Best mattress for sex – Best Sex Mattresses According to Category

There are a few things that make sex steamier, happier, and downright sexier: explicit sexual tension, tailored foreplay, and the best mattress for sex.

Sure, you read that right. Unlike a few decades ago, the market now has a mattress for virtually every purpose. You could get a mattress designed with the expectant moms in mind and another one for light or stocky sleepers.

But what we have in these best mattresses for sex reviews are mattresses that aim at spicing up your bedroom matters.

Hey, don’t go looking for the words ‘best for sex’ in product descriptions. You might not find any. So, let’s show you some of the key aspects that you need to check out for in your mattress shopping.

What makes the best mattress for lovemaking?


Bounce refers to how the mattress recoils or springs back after being compressed. There is a definite advantage to a mattress with lots of rebound in it: it bounces back your partner to you in readiness for the next thrust.

Well, some argue that this is a factor mainly in the missionary style. But sex experts say that a bouncy mattress helps in building momentum and maintaining the right, natural rhythm in about any style and position.


Not all of us want an overly bouncy mattress though. A mattress with a degree of firmness packs a punch in supporting different sex positions. It also helps in delivering each thrust with just the amount of force required especially during climax.


Moaning and screaming can be a surefire trick to mind-blowing sex. However, a squeaking and overly noisy bed and mattress can attract unwanted attention. You might also feel slightly uncomfortable with the awkward eye contact that follows a loud sex session or night.

If you have some friends, roommates, or kids within the house and your paper-thin walls can’t contain all the noise from your room, then looking for a low-noise mattress becomes a significant consideration.

Responsiveness- why does it matter?

Regardless of how bouncy or firm your mattress is, you really want a model that responds to all your body movements on time. Rhoda Milrad of the American Board of Sexology says that a responsive mattress helps in adjusting to the right position and movements efficiently as you switch from one style to the other.

Edge support

Going through a series of sex styles in one lovemaking session facilitates delayed orgasm and exhilarating climaxes. Some of the most passionate sex positions might require you to take the game along the edges of the mattress. That being said, you might want to consider a mattress with firm edges that won’t collapse under you.

Does it conform to your figure?

A mattress that conforms to your body shape ensures that you don’t slide all over the bed with your partner’s intense thrusts. It also gives you a better grip on your toes, knees, and elbow thereby allowing you to give out the required energy.

Moreover, a conforming mattress gives you a tight impression which is vital for maximizing your role on the bed. However, it should do this without causing discomforts due to pressure.

How long will it last?

Generally, mattresses wear out with time. But the rate of depreciation is much faster if you are to subject it to intense sex. This raises the question, ‘’which is the most long-lasting mattress?’’

Well, mattresses perform differently on this front. Their durability boils down to the users’ combined weight and the type of material used.

If durability tops your priority list, latex might be a good option. It is then followed by memory foam, innerspring (coil gauge), and air mattresses in that order.

 Consider the ease of cleaning

Sex messes, blood, sweat, and drools from your open mouth are some of the major causes of stains on the mattress. Unfortunately, most warranties don’t cover blemishes. So, it really pays to consider a mattress with a stain-resistant cover. It should also be easily removable for cleaning in case of accidental or uncontrollable spills.

Best Mattress for sex reviews

Whether we are talking about responsiveness, bounce, noise, or firmness, everything boils down to what is inside the mattress. So, let’s see how memory foam, latex, innerspring, and air mattresses stack up in the various fronts.

Sex on memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses feature memory foam over base/support foam. This results in soft and pliable surfaces that you sink into.

Advantages of memory foam mattress

Incredibly discreet

Foam mattresses are known to be solid and heavy and, therefore, excellent motion absorbers. And since they don’t have any moving parts in them, there will be almost zero ‘squeak, squeak, squeak’ distractions. A memory foam mattress might, therefore, be a good bet if you want the most silent intimacy sessions.

Comfortable- works for you not against you

Another advantage here is that these pliable surfaces tend to conform to your butt, knees, elbows, and toes. This means that there is very little pressure on these points that may lead to discomforts. It also tends to support virtually any sex position.

Contours your body

When making love on memory foam mattress, your body seems to sink in, and the mattress tends to grip you. This helps in maintaining a steady position which might be paramount for easy penetration.

Great for climaxes

The conforming properties coupled with the minimal bounce and a tight grip that memory foam mattresses offer tend to add your odds of explosive orgasms.

Disadvantages of memory foam mattresses during sex

Minimal bounce

This is the major drawback with memory foam mattresses. They tend to absorb all the motion thereby making it difficult to gain and maintain a rhythm. This makes sex seem somewhat awkward for some.

Offers little response

Foam mattresses especially those with high-density construction also tend to perform very poorly in terms of response. This combined with the minimal bounce properties means that the energy that you give is not what you receive back.

Difficulty changing positions

Foam mattresses tend to trap you in a gully. As such, although there’s the freedom to enjoy a whole of sex positions, switching positions easily and often becomes a tad hard. This may discourage trying out several styles and may lead to tiring.

Little to no edge support

Most low-density and cheap foam mattresses don’t offer much support along the edges. So, if you are an energetic couple who like making use of every corner and edge of your bed, memory foam mattresses might not be the best for you.

It gets ‘hot’ with you

Another major complaint that most couples report is the high heat retention with these mattresses. This might lead to excessive sweating which might make sex somewhat uncomfortable for some.

Best Memory Foam mattress for sex

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress

The Leesa might be a good option if you are looking for a foam mattress with a little bit more bounce. Most owners compare its bounce performance to an innerspring mattress. The good news, however, is that the Leesa uses perforated foam layers rather than the squeaky coils.

This bouncy function tends to make it more responsive since you won’t be sinking all the way with every movement. It also makes a great option for sleeping too.


  • It’s more bouncy than average foam mattresses
  • It’s soft on your body
  • It’s responsive
  • You get 100-nights trial period and 10 years of warranty


  • It gets pretty hot
  • Has minimal edge support
  • Its dense gas smell may be an issue to some users


The consensus is that latex mattresses are the best for sex.  In case you are wondering, latex is a natural liquid derived from rubber trees. It is baked and then cooled down into a soft, all natural substance.


It’s incredibly bouncy

If you are of the idea that a bouncier mattress is better, then latex mattresses might make a good solution for you. The thing with latex mattresses is that you get lots of bounce less all the noise that coils make.


Similar to memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses also have extremely low noise output levels. As such could go for a quickie without your kids or roommates in the next room even noticing.

Conforms to your figure

These mattresses also tend to conform to your body shape. This feature coupled with the ease of movement and a good amount of bounce makes latex mattresses great for extreme sexual activities.

Latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

What you might like most about latex mattresses is their antimicrobial nature. This makes them inherently resistant to dust mites, molds, and bacteria. They are also free of allergens and might be ideal for the allergic couples.


Not as responsive

Although latex performs much better than memory foam at this front, it is no match to air, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. You might want to look for these if you need rapid response time.

Limited bounce

These mattresses also tend to offer varying degree of bounce. This depends on the method of processing though. Talalay tends to offer a higher degree of bounce than Dunlop. However, latex models still lag behind compared to innerspring and air mattresses since they designed to isolate motion.

Very minimal edge support

Similar to their memory foam alternatives, latex mattresses also tend to offer almost zero edge support. This can potentially make certain sex positions and styles somewhat difficult.

Quite pricey

On average latex mattress costs around $2000 which is way expensive than other mattress types. However, let’s not forget that latex mattresses are also incredibly durable and could go for over 8 years.

Best latex mattress for sex

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress

The 10-inch Brooklyn Bedding might be a great option if you want a mattress that is great for sleeping and regular sex too. This mattress comes in 3 firmness levels. I’d advise you to talk to one of the customer representatives if you are not sure what level fits you best.

The Brooklyn latex mattress is considerably bouncier than most foam mattresses and can be used on about any support system. You might also like that it controls motion easily and it’s breathable.


  • Has no odor
  • No chemical issues
  • Seems to be well built
  • 120-day trial period


  • Retains heat to some degree especially in hot weather
  • Absorbs motion making it less responsive

Sex on Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are perhaps what come in most sexually active couples’ mind when it’s time to change mattresses. ‘’What makes them so adorable?’’ You ask.


Very bouncy

Innerspring mattresses are known to have a higher amount of bounce than memory foam and latex. The coils are great for building momentum. This can impact positively on your enjoyment.

Improved edge support

Most innerspring mattresses also perform better than latex and foam mattresses regarding edge support. This might allow you to try out more sex positions without the fear of rolling off or sinking.

Have decent traction

I wouldn’t say that these mattresses offer the best conformity. However, they offer a good amount of traction that may give you mileage especially during orgasms.

Incredibly responsive

Innerspring mattresses are hard to beat in terms of responsiveness. They might allow you to move around more easily. This makes changing positions and styles not only easy but quick and fun too.


Almost zero discretion

If you plan to use this mattress purely for rough rides, then you might want to make your bedroom a little bit soundproof. Innerspring mattresses, especially the cheap models, can be extremely noisy especially if you enjoy climaxing at full-throttle speeds.

They are the least durable

Innerspring mattresses also score the least regarding durability. Medium to high-end models might offer you around 6 years. But this will vary greatly depending on your weight and how often you ‘do it.’

Difficult cleanup

The comfort layers atop the coils are also hard to remove. So, it might be hard to clean it in case of spills or stains. This could also void the warranty.

Best Innerspring mattress for sex

Oceano Mattress from Brentwood

This mattress’s great edge support might be what you need if you like bringing the game along the edges of the bed. The manufacturer has used smaller, firmer coils around the perimeter to prevent rolling off amidst penetrations.

We also like that it has been hand-tufted. This eliminates the use of glue and thereby makes the mattress more natural. It has good breathability and might regulate temperatures better than most foam mattresses.

Needless to mention, the Oceano mattress has lots of bounce in it. We also like that it has minimal motion transfer. This feature means that your partner can assume about any sex position without obstructing your performance.


  • It’s not stiff on you (think about reduced back aches and sore muscles)
  • Has notable edge support
  • Has minimal motion transfer
  • Has quality stitching


  • It’s noisy
  • Its cover requires extra care to prevent stains

Hybrid mattresses and sex

A hybrid mattress offers you the benefits of innerspring and memory foam or latex technologies. They are among the latest entrants in sleep and sex bedding technology. How do they stack up against the competition?


They are fairly responsive

Thanks to the coils and latex/foam, hybrid mattresses are fairly responsive to your body movements. This feature means that you won’t be sunk so deep into the mattress which might be the case with most foam mattresses.

They are somewhat silent

Hybrid mattresses feature coils tucked in pockets of either foam or latex. Although there might be some creaking from afar, this construction design makes them somewhat heavy and, therefore, stable and silent.

Offer above-average traction

Whether the second construction component is latex or memory, you can rest assured that your hybrid mattress will offer some amount of traction and conformity. This coupled with their fairly responsive nature might heighten the pleasure and lead to more intense penetrations and orgasms.


Have limited bounce

