Best Mattresses for Seniors- Mattresses for Elderly Adults Buying Guide and Tips

As Mignon McLaughlin put it, your capacity for enjoyment shrinks as you grow older. Among other simple activities, climbing on the bed and turning while sleeping become a little bit hard and even painful.

That’s when conventional mattresses start becoming either way too stiff or plush for your back and joints. Consequently, you start focusing on special mattresses designed for aging folks like you. Now, that’s where we come in.

Whether you are buying a mattress for your bed or an elderly relative, our role here is to show you some of the aspects that make a great mattress that’s geared towards old age.

We’ve also chosen a few beds to help narrow down your options and make things easy for you.

What makes the best mattress for seniors?


Back and neck pain is among a few other problems that set in as you approach your 60s. That being said, a mattress that offers comfort and support is what you should be looking for.

A mattress with sufficient support helps in maintaining neutral spine alignment. This helps in minimizing neck and back pain in return.

On the same note, you should be thinking of a mattress that contours to your individual pressure points including shoulders, heels, and hips.


Although most people prefer medium-firm mattresses, experts say that there is no one-size-fits-all in this regard.

The appropriate firmness level for you depends on your sleeping habit and other things such as weight. When sleeping on your side, your hips and shoulders will protrude out more than any other body part. A mattress that is too firm may make pressure points around these parts.

I don’t suggest going for a mattress that is too soft though. Side snoozers who are heavy than average tend to dig deep into an overly soft mattress. This could lead to a misaligned spine.

So, in my opinion, a medium-firm mattress may be a sweet spot for you. Such a mattress tends to favor back and stomach sleepers too.

All in all, go for a mattress that is soft enough to contour to your curves, yet firm enough to offer good support for better spine alignment.

Edge support

Do you feel like you are rolling off the bed when you approach the edges? Well, this could mean that the mattress support at these points isn’t thick enough for your heavy body.

Although not all of us really care about the edges, enough support at the sides makes it easy and safe for seniors to sit and tie their shoelaces. A firm edge support also protects you from sliding off the bed especially if you love sleeping along the edge.

If a firmer edge support matters to you, I would recommend an all-latex mattress. A hybrid mattress that combines latex and innerspring might be a great option since innerspring offers quite a strong edge support.

Temperature Regulation

A mattress that gets too hot or too cold can easily mess your sleep. For the senior citizens, interrupted night-time sleep could lead to loss of sleep quality and daytime sleepiness.

A mattress that gets too cold could cause arthritis and fibromyalgia. On the other hand, an overly hot bed could cause uncomfortable sweating, tossing, and turning.

As such, it’s important that you find a workable solution that allows you to sleep at optimal sleeping temperatures.

A few things affect how hot or cold your mattress gets including firmness. A mattress that is too soft tends to trap you in a gully leading to restricted airflow and greater heating potential (think about soft foam mattresses).

On the other hand, a firm mattress tends to suspend you in the air leading to excellent air flow.

Comparing the different types of mattresses on the market, innerspring/coil mattresses receive the most complaints about being too hot. Latex mattresses have fewer negative reports than innerspring but it depends on the brand.

Traditional viscous-elastic memory foam mattresses have slightly higher complaints than latex with the higher-density models being the hottest.

Gel-infused foam mattresses tend to solve the problem of hot sleep. This is because the gel layer warms more slowly than foam. According to Joe Wehrle, the Sales Director for PCM Microtek Laboratories, gel infusion offers the perfect sleep experience that most users want.

Weight of the mattress

Most mattresses need to be flipped at least once in 3 months. If you find lifting heavy mattresses taxing, consider going for a memory foam mattress since it does not require flipping.

What about the thickness?

Not many people consider this aspect but getting it wrong could make you hate life every time you are getting in and out of your bed.

If you have mobility issues, consider a bed that is neither too high nor too low. Mattresses with a medium-to-low profile (between 8 and 10 inches) tend to favor a large proportion of seniors.

Types of Mattresses

Memory foam

Memory foam has been a go-to solution for the elderly for quite a long time now. This material’s ability to distribute weight evenly makes it the most popular not only in the mattress industry but in the construction of sports helmets, soles of shoes, airplane seats, and hospital pads.

Unlike other materials used in mattresses, memory foam relies on your body heat to shape and contour around you. This feature gives it its excellent pressure-point-relieving properties that the old people need.

