Best White Noise Machine for Baby

Thanks to white noise machines, parents can have their share of relaxing nights where their babies can fall and stay asleep.

This article helps you choose the best 5 white noise machines for your baby.

  • Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light & Shusher Sound Machine
  • Pictek White Noise Machine
  • SoundBub White Noise Machine and Bluetooth Speaker
  • Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother
  • Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother with Nature Sounds, White Noise and Lullabies

 Get to know more about white noise machines for baby

Sleep can be quite elusive to parents of newborn babies. As babies are still trying to adjust to the outside environment, most parents spend their nights helplessly rocking their babies to sleep.

According to Merriam Webster, white noise is a heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a wide frequency range. In other words, it’s a combination of high pitches and low pitches sounds and everything that’s in between. This combination of sounds masks other sounds that naturally occur in your surroundings.

For example, if you live in the heart of a busy city, white noise drowns out noises from the traffic, crowd, etc.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) conducted a study in 2014 which involved 2 groups of between 2 and 7 days old babies. 80% of the respondents have fallen asleep within 5 minutes in response to white noise while 25% have fallen asleep spontaneously in the control group.  This study has shown that white noise may be effective in helping babies put to sleep.

What Are the Benefits of white noise machine for baby?

All babies love white noise. Why is that so? A mother’s womb is deafeningly loud while the life outside the womb is uncomfortably quiet.

All babies should have white noise, especially when they sleep, until they reach the age of 1. White noise sounds like home for them.

Using white noise machines is one of the easiest and most effective way of putting your newborn to sleep, and making them stay asleep.

Below are some of the ways how white noise is helpful for your baby.

  1. It reduces baby’s stress

Babies get stressed about almost everything. The outside world can be overwhelming for them, even the faintest light could overstimulate them. White noise reduces their stress by creating a safe space for your little ones that block out stimulants.

  1. It helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

Most babies nap for only 20 minutes. Do you wonder why is that so? This is because babies have 20-45 minutes sleep arousal. When your baby hits his 20-minute sleep arousal, he can’t go back to sleep anymore hence his naptime is over.  White noise blocks out outside noise such as television, older siblings, etc which helps in getting longer and more restorative naps.

  1. It helps babies cry less

Shushing is a universal white noise that we make to calm babies when they are crying. To make this work, the shush needs to be louder than the baby’s cry. Sustaining this can be challenging, hence white noise machine provides an effective alternative.

  1. It reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDs)

A study published today in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shows that risk of SID is significantly reduced if there is a fan in the baby’s room. It is believed that the white noise made by the fan reduces active sleep, a state of sleep where most SIDs occur.

What are the possible disadvantages?

White noise does not offer risk-free peace and quiet despite its potential benefits. A study conducted by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in 2014 found that 14 white noise machines designed for infants are exceeding the recommended noise limits.

It is recommended that you should place the white noise machine at least 7 feet away from your baby’s crib and lower down the volume of the machine

Aside from hearing problems, white noise may increase the risk of speech and language development.

Though white noise can put babies to sleep faster, they can also become overly reliant to it. This could pose a problem when you are in a situation where white noise machine is not available.

How to Effectively Use the White Noise Machine?

Follow these tips to effectively put your baby to sleep using the white noise machine.

  • Use the machine on the lowest volume possible by turning on the machine all the way down.
  • Never put the machine inside the crib. Items put inside the crib such as pillow, stuffed toys, etc are potentially dangerous and may cause suffocation.
  • Every baby has different reactions to different tones. Play with the sounds a bit until you find one that your baby loves.

What to Look for When Choosing your White Noise Machine?

  • How is it powered? – White noise machines are either powered through USB plug, wall socket or by batteries. While battery powered ones are portable and convenient, they can be costly.
  • Does it come with a remote control? Some machines have remote control where you can conveniently turn it off once your baby has fallen asleep without entering her room.
  • What kinds of sound it makes? Some commonly generated sounds of white noise machine are Nursery melody, heartbeat, Ambient nature sounds and animal sounds.

Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light & Shusher Sound Machine

This ultimate baby whisperer for fuzzy babies comes in a cute appearance: owl.

Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl has 10 lovely lullabys that your baby may enjoy. The songs include: Brahms Lullaby, Minuet, Baa Baa Black sheep, Are You Sleeping, American Patrol, Home Sweet Home, Oh My Darling, Mary has a Little Lamb, Hush Little Baby and London Bridge is Falling Down.  These songs don’t just help your babies in falling asleep but it can also help soothe your fuzzy babies.

This product also includes a soft LED night lights, your baby may enjoy the starry night sky constellation that this machine projects.

It’s also easy to operate. If this is the first time that you’re using Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl, simply remove the plastic projector from the owl’s stomach. Then insert the AAA batteries into the battery compartment and your baby can now enjoy the sounds and sights of this magnificent owl. The batteries are already included in your purchase.

