Brooklyn Bedding BestMattressEver

Brooklyn Bedding BestMattressEver is an American high-quality inexpensive product made from Talalay Latex, Dunlop Latex and HD Polyurethane Foam. This product is perfect for you if innerspring mattresses irritate you with their weight and firmness. It must become yours when you love bouncing beds and enjoy simple comfy beds. You must choose it, when you need a budget variant of a mattress, but care about the product durability also. Pick it also if you prefer buying things from good reputed companies – Brooklyn Bedding has been working since 1995.


The total mattress sickness is 10 inches, and it is made from 3 different layers. Its top layer is 2” Talalay latex, giving the mattress great consistency, creating responsible cooling. The medium layer is 2” thick Dunlop latex, adding the bed durability and response. The base 6” layer is made from HD Polyurethane Foam, providing the mattress good decompression support. The soft quilted cover is sewn from polyester and cotton.


Most mattresses’ buyers mark its small price. The cheapest Twin model costs $450. The customers love also the low weight of the unit, as no metal coils are used there. The possibility to choose any of its 3 models with different firmness is a plus also. The mattress trial lasts 120 days, and it is the longest one test period offered on the market.


Some customers find this mattress too much firm for the product that has latex layers in its construction. Firm and Medium Firm models gave back pains for certain buyers. Many mattress users call them “too hard”, hot and with no push feeling the other beds have. Side sleepers criticize the mattress more than other customers.

Comfort / Firmness

Although the company offers its customers picking any of 3 levels of the unit’s firmness, many buyers find even the Medium Firm model too hard. Soft models are criticized less, thus when you need a latex feeling, pick exactly this option. Back and stomach sleepers feel 100% comfort with all the offered models.

Motion isolation

Sinkage and motion transfer tests of the mattress showed that in sitting position you “sink” inside the bed surface for 3 inches. Lying on your back or on your side, you will “sink” inside the mattress for approximately 1-2” (depends on your weight). Standing on its top, you get 5” sinkage. Motion isolation is marked as “very little” and its edge support is rated as an average one. Latex minimizes your movements on the bed.


The long company experience and thousands of mattresses’ tests showed high durability of this product. Its lifespan lasts even longer than the life of more expensive mattresses. The product can be used for over ten years.

Smell / off gassing

Unpacking the mattress, you will feel some special smell coming from Talalay latex. It must not scare you, as it is a usual feature of all latex-made things. The odor will be vanished in several days, just fasten the process, airing your sleeping room.

Does it hot to sleep on?

Consumers affirm that the presence of 2 latex layers gives the mattress user comfortable feeling when he rests on the bed. The foam adds the bed more breathability. Meanwhile, certain customers complain that they heel hot sleeping on it. They suppose, polyester, used for the mattress cover can cause this feeling.

It the mattress toxic?

This mattress is a CertiPUR-US certified product. This means that it is manufactured only from non-toxic eco-friendly materials. No Formaldehyde, lead, mercury of other heavy metals were used in its production. The mattress materials cannot cause any allergy. They do not emit harmful evaporation as well.

Bed bugs and dust mites

When you purchase this mattress, you automatically get the warranty your bed will never have any dust mites or bed bugs. The product materials (different latex layers and Polyurethane Foam) will never attract insects. They cannot simply live in this bed. You can protect the mattress additionally, buying for it 100% cotton washable cover.


Brooklyn Bedding BestMattressEver products do not require a special foundation. Some buyers even use the mattresses placing them directly on the floor. Certainly, you must always protect the bed from moisture. Thus, if you put it at any support system matching your chosen mattress size, it will make its lifespan longer.

Warranty and return policies

Buying the mattress, each customer gets 10 years warranty for it. It covers the mattress defects of 1 inch size and over. Additionally buyers get 120 night trial. The company will return the customer 100% money paid for the mattress, when he uses the unit not less than thirty days.

Company reputation

Brooklyn Bedding has been working on the market over 22 years. During this time, it has got the reputation of the company that provides buyers with inexpensive good-quality, non-toxic bedding stuff. The company is known for its fast free delivery service and great return policies.

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