But as I pointed out before, traditional temperature-sensitive memory foam tends to retain a lot of heat around you.

Luckily, the market now has mattresses that have airflow systems to keep you cooler. Some of the advanced models also feature a layer of gel at the top.

The definite advantage with a gel-infused mattress is that it enhances air circulation by allowing heat to escape. You should be ready to pay a little bit more for such a mattress though.


  • Offers a true body fit
  • Great heat retention for warm nights in cold seasons
  • Contours to your body shape to relieve pain and aches
  • Minimizes motion transfers to minimize disturbances
  • Don’t need to be turned or flipped


  • Retains heat which can lead to sweaty sleep
  • Low-end models may have off-gassing issues

Best Memory Foam Mattress for seniors

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel 8’’ Memory Foam

Rating: 4.8/5

The Classic Brands Cool Gel 8-inch is, in my opinion, the best representative of gel-infused memory foam mattresses. It’s not surprising that its bigger sibling, the Cool Gel tops our other list of the best mattresses for allergy.

One of the many reasons why I recommend this model is its 8-inch thickness. I bet it might be an ideal option for elderly persons who might have trouble climbing anything higher.

This mattress’ thickness is comprised of a high-density support foam measuring 6 inches and a 2-inch gel foam at the top.

This unique combination means that the mattress cradles you comfortably for pressure point relief while keeping you cool throughout the sleep.

Regarding your safety, Classic Brands Cool Gel is CertiPur-certified. Its memory foam material, on the other hand, gives it a solid core base that helps in putting dust mites and allergens at bay.


  • Has minimal chemical fumes
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Its 10-year warranty is impressive
  • Gel foam technology lets you sleep cool


  • A few buyers say that the fumes (though bearable) lasted for 2 days
  • Others find it a bit firm for them


While memory foam is known for its pressure relief and comfort properties, latex takes the lead in terms of being natural, healthy, and durable.

The major issue with memory foam is that its derivation process relies on some pretty harsh chemicals, some of which are known to be carcinogenic. Although CertiPUR-US certified mattresses now use user-friendly VOCs, most memory foam mattresses reek of chemical smells for a few days after delivery.

So, if you are sensitive to the ‘new mattress’ smell, it could cause you red eyes, itchiness, headaches, and respiratory issues. This leaves latex as your natural, healthy option.

These 2 materials also differ in their response time. Once you turn in your sleep, memory form adapts gradually to your shape. Conversely, latex conforms to your shape almost instantly.

The quicker spring back action of the latex mattress makes it quite favorable for old people since it does not leave negative spaces at any given time.

Unlike foam, latex does not rely on your body heat to contour to your body shape. This means that you are less likely to sleep hot. This material is also regarded for its resiliency and impressive durability.

Despite its high level of support, a latex mattress can be on the firmer side for most users. But latex mattresses are made to order. So, you can always get the softness of your likeness.


  • It’s resilient and long-lasting
  • Spring back action offers continuous support
  • Buoyancy supportive sensation makes it comfortable
  • Promotes pain relief
  • Offers natural spine alignment
  • Resists dust mites and allergens naturally


  • Some find it a little bit firm for them
  • It’s heavy to turn or flip
  • It might not be readily available
  • A small percentage of buyers report ‘sleeping hot’

Best Latex Mattress for seniors

PlushBeds 10″ Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

Rating: 4.9/5

Plushbed Bliss might be undeniably on the pricier side of the spectrum. However, if money is no object, this is perhaps the best investment that you could make for your aging grandpa and grandma.

This mattress is handcrafted in the USA and comes in a variety of sizes. It is made of organic latex foam while its cover is made up of organic cotton wool and luxurious Joma wool.

This 10-inch Botanical Bliss mattress features 3 layers of organic latex that have been designed to offer varying firmness levels.

But the most exciting bit is that you can rearrange the layers to get the perfect firmness level to your liking from the 6 possible levels. To do this, you only need to unzip the mattress cover and rearrange the layers.

Worth noting is that these layers adhere naturally to each other. This means that no harsh chemicals are used to glue the layers. Consequently, you’ll have no awful gasses to fight for days to come.

Among other things, most reviewers report that the Botanical Bliss mattress is very comfortable. A good percentage of the buyers also highly recommend it for other people with back, spinal, and neck pains.