Since it’s battery-operated, this white noise machine is portable. You can take it anywhere you go as it is perfect for walks in the stroller, car rides and even on photo-shoot. It’s also hand washable so you can conveniently clean it when it gets dirty.

On the downfall, the machine automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save batteries. Your baby may not like it when she hasn’t fallen to sleep yet. There’s only one button to change the song so you may have to click several times until you have the song that you like.

Pictek White Noise Sound Machine

This natural sleep aid does not only soothe infants but also help adult in getting quality sleep. You can leave the Pictek white noise machine overnight or you can make use of the optional timer which you can set for 30 or 60 minutes. Since this runs overnight, you’re saved from the trouble of having to get up and set the machine back up when it automatically turns off.

It is USB and battery operated. The USB cable which is included in your purchase can be used with USB power outlet, adapter, USB auto adapter or laptop/computer USB port. You can also use 4 AA batteries which is unfortunately not included in your purchase.

It comes with 8 working modes: White noise, New York Morning, Zoo sound, Home appliance, Matrix, Hawaii wave, London storm and Tokyo temple rain. It includes 24 high fidelity natural sounds that masks outside noises to help you and your baby get better sleep.

It is also small and lightweight so it’s ideal for traveling. Pictek white noise sound machine is also guaranteed safe to use as it is fire-resistant, non-toxic and odor-free environmental material to use safely.

Though this machine comes with 24 natural sounds, these sounds are on loop and last for only several seconds.

SoundBub White Noise Machine and Bluetooth Speaker

The SoundBub by WavHello is multi-functional that works as a white noise machine and Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker. It is designed to provide aid for parents not just in soothing their little ones and putting them to sleep but also as a fun companion for your precious one.

Help your baby go to dreamland by simply pressing the bellybutton of SoundBub. You can select the built-in white noise selections or you may take advantage of the additional 12 white noise sounds that are available in the VoiceShare app. You don’t have to pay extra for these additional sounds as it is free with your purchase of SoundBub White Noise Machine and Bluetooth Speaker. You can also connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device and play the music that your kids already love.

SoundBub also includes 30, 60 and 90 minutes timer, as well as continuous play option. It’s a convenient way of managing the sleeping pattern of your baby and keeps them asleep longer. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can conveniently bring it wherever you go. It has a versatile folding handle that works as a clip or a stand; you can simply clip it into your carrier or hang it on your baby’s stroller.

Though SoundBub is portable and rechargeable, it only comes with 2 preloaded white noise sounds, Malibu Beach and Montana Rain. Another downfall is that Bluetooth connection needs to have the connected device on a short range.

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother

Get your well-deserved rest as your kids are put to peaceful sleep with the help of Slumber Buddies by Summer Infant.

Soothe and relax your newborn babies and easily put them to sleep by playing these included soothing sounds: Hush little baby, Brahm’s Lullaby, Babbling Brook, Frolic Rhodes and Heart Beats. Drown the outside noise and provide a relaxing environment for your little ones with the use of this white noise machine. It comes with 3 levels of volume control and 15, 30 or 45 minute timer that you can select from.

Do you have older children that are afraid of the dark? Slumber buddies projects a calming starry sky on four display options: green, blue, amber and rotating light show. Collect these plush buddies: Laura the Lamb, Eddie the Elephant, Bella the Butterfly, Dozing Hippo and Betty the Bee.

The quality of the sounds though may not be that good as it can sometimes be loud and static. Since it only comes with 3 volume level control, it may be hard to find the perfect sound volume for your baby. The lights may also appear super bright and your little one may find it hard adjusting their eyes from one color to another.

Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother

This white noise machine for baby is perfect to be used at home or on-the-go.

It comes with four pre-loaded natural sounds: heartbeat, white noise, rain and waves. It also includes two pre-loaded lullabies: Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Brahms’ Lullaby which are soothing for your baby’s ears.

You can use the 15, 30 or 45 minutes sleep timer or put it on constant-on, saves you the trouble of having to get up and manually turn the device when your baby is already asleep. The buttons are also glow in the dark so you can easily access it in the dark. It’s made of rugged plastic housing so it’s sturdy.

This product is also perfect for moms who are always on-the-go. It has a flexible clip so you can easily attach it to your bag or your baby’s stroller.

It operates on 3 AAA batteries which you need to purchase separately as it’s not included.


Amongst these 5 best white noise machines for baby, SoundBub White Noise Machine and Bluetooth Speaker top the rank for me.

It is multi-functional. This does not only work as a white noise machine but it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker too. It looks cute and comes in a soft, padded fabric cover. It can work as your kid’s toy since it is soft and is made of chew-safe materials.

This product is perfect for parents who are fun and always on the go. Since it is portable, you can conveniently bring it wherever you go. Simply hang it on your baby’s stroller while you are having a walk in the park. You don’t have to spend money on battery replacement as SoundBub recharges through an included microUSB.