Best Nursing Pillow Picks for 2022

When breastfeeding, attaining the perfect latch is an art that most mothers have a problem mastering. The positioning has to be perfect. Some mothers might need some help in getting the baby in the perfect position for perfect, relaxed and pain free breastfeeding. A nursing pillow is the ultimate breastfeeding companion and will help you with the positioning of the baby and other benefits.

Nursing pillows help in alleviating back and shoulder pain, assist in milk flow, while you and the baby are comfortable and cozy. Seeing how important it is to you and your baby, you can’t afford to get the wrong nursing pillow.

What is a Nursing Pillow?

A nursing pillow is not like an ordinary pillow at home.  A nursing pillow gives a considerable measure of relief and support to your throbbing back during the late stages of pregnancy and post pregnancy.  They help in sitting, sleeping and more.

Bed pillows are by far and large too soft, that when you use them, your baby sinks down.  On the other hand, toss pillows are not as comfortable on your skin and their shapes do not support effective latching. The best nursing pillow is built to cuddle against your abs and it is sufficiently firm to keep your infant well positioned as he feeds.

When Do You Need a Nursing Pillow?

You need a nursing pillow during every feeding period, which can be up to 10times a day! However, when the baby is 6 months or older, the nursing pillow will be of little use because she will have more control on their head and neck. Also, by this time you will have mastered the art of nursing on your own.

Don’t toss it out though. The nursing pillow can be used to cradle the baby who can’t sit up yet. You can also use the during their tummy time to prop up the baby giving him a good view to explore and interact with you and their toys. Simply put, the essence of the nursing pillow goes beyond nursing.

What to Look for When Buying a Nursing Pillow

These are the things you ought to consider when looking for a nursing pillow.

The Fit

You need the nursing pillow to fit you easily, especially if it’s a wrap-around shape. You don’t need it squeezing awkwardly against your waist and back since it would be uncomfortable. It should also not be too loose.

The Height

Your pillow should be of the correct height for your baby to find a good latch. It should not be too high or too low around your waist and back. The height should be just enough to bring the baby to the height of the nipple.


When breastfeeding the baby, your nursing pillow will become dirty and will need to be laundered. The process needs to be easy. Nursing pillows that come with removable covers that are machine washable are the best. Without the cover, the most you can do is spot cleaning is spot cleaning which is tedious and time consuming.

Materials Used

The nature of the materials in the making of the nursing pillows is unique and influence the supporting limit and easiness of cleaning. Pick a nursing pillow made of materials, free from any health-related risks that might affect the baby.  The outer casing should be made of synthetic polyester or organic cotton for comfort to your skin and that of the baby during feeding.

Attachment and Fastening Device of the Pillow

The pillow should be fastened and secured with ease to reduce movement when feeding the baby.  Once breastfeeding is done, it should also be possible for you to detach yourself from the pillow and keep it aside, ready for the next feed without any qualms.

Portability and nursing location

Most moms feed their babies anywhere around the house depending on when they get hungry. However, when the baby hits the 4-month mark, it is advisable that you find a quiet place to feed him so as to avoid any distractions for you or the baby. Therefore pick a pillow that satisfies these needs. With many such pillows out there you will need to have a sharp eye in picking the right one.

There are many nursing pillows in the market, but here we are certain we have picked the best for you and your baby.


The Best Skin to Skin Nursing Pillow

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow Cover

As the title suggests, this product is unique as its cover is made of 100% cotton and polyester fabric. The straps are adjustable and you can wrap them around your torso with ease. You don’t need to worry about your baby’s skin being irritated as it is soft and gentle to the touch.  The pillow has a firm and supportive foam, which positions the baby at the desired height while relieving pressure and strain off your back.


  • The pillow is appealing to the eye as it comes with an attractive cover.
  • It is easy to launder.
  • The foam is soft yet firm providing steady support for mother and baby during breastfeeding.
  • It is made of high-quality fabric that is gentle to the baby’s skin.


  • Some customers wish it was waterproof in case of emergency burps from the baby while feeding.