  • Its firmness level is adjustable
  • It’s comfortable
  • Excellent reports of back, spinal, and neck pain relief
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • Only one reviewer says that it was uncomfortable (no reason was given)


Innerspring mattresses are the oldest models having been invented in 1871. Surprisingly, they are still the most common mattresses to date.

Besides being economical, these models are known for their consistent firmness. This makes them ideal for old citizens who want excellent spinal alignment for a good night’s sleep.

Innerspring mattresses come in 2 different types. I bet you are eager to know the differences.

Open spring mattresses– these models are also known as continuous coil mattresses. They are made up of one piece of wire that has been coiled into different springs.

These mattresses are ideal for people who are in need of economical solutions. Their lightweight design also makes them easy for the elderly to turn.

Although they offer some degree of support, they are no match to memory foam and latex mattresses. They also sag and wear out fast.

Pocket spring mattress– the major difference with these models is that they feature small springs individually held in a pocket of fabric.

This means that each spring moves separately. This construction design makes them a good choice for an elderly couple. This is because independently moving springs cater for your weights differently thereby reducing the probability of rolling to each other.

On the downside, these mattresses can be too heavy for some old folks to turn or flip. Again, several models may be filled with materials that may agitate allergy, for instance, wool.

I guess the only area where innerspring mattresses beat memory foam and latex mattresses is breathability.


  • Widely available both in stores and online
  • Are relatively cheaper than other types
  • Offer cool sleeping surface
  • Conform instantly to your turns


  • Poor pressure point relief
  • Pocket spring mattresses are heavy to turn
  • Premature sagging
  • Requires regular replacement

Best innerspring mattress for old people

Classic Brands Advantage 8-Inch Mattress

Rating: 4.7/5

Classic Brands makes yet another appearance with an easily affordable pocket spring mattress. True to its name, this mattress features individually wrapped coils that make it quite responsive and supportive.

We like that these coils will move independently as you make every turn and toss and, therefore, offer consistent support to your pressure points.

Its coil system also makes it breathable, a feature that is boosted by a layer of quilted knit foam. Although several buyers (around 3) reported that they could feel the coils at a distant, a large proportion did not experience this problem.

Another thing that you might appreciate about this mattress is its excellent motion isolation. If your partner’s slightest moves in the bed always wake you up to a long sleepless night, these individually responsive coils might help in eliminating such issues as most buyers report.

Classic Brands Advantage has a height of 8 inches. You could go with the 7-inch model if you prefer a lower profile. 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch models are also available for those who would prefer a higher bed.


  • Conforms to your shape instantly for continuous support
  • Has excellent breathability
  • Some find its firmness perfect
  • Very affordable


  • Suffers premature sagging
  • Has a short lifespan


Hybrid Mattresses

In case you’ve tried out all the 3 types of mattresses above but that they are all not working for you, perhaps a hybrid mattress might suffice.

A hybrid mattress combines an innerspring system and any other material such as gel, memory foam, or latex.

For memory foam lovers, this clever combination means that you enjoy the support and bounce of the innerspring system plus the comfort and contouring properties of the viscous-elastic foam in one mattress.


  • Offer better contour to your body shape than latex
  • Good motion isolation
  • Cool sleeping surface
  • Available in different levels


  • Might be expensive
  • Seniors might find it too heavy to move
  • Can have a shorter lifespan if too much polyfoam is used


Best Hybrid Mattress for seniors

LinenSpa 8″ Hybrid Mattress (Memory Foam and Innerspring)

Rating: 4.6/5

This Linenspa 8’’ is a CertiPUR-US certified hybrid mattress. This is among other highly recommendable options if you wish to combine the versatilities of memory foam with the breathability and bounce of the innerspring system.

Its 8-inch thickness contains a 1.5-inch memory foam layer at the top. True to its properties, this layer conforms to your natural shape thereby helping in reducing pressure points.

But the best part is that you won’t be sinking deep into the mattress thanks to the 6-inch coil system. Another advantage to the aged users is that this combination eliminates the difficulties that arise when it’s time to get out of the bed.

Previous users also note that the Linenspa 8’’ mattress has excellent motion absorption and breathability.


