Casper Pillow Review

Every time I see a pillow which promises to be suitable for any sleeping position I look twice. One such pillow is the Caper Pillow, which is the subject of this review. After considering all the features of this product, I’ve decided that a rating of 4 is suitable for it.

To start off this review I looked at the pillow’s pros and cons so that you could get an idea whether there are any issues with it which are non-negotiable for you and also to help you determine if it has the features which are the most important for you.


  • Bounces back into shape easily
  • No need for fluffing as pillow regains shape automatically
  • Suitable for different sleeping positions
  • Dries quickly after washing
  • Fiber filling doesn’t clump and lump
  • Two pillows in one allow you to use the inner pillow only


  • Too thick
  • Inside pillow is too firm
  • Expensive

Still reading? I’m sure you see some potential in this pillow. So let’s look at the primary features of the pillow. I’ll end this review by looking at some products in the market which you can compare with, just in case you don’t quite like what you see.


One of the features that make the Casper pillow different from any of the others you may have already tried is that it seeks to balance two factors that are important in a pillow: soft and supportive. The idea is that you should never have to compromise one in order to have the other.

To achieve this, the manufacturers developed what they call a unique pillow-in-pillow design. This comprises an inner pillow that provides support and an outer one that gives you the feeling that your head is resting on fluff.

According to the manufacturers of this pillow, the inner pillow contains almost a billion coated fibers. These fibers are the reason why the pillow feels like it’s filled with liquid. This is a feature I believe will appeal to you if you want a pillow that responds to your movements when you are sleeping.

If you’re also worried that your pillows eventually clump. like many others in the market, the manufacturers of the Caper pillow promise that the advanced process used in manufacturing this pillow blows each fiber cluster individually into the cover. This feature makes the pillow bounce back easily on its own; ensuring it maintains its loft.

The Casper pillow is designed and assembled in the United States. If you want products manufacturer in countries where you can be sure that the people who make your stuff work under proper conditions, this is your pillow. However, the manufacturers also indicate that the pillow’s components come from China and Korea. This leaves us not sure exactly whether this pillow is truly manufactured in the US or this is just a promise made to trick customers into thinking that this is a product manufactured in the US.

This pillow,measuring 18” x 26” in standard and 18” x 34” in king size, has a cover made from 100% cotton, with a polyester fabric lining and polyester microfiber fill.

You can also decide whether you want to use the whole pillow or you just want the inner pillow; possibly if you want to sleep on your back or stomach. However, when used on its own, the inner pillow tends to be rather too firm and uncomfortable.



To get an idea of how durable a product is, we often look at the guarantees it comes with. So, I checked what the Caper promise is and discovered that it comes with a three-year limited warranty. What this means is that if in the first three years pillow does not live up to the manufacturer’s promise you can return it and have it replaced. Three years is quite a generous period and this tells us that the pillow is durable.

Another feature which makes me believe that this is a durable pillow is its ability to bounce back. It’s also different from other pillows in that it doesn’t start clumping with regular use.


The Casper pillow is a suitable product for someone looking for a comparatively affordable product that offers good support for the neck and head. Owing to its design with a firmer inner pillow and an outer one which is softer, it provides good support without being too firm.

Another feature which makes the Caper pillow a good choice for you if you value support is that fact that it springs back into shape as soon as you remove pressure from it.

A careful inspection of this pillow, however, tells me that it may not be the best solution for someone with broad shoulders. It is rather flat. Anyone with broad shoulders on this pillow is likely to end up sleeping with their head tilted low.

Neck Pain Relief    

For a pillow to offer desired neck relief, it needs to have the ability not only to offer a loft that’s consistent but also an ability to retain its shape; otherwise, it flattens with regular use. For the Casper pillow, the gusset forms the core of the pillow’s construction, ensuring that it maintains its shape and continues to provide the neck with an alignment that delivers a comfortable sleep.

The gusset also ensures that the pillow maintains its shape and the fill is distributed evenly which results in good alignment between the neck and the spine.

No Noise

If you don’t like a pillow that makes noise, then the Casper pillow will not be very suitable for you. It looks like both the cover and inner parts of the pillow make noise when you shift. Even though this is not the kind of noise that can keep anyone awake all night long, it could still be irritating if you want total silence. So if you are a light sleeper you may want to look at the other pillows I’ve compared to this one later in this review.