The Best Pocket Friendly Pick Nursing Pillow

Dr. Brown’s Gia Nursing Pillow Cover

This pillow is well known as it is an addition to the Dr. Brown’s bottle brand. It is far much more affordable than other top-notch nursing pillows in the market. It is crescent-shaped, making it possible to place the baby higher up without you bending over, stopping the baby from rolling over. The shell is made from 100%cotton and the fill made from polyester.


  • It is comfortable for nursing mothers who have a large bust size.
  • It is super firm and retains its shape even after regular washes.
  • It works well on most nursing holds, even the “football clutch”.
  • Made from cotton and polyester



  • It does not come with a cover.

The Best All Round Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing pillow

This pillow has a super soft slipcover that does not wear off easily even after many machine washes. It provides room for the mum to rest her hands, shoulders, and elbows, especially on those occasions she has spent a lengthy amount of time carrying the baby with her hands.

The wrap around strap has been designed to stay put, minimizing unnecessary movements during feeding. Since it wraps itself all-round the mother’s torso, most moms will appreciate the back pain relief it gives them.


  • This pillow provides firm support for mother and baby and the baby is at the right height just next to the nipple.
  • It helps alleviate pain from the back and other areas during breastfeeding, except her breasts.
  • It has a cover that is soft to touch and does not irritate the baby’s skin.


  • You need both of your hands to secure the pillow in place.
  • It is not recommended for heavier and bustier moms.


The Best Pillow for Bottle Feeding

Bobby Nursing pillow

The Bobby Nursing Pillow is made of high-quality material, a hybrid of 10% cotton and 90% polyester fabric. Most moms enjoy the fact that it provides maximum support for both the mother and baby while bottle feeding. The mom experiences comfort and relief from the strain on her arm and back muscles. The baby is also quite comfortable as the pillow provides support to the head and neck during their bottle feeding time.

It remains durable and strong even after a couple of machine washes. As for the covers, you can get them separately according to your preference. It is a steady prop up pillow to cradle a newborn for those cute and memorable pictures.


  • It is soft and gentle to the touch as it does not irritate the baby’s skin.
  • It is praised for its versatility, inclusive of tummy time.
  • Made from good quality materials


  • It is a little pricey..

The Best Travel Nursing Pillow

The Nursie Slip-on Arm Nursing Pillow

This pillow is smaller than other bulkier pillows found in homes as it is built to be a nursing pillow for mothers on the move. It can easily fit in a diaper bag and does not take too much space when stored in the trunk of your car. Because of its lightweight, it will not take up much of your luggage limit in the airport.

How it works is that just like those arm floaters used for swimming, you are to slip the pillow up your arm. This provides support while feeding the baby without putting too much strain on your forearm. The baby’s head is lifted high enough, reducing the chance of getting any form of an acid reflux caused by awkward sitting and feeding positions.


  • It is portable, light and washable.
  • It is flexible for travel.
  • It can fit easily in a diaper bag.
  • The small convenient travel size pillow is machine washable.


  • It is not as versatile as its uses are limited.
  • It does not provide back and side support for breastfeeding moms


The Best Nursing Pillow for Plus-Size Moms

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

With pregnancy, there is a likely chance that once a mother gives birth it might be a bit difficult to shed off some of the baby weight. It is therefore imperative that the mother finds a nursing pillow that is comfortable for her during this time. This pillow is also a great fit for plus size moms who might not find some of the other conventional pillows a good fit.

This pillow provides ample support to heavy and bustier moms because of its shape. It does not have any backside support as it is meant to be free and spacious. Mothers who delivered via C-section will also love this pillow as it does not come in contact with the wound when feeding the baby which would cause irritation and pain.


  • The fabric used to make this pillow is soft and does not irritate the baby’s skin.
  • It is machine washable and very durable as it lasts a long time without losing its shape and feel.


  • It is not the best nursing pillow for a mom on the road..


A nursing pillow comes in handy during those unpredicted wakeful sessions of the night, after lengthy sessions of carrying your baby by hand, during tummy time and other numerous occasions.  The support they give is a blessing to a rather tired and sleepy mom.

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing pillow comes most recommended, because of its versatility, infant friendly and very accommodating features. Whatever you fancy, you now have all the information you need to buy a nursing pillow that fits your body size and style of nursing.