Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, I can bet that you’ve been advised before that this sleeping position increases your risk for snoring. I would like to differ and rather say, sleeping on your back with the wrong pillow increases your risk of snoring and can lead you to wake up feeling fatigued as if you didn’t rest. That’s the reason why, today, I decided to help you select the best pillow for this sleeping position.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

Before we look at the best 10 pillows I could find in the market, let’s look at a few things you may need to keep in mind. The following questions may help you consider the best pillow for this sleeping position:

  • Do you prefer a soft or firm surface?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Are you looking for natural or synthetic filling for your pillow?
  • Do you have a medical condition you want to alleviate?
  • Do you want an adjustable pillow?
  • What kind of guarantees do you expect?

Best 10 Pillows for Back Sleepers

Natures Guest- The Doctor Recommended Adjustable Design

This Nature Guest Pillow’s contoured design is suitable for you if you want to reduce neck pain as it provides the desired cervical support to maintain the spine, neck, and head in proper alignment when you are sleeping on your back.

One of the main reasons why we have this pillow in this list is because it is fully adjustable, meaning that you can either add or remove the pillow filling to eventually end up with the height and firmness suitable for you. This feature also makes this pillow suitable for you if you shift from back to side sleeping.

This type of cervical pillow is not the same as your regular pillow and will therefore not be suitable for you if soft and fluffy is what you’re looking for in a pillow. Also, this is not the pillow for you if you are looking for something which is thick and comes with a high loft.


  • Allows for an easy shift from back to side sleeping
  • Allows you to adjust the filling
  • Made from hypoallergenic material


  • Too firm if you want a soft pillow
  • Dense and heavy
  • Loses loft over time

CustomSleeping Bamboo Pillow- Best Eco-Friendly Pillow

The CustomSleeping Bamboo Pillow is filled with CertiPUR-US Certified memory Foam with cluster gel fiber. This makes it suitable for a back sleeper who also wants to sleep cool. The bamboo cover makes it also suitable for you if you are looking for a pillow which is hypoallergenic.

This US manufactured pillow is designed to mold to the shape of your head and neck and relieve any pressure sports when you’re sleeping on your back.

This pillow is designed to alleviate the challenge of typical bed pillows that either use 100% polyester fibers in order to be fluffy while compromising support, or use 100% memory foam and leave the pillow too firm and heavy. It achieves this by cutting the memory foam into bits which are then turned into cluster balls by the gel fibers which allows for good airflow; making it sleep cool.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam ensures pillow is healthy
  • Sleeps cool
  • Lifetime warranty on factory defects


  • Goes flat much faster
  • No inner case to hold the foam when you remove the cover for washing

Jiaao Memory Foam Pillow- Best for Relief of Neck Pain

If you’re a back sleeper who sometimes suffers from neck pain, you may want to try the Jiaao Memory Foam Pillow. It’s designed to provide support for the shoulders, neck, and head to ensure that your head does not feel pain when you wake up in the morning.

This pillow is different from the other pillows in the market because it comes with a unique wave surface which seeks to ensure good air circulation ensuring that you sleep cool right through the night.

The foam which is used to fill the Jiaao is CertiPUR-US certified; meaning that it’s safe for both your health and in terms of protecting the environment. The memory foam filling molds to the contours of the upper body and distributes stress in a manner which ensures that pressure is not concentrated on a single part of the body.


  • The filling is hypoallergenic and free from toxic chemicals
  • Removable outer cover for washing
  • Sleeps cool
  • Five-year warranty


  • Too form if you want a softer pillow

Bluewave Bedding Infused Memory Pillow- Best Choice for Slim Pillow

What makes the Bluewave pillow the best for back sleepers is its extremely low profile; 2.5 to 2.75 inches thick. This also makes it a great pillow if you shift between sleeping on your back and stomach. The sleeping surface is flat on one of the sides and rounded on the other.

This pillow is different from your ordinary memory foam ones which can sleep hot. The infused gel regulates the temperature and keeps them cool. This is accompanied by ventilation holes that allow for better air circulation.