No Odor

Even though the Casper pillow is filled with synthetic fiber, it comes with almost no odor. Of course, like any manufacturer product, there will be a slight smell when still new but it is certainly not that chemical smell that could literally keep you awake or irritate your nasal passage that badly.

Not Hot         

The one hundred percent cotton from which the outer part of this pillow is constructed is the reason why it sleeps cool. The cover’s breathable percale weave allows good circulation of air. The air circulation is increased by the inner fibers which have open spaces between them. What this means is that you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn the pillow around to sleep on the cooler side.

Reduces Snoring

The manufacturers of the Casper pillow say very little about its abilities to alleviate snoring. So, I looked to its qualities in order to get an idea if this pillow will help in that regard. Considering that it doesn’t totally collapse under your head, I concluded that it has the ability to keep your nasal passages properly aligned. It keeps your head and neck raise to the right level when you are sleeping. Hence, it will help reduce snoring.

Product Comparison

If for any reason the Casper pillow fails to meet your requirements, I’ve taken some time to look for other products in the market that you can compare with.

The products I compared the Casper Pillow with include the following;

Good Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

REM-Fit Smart Pillow

VS Good Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow

The major difference between the Casper pillow and the Good Home Goods pillow is that they are designed in a different way. Where the Caper pillow comes with two pillows in one, the Good Home Goods pillow allows you to adjust the loft. So, if you don’t like the one-size-fits-all approach of the Casper pillow, you would prefer the Good Home Goods Memory foam one.

Another huge difference between the two is that the Casper pillow comes way more expensive. Hence, if you are working on a tight budget, your best choice will be the Good Home Goods pillows.

With regards to keeping your pillow clean. Both the pillows have removable covers that you can wash in the machine.

These two pillows also come with different types of filling, the Home Goods one is stuffed with memory foam while the Casper pillow is stuffed with polyester microfiber. Both these materials can easily bounce back into shape after use.

If I had my choice between the two, I would go with the Good Home Goods Memory Foam Pillow because I always prefer more affordable. I also like this particular pillow because it comes with a zippered cover that allows you to either add or remove the stuffing material to get the firmness of your choice.

VS iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

The iSense Sleep SMART Pillow looks just like the Casper pillow when you are looking at it from the outside. It doesn’t, however, have the two-in-one design.

What makes these two pillows comparable to each other is that both of them are quite expensive when compared to others in the same class. The iSense pillow comes as the more expensive between the two.

The iSense pillow is a suitable product for someone who is really into technology. Among some of the leading features in this pillow is integrated sleep tracking with a mobile application. This sleep tracker is installed into a pocket inside the pillow. It provides details about your heart rate, sleep cycles, respiratory rate and gives you an idea of your overall sleep score.

The iSense pillow also allows you to adjust the height of your pillow by either removing or adding foam. This makes it a suitable pillow for sleeping in different positions. This is a feature which is not available in the Casper pillow as you don’t have the capacity to lift or increase the height except by removing the outer part and only using the inner one.

Given a choice, I would certainly go with the iSense Sleep SMART Pillow because I find all that technology intriguing. I love the extra benefit of knowing my heart rate and respiratory rate as these two could possibly alert me if there is anything wrong with my health.

VS REM-Fit Smart Pillow

In my comparison, I wanted to find a pillow within the same class and price range that specifically targeted snoring as I indicated at the beginning of this review that the makers of the Casper pillow don’t seem to emphasize this point in their own pillow. I found the REM-Fit pillow which is specifically aimed at someone who wants to address snoring.

The REM-Fit pillow detects when you snore and vibrates gently to change the position in which you are sleeping without the need for you to wake up. Of course, it’s debatable how well a pillow can adjust your position without waking you up but I still found this feature quite intriguing. I wouldn’t mind waking up to sleep in a proper position if my current position was making me snore. At least it’s better than having to wake up when nudged by my partner’s elbow.

The difference between the Casper Pillow and the REM-fit pillow is that the latter comes with a sleep tracker that gives you an idea of the quality of sleep you are having. It’s connected to a smartphone app. It’s also got an alarm clock that will wake you up based on the best time suiting your sleep cycle; that’s if you have the luxury to wake up anytime you want.

If you ask me which among these two pillows I would go with, my choice will be the REM-Fit. It’s more expensive but I like the technology it comes with. I would also like to get an idea of the quality of sleep I’m getting every night.