  • Available in all sizes
  • Has advanced pressure point relief
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Absorbs motion
  • Innerspring system offers reasonable back support


  • Some users find it too firm
  • Only available online


Other models


 The Novosbed (Medium)

Rate: 4.7/5

The Novosbed is another great option if you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and affordable bed solution.

Besides its appealing and classic top design, this mattress features 3 high-density foam layers arranged in a unique combination to offer support and pressure relief to the elderly.

Its base features a 7-inch premium foam that offers support while eliminating motion. This means that your partner’s movements won’t be an issue to you. The middle layer is a 2-inch high-density memory foam.

It provides subtle contouring in a bid to alleviate pressure while eliminating any potential aggravation on existing back, neck, and spine pains.

Memory foam mattresses are well-known culprits for sleeping hot. The Novosbed, however, tries to curb this issue through the use of a 2-inch high-density gel memory foam at the top.

This top layer also has vertical airflow channels that help in heat dissipation and breathability. What’s more is that this mattress has a moisture-wicking cover to keep your seniors cool and dry throughout the sleep. In case you are wondering, the top cover comes out in a breeze and it’s machine-washable.

Interestingly, if your mattress isn’t perfect for your needs, this manufacturer will send you a comfort plus kit to make it either firmer or softer to your likeness.


  • Excellent customer care
  • It ‘sleeps cool’
  • Helps improve injured backs
  • 120-day trial period


  • The mattress might feel either too firm or soft. Fortunately, the manufacturer will send you a comfort+ kit to solve this

Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic

Rating: 4.5/5

Live and Sleep is famous for making mattresses that meet all needs. Whether you are a couple with varying needs in terms of mattress features or it’s becoming hard to find a mattress that will fit your ‘strange bed,’ this brand seems to have everything.

What we have for you is a 10-inch memory foam mattress featuring airflow infusion technology to help cool your body.

This mattress base consists of a 7.5-inch orthopedic viscose foam that offers ortho-pedic support to back and stomach sleepers. Designed to meet the needs of all people including the aged, this high-density foam has impressive conformity and may aid in relieving pressure points and back pain relief.

We also like its flex linen fabric cover with its cloud touch. The best part is that the mattress is hypoallergenic and, therefore, less susceptible to dust mite invasion. For hygienic purposes, you can remove the cover and clean it with much ease.


  • Choose your preferred firmness from a scale of 1-10
  • Comes with a removable cover for hygiene
  • Helps in relieving pressure point and back pain
  • It’s hypoallergenic


  • Can be a little firm for the first few days


Sunrising Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress

Rating 4.7/5

Sunrising is not a brand that you hear about every day. But their highly affordable all-natural latex hybrid mattress might be a good option if you want a mattress that combines innerspring technology with latex.

I bet the main reason why you might prefer Sunrising to Linenspa (our previous hybrid mattress recommendation) is that Sunrising uses latex, not memory foam. In fact, several reviewers including this one say that Sunrising feels much more comfortable than Linenspa due to the natural latex used in it.

What’s more is that this is Talalay which is known to be a little bit softer than Dunlop. This combination might eliminate the fear that the latex mattress will be firm for your needs.

This mattress employs hundred of independently-working pocketed coils that complement the latex top in creating an orthopedic effect. This relieves the elderly parents’ numb muscles and back and neck pain.

These 2 materials also work together to create a cool sleeping surface that reduces turning and tossing. The mattress also has impeccable motion absorption function that helps in minimizing disturbances from your partner.


  • Innerspring and Talalay latex offer optimum comfort
  • Has improved breathability
  • Offers good sleep at a low price
  • Minimizes your partner’s motions
  • Good reports in relieving numb muscles and back and neck pains


  • Around 2 buyers report that they feel the springs
  • Several users say that it’s firm


And the winner is?

PlushBeds 10″ Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress. Picking the best mattress for the elderly from this list was a little bit tricky for us. Most of the models here pack lots of features that a senior would be looking for in a good mattress.

The major reason why we picked the Botanical Bliss is that it offers you 6 firmness levels to choose from. This eliminates the inconvenience of trying out several mattresses as you search for that perfect firmness.

Not only does it offer versatile firmness levels, this mattress is made of organic latex and has a removable, hand-knitted mattress cover made from organic cotton. 

Moreover, unlike memory foam that responds gradually to your body movement, this latex mattress offers instant response for continuous body support and pressure point relief. What else would you look for in a good mattress for the elderly?