The Bluewave pillow comes with a removable cover which you can easily wash. The material from which this cover is made is also designed to wick away moisture naturally from the skin while also resisting odors.


  • Sleeps cool
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam ensures pillow is healthy
  • The inner cover keeps filling in place when you wash the outer cover


  • Has a chemical smell when still new
  • Too firm for someone who wants a softer pillow

eLuxurySupply- Best Non-Allergic Pillow

According to the manufacturers of the Dacron Memorelle Bed Pillow, this pillow comes with smart technology that always thinks for itself. By this, they mean that the pillow conforms easily to your head and neck movements. The pillow returns its loft as you move during sleep.

If you find memory form rather heavy, expensive and often sleeps hot, this Dacron Memorelle could be your solution.

If you alternate between sleeping on your back and side, this pillow will work for you because it is neither too high nor too low.


  • Fully washable and non-allergenic
  • Soft but still durable
  • Sleeps cool


  • Not adjustable

Hapnose Cotton Memory Foam Pillow- Best Adjustable Pillow

The viscoelastic memory foam used in filling this pillow makes it the right product for you if you prefer a pillow that’s fluffy and provides both comfort and good ventilation. This ensures reduced heat build up so that you sleep cool. It solves a challenge often noted in other memory foam pillows that require you to flip them around during the night in order to sleep on the cooler side.

The pillowcase, made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, is fully washable. Cotton permits for good air ventilation allowing the pillow to sleep cool on a hot night. This breathable cover also ensures that moisture doesn’t accumulate to cause you discomfort on the side which is in contact with the pillow.

What makes this pillow a good choice for side sleepers is that shredded memory foam can easily be molded and maneuvered into the shape that’s most comfortable for you. This is also a feature that makes the pillow suitable for you if you alternate between sleeping on your back and stomach.


  • Removable outer cover for easy washing
  • Soft and flexible


  • Chemical odor when the pillow is still new
  • Memory foam blocks are uneven making it lumpy

Beautyrest- Best Choice for Extra Firm

As the name suggests, the Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillow will be suitable for you if are looking for a pillow that’s extra firm. It is also a good choice is you alternate between sleeping on your back and on the side.

A careful look at this US manufactured pillow shows that the manufacturer wanted to create a product for someone looking for a luxury product. The NaturesLoft fiberfill is enclosed in a 100% cotton fabric with the aim of giving the pillow a good level of softness and comfort.

If you are a buyer who cares were the products you buy are manufactured, you may like the fact that this pillow is manufactured in the United States. Apart from having a good reputation in terms of quality, you will also know that the employees who manufacturer your products work under relatively good conditions in the US.


  • Cover manufactured in Egyptian cotton making it very soft
  • Sleeps cool


  • Become softer after continued use

Sleep Innovations- Best Choice for Durability

Any manufacturer confident enough to give a 5-year warranty on a product like the makers of the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow have done is indicating that the product is durable.

This US manufactured memory foam pillow will be a suitable product for you if you value softness on the pillow cover.

You would want to go with this pillow if you appreciate the fact that memory form can easily hold its loft to keep your neck and head properly aligned. This is the alignment which provides the comfort you require to sleep longer and wake up feeling that you got the rest you need. It’s also a good product if you are looking for a solution to relieve pressure points in certain parts of the body.

The one thing you may not quite like about this pillow is the strong chemical smell. However, this is a difficult challenge to surmount if you consider that most products manufactured from a synthetic material will often come with this odor.


  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for both back and side sleepers
  • Removable cover for washing


  • Unpleasant odor
  • Seems to disintegrate after washing a few times

Exquisite Hotel King Size Bed Pillows- Best Choice for Hypoallergenic

The Exquisite Hotel King Size Bed Pillows would be most suitable for you if you like two things on a pillow: sleeping cool and hypoallergenic. To remain cool throughout the night, these pillows are filled with gel-fiber. This fiber allows for air to circulate freely; not only ensuring you sleep cool but also dry.

According to the manufacturers of this pillow, it is designed to deliver a comfortable and healthy sleep through alleviating conditions such as neck and back pain, sciatica, and arthritis among others.

