.


Past buyers have varying feedbacks in this regard. But this is quite understandable since the best surface for sex is personal preference.

If you love a bouncy and highly responsive bed for sex, reviews show that this brand’s innerspring mattresses perform way above average in these 2 aspects. The E-gel model lacks these properties and may not be perfect for your other night activities.


We didn’t expect anything different from what we got here. Englander adds a layer of gel on their mattresses to aid in air circulation and to make them more discreet. Most buyers report that these models are virtually silent.

On their hand, their innerspring mattresses are the worst performers in minimizing noise. But that’s the case with most other brands anyway.


Englander is known for combining old-world craftsmanship with recent technology to offer mattresses that meet the modern day needs. Its inventions are taking the mattress technology to new levels.

Unfortunately, even with their special breakthroughs in this arena, durability has been the major complaint among most users. The common issues are premature sagging holes in the sleep area and coils poking through only after a few months.

Englander Product Lines

Englander offers its mattresses in wide varieties. Here is a breakdown of its most popular product lines and the people who are more likely to benefit from them;


The E-gel mattresses are among the latest additions in this manufacturer’s products. These mattresses are made using Englander’s CoolBlue Sleep Technology and involve infusing gel to memory foam.

This combination improves air circulation and may help in lowering your body temperature. These mattresses also conform to your shape and size and may help in relieving your pressure points and back pains.

That being said, E-gel mattresses might be a great option for people with painful backs, shoulders, hips, and joints.


This is a hybrid mattress between memory foam and latex. These mattresses are usually on the higher end of the price spectrum but very comfortable. Commonly known as latex memory foam mattresses, these models feature 7 zones of visco-elastic layers with varying density on top of latex core.

These mattresses adapt to your body shape easily and might help in aligning your spine. The latex core adds support so you don’t sink too deep into the mattress.

21st Century

These mattresses are made of memory foam and innerspring systems. Therefore, they are both supportive and comfortable.

The memory foam layer conforms to your body shape for adequate pressure point relief while the innerspring technology offers support and improves air circulation.

These mattresses may be ideal for people who turn and toss a lot when they sleep hot.

Tension Ease

True to their name, these mattresses are designed for the purpose of helping people ease their everyday tension. These mattresses feature an innerspring support system with individually encased coils and gel foam comfort system.

These two systems work together to create a mattress that adjusts to your body’s shape to give you the comfort and support that your back and lumbar areas require after a busy day.


Englander’s reputation

We can’t deny that Englander has created a name for itself with its innovative mattress technology. Their production processes are above average in terms of being eco-friendly. In fact, odors are not common with most of this brand’s mattresses.

This brand does not have a rating on Better Business Bureau so far. But most research results show 50-60% customer satisfaction rate. This is fueled mainly by these mattresses’ durability issues.

The lack of information about these mattresses’ pricing, firmness ratings, available sizes, and construction components may be another major reason for the low customer satisfaction rate.

However, let’s not forget that among the complainants, a proportion of them may be victims of bait-and-switch schemes. Again, it’s a well-known fact that most buyers tend to submit negative feedbacks online.

That being said, the best idea may be to visit the store near you and try the mattress out (if possible). Again, upon delivery, it’s advisable not to sign the papers till you are satisfied that the mattress that was delivered is what you ordered for.

Warranties and return policy

Englander extends varying warranties only to people who buy their mattresses from authorized retailers. These warranties come with lots of limitations and restrictions. Therefore, it pays to ask the sales person to explain it in detail.

Most Englander mattresses have under a 10-year warranty and can either be prorated or non-prorated. Some warranties may also have prorated and non-prorated periods.

Prorated warranty– this warranty means that the value of compensation goes down as time goes by.

Non-prorated warranty– you are entitled to a full compensation value until the end of the warranty.

Most of these warranties only cover any 1-3/4’’ (or more) indentations or sagging that is caused by manufacturer defects.

Any indentations that are not 1-3/4’’ deep are not covered. Damage such as cuts, tears, and burns due to owner misuse will void the warranty too.

If your warranty claim goes through, you’ll have to pay for freight charges or transport the mattress by your own means to the nearest Englander factory.

In the event you want to return your bed set, Englander advises you to contact the 3rd party retail store where you bought the mattress first. But in case the store is no longer in business, you could contact the Englander World Headquarters through the contacts on their website.


Top Englander Mattresses Reviews

Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress

The Englander Finale 10’’ Innerspring mattress is a revamped version of the Brentwood Finale 10’’. It features a plush layer at the top, Certipur-us certified foam at the middle, and a 3-zone support system made up of individually wrapped spring coils.

On a 1-10 (softest-to-firmest) number scale, the Englander would score 3 which is a bit on the softer side. This makes the Englander Finale 10 an ideal choice for those who prefer a softer but supportive bed. Heavy people may sink into the mattress. So, you might want to check elsewhere.

The spring system in this mattress does 2 things; it offers continuous support and improves the air circulation around you. The advantage here is that you may be sleeping a little bit cooler.


  • Has no smells
  • Affordable
  • Great for people who love soft mattresses


  • Does not last long (may start sagging after the first year)
  • Very short warranty (1 year)
  • Has minimal edge support


Englander Intrigue 7’’ Quilted Innerspring Mattress

You might want to go with this 7-inch Englander Intrigue if you are looking for an affordable bed set for your guests’ room.

Its support system consists of a 13.5-gauge tempered steel spring coils. It may last you a couple of years if you won’t subject it to regular usage. The top layer is a padded upholstery layer that gives this mattress a soft and soothing feel.

One thing that stands out from the reviews is its great bounce and soft to medium firmness. Consequently, it may be your go-to model if you love sleeping on a bouncy, plush mattress.

But I said before, this mattress will only make a good buy if you don’t plan to use it daily. Most buyers report that the springs start showing after only a few months.

If you want a reliable innerspring mattress, I would advise you to add a few bucks and get the Linenspa 8-inch memory foam innerspring hybrid mattress. It has a great build and hundred folds durable than the Englander Intrigue 7.’’


  • Very affordable
  • Bouncy
  • Light to maneuver


  • Does not last long
  • Very short warranty
  • Hard to return


Englander Bodiform 7521 Memory Foam Mattresses

The Englander Bodiform 7521 Memory Foam mattress comes in 2 sizes; king and queen. It has a navy and cream full wrap that does not come out. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a cover to protect it from stains.

This mattress features a high-density memory foam base measuring 5.5 inches and a gel top layer measuring 2 inches.

In my opinion, this is a great combination for a mattress that offers comfort while allowing you to sleep a little bit cooler.

However, this will only depend on its firmness level which Englander has chosen to withhold for reasons unknown to us. Again, this mattress costs a pretty penny but there is no information about warranty and return policy.

With that, I would advise you to consider other models including the Lucid 10-inch Gel-infused memory foam mattress. It is way cheaper than the Bodiform and has excellent support for your body’s natural curves.