This is also the best choice for you if you suffer from particular allergies which can cause allergic rhinitis, asthma, or skin rashes. The pillow is designed to prevent particles of dust accumulating and contains no feathers or any other such allergens.

If your idea of a pillow is one that is quite firm, this will certainly not be the right pillow for you as it tends to be rather too soft.


  • Maintains loft well
  • Sleeps cool
  • Affordable


  • Too soft for someone who wants a firm pillow

Elite Rest- Best Choice for Thinnest Pillow

If your idea of a pillow for the back sleeper is the thinnest pillow that can be found, the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow will be your best choice. This pillow takes a half pillow design with one side being flat and the taking a rounded pillow shape.

This pillow is different from the others in the market in that it is so thin you may as well be sleeping without one. This is a suitable pillow for you if you want your head to be almost at the same level with the mattress. It could also be a great choice for someone who sleeps with their arm under the pillow.

Apart from being extra thin, this pillow is filled with memory foam that allows your head to sink in so that it gets even closer to the mattress.

This is certainly a different pillow from anything you have ever seen and will not be suitable for you if you are just looking for low profile but normal pillow.


  • Comfortable with an arm under the pillow
  • Portable


  • Sleeps hot
  • Too costly

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Like anything else you will ever buy, your back sleeping pillow is something that will require you to do your homework before you eventually select one; otherwise, you will keep piling the wrong ones up and wasting time returning them.

Sleeping on your back is usually associated with snoring because this position pushes the tongue back into the throat.

Sleeping on your back is associated with a spinal code that remains in a neutral position and protects the skin from friction and wrinkles. It is also the best position for someone who suffers from acid reflux. However, in order to enjoy all these benefits, you are going to need the right pillow for this sleeping position.

Taking the time to consider the criteria for selecting the right pillow for side sleepers will ensure you get one that is neither too firm nor too soft so that it provides the required support without forcing your head to tilt too high or too low. The pillow should maintain the neck’s natural curve.

Pillow filling

There are different pillow filling materials you can select from. Some of the good pillow filling materials for back sleepers include down, latex, shredded memory foam, buckwheat hull, and synthetic fill.

It’s important to select the right filling material for your pillow because this is what defines its characteristics. The type of filling material and the quantity used determines how unique and appropriate for your needs the pillow is. It’s the reason why some pillows are soft or firm, high or low, malleable and also why they offer varying levels of support.

No single filling material is suitable for all people. Every one of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, a certain material could be good for your partner but cause problems for you.


Down refers to the feathers that form the undercoating of a bird’s cover. This is the best material for you if you believe that your pillow should be fluffy and soft.

The main advantage of down is that it holds its loft better than its synthetic alternatives. This is a good quality for a back sleeper in that it does not continuously lose its loft to the extent that you end up having your head tilted too low. For this reason, this is your best bet if you are looking for a pillow that delivers great support for both the head and neck. It’s also lightweight.

With regards to drawbacks, this pillow tends to retain heat which can make the pillow feel uncomfortable and warm in summer. This disadvantage can become an advantage in winter as it can help you retain the heat to keep you warm through a cold night. To prevent down from flattening out over time, you will need to constantly fluff it.

You would want to avoid downl if you want a pillow that’s easy to wash. It’s known for being expensive and hence may not be a suitable choice if you are looking for an affordable pillow.

Down is also not a very suitable solution for someone who doesn’t want a pillow that’s on the softer side. Its softness could lead to support that’s inconsistent and could leave your head tilted too low.

Shredded Latex

As a filling material, latex is becoming popular for its ability to deliver superior support for the head and neck while remaining soft. When shredded, latex becomes malleable. This feature is good for a pillow for back sleepers in that it allows you to move the filling to where you need it. If there is too much at the center, you can easily move it to the sides and create a cradle for your head.

When buying pillows filled with latex, you will need to take care because manufacturers tend to label their pillows as natural latex when they actually mean that there is a proportion of natural latex within the synthetic blend. If you’re really looking for natural latex, you will have to insist on a pillow filling which says 100% natural latex.

While the softness of latex can be appreciated by some, it can actually be a disadvantage for those who want a pillow that’s firmer.

In its natural form latex is generally expensive and may therefore not be suitable for someone working within a tight budget. Stay away from a pillow made from latex if you don’t like rubbery odor.

Shredded Memory Foam

Polyurethane and numerous other chemicals are used in the manufacture of memory foam. As the name suggests, shredded memory foam is memory foam that’s been shredded into numerous pieces. This makes the pillow flexible. As a head sleeper, you can easily shift the foam to the two ends of the pillow and create a cradle for your head in the middle.

Shredded memory foam is a good material if you want a pillow which allows air to circulate freely between the numerous tiny pieces. It’s the right choice for you if you like the support capabilities offered by memory foam in general.

As most other manufactured filling materials, shredded memory foam can come with a chemical smell. If you are sensitive to chemical smells, this may not be the right pillow for you. However, this smell generally seems to go away with time.

Another main issue with shredded memory foam is that it can become too thick when exposed to the heat generated by the body. This could result in support that’s not consistent and can, therefore, leave your head tilted too low.

Buckwheat Hull

The main advantage of buckwheat hulls is that they are breathable and malleable. This makes them a great pillow fill for a back sleeper in that you can either push more of them to the center to increase loft or push them to the sides to create a cradle for your head to rest inside. If you get a pillow with a zippered cover, you can either add hulls or remove them to create just the right height for you.

Buckwheat hulls are good filling materials for a summer pillow and for those who live in areas that are generally hot. They are breathable and keep the pillow cool for the whole night. This is a great filling material for you if you are tired of waking up in the night to flip your pillow around.

This is the right material for someone looking for a pillow that is environmentally friendly. It also holds its shape well and is known for being durable.

If you want a pillow that doesn’t make any noise at all during the night, we will advise you to stay away from pillows filled with this material. It also happens to be firm and hence will not be suitable for you if you are looking for a softer pillow. As you may have guessed already, buckwheat hull is quite heavy.


Microbeads are a pillow filling material that’s sometimes referred to as uniform polymer particles. This is a filling material that’s suitable for you if you’re after a filling that has the same characteristics as buckwheat.

Microbeads are a good material for pillows because pillows made from them are malleable and you can decide where you want to concentrate most of them, either on the two sides of the pillow or evenly.

Like all other filling materials we have listed here, microbeads can have an offending chemical smell.  This filling material also losses volume much faster than the other filling materials you can choose from.


The character of a pillow can be dramatically changed by either adding or removing filling. Hence, you may want to look for a pillow which you can adjust, as we all know that there is no way you will sleep like a log in the same position all the time; you may be a back sleeper but discover that you have to sleep in another position because of an injury or another reason.

Having an adjustable pillow will ensure that you are able to increase or decrease the height according to your needs. For this reason, you may want to choose a pillow that has a zippered opening, which makes the pillow easy to wash as you can remove the cover and wash it separately.


Considering support is important because it determines how well your pillow is able to keep your head and neck in alignment which could could reduce the risk of snoring and a painful neck. Ensure that the pillow you select cushions the neck and keeps your airways open. Such a pillow doesn’t tilt your head either too low or too high.


Even though pillows are not designed to last forever, you still want to get a pillow that will last you a couple of years. Good pillows can last between three and five years before they need to be replaced. For back sleepers, durability is important because if the pillow fails to hold its shape for long, the head will start to tilt out of alignment and cause problems linked to sleeping with airwaves that are under pressure.


Buy now, we hope you are feeling more confident to start looking for a pillow that’s most suitable for you. Of course, it can be overwhelming to select a product from so many. This is the reason why I’ve decided to select one pillow from the ones I have reviewed above which I think is the winner among all of them.  Today, it’s the Natures Guest Cervical Support Pillow.

I go with the Natures Guest because I believe that a good pillow for back sleepers needs to be adjustable. This pillow achieves adjustability through its double zippered design that allows you full access to the pillow filling. You can customize its firmness according to your preferences. You are able to use the same pillow if you decide to shift and sleep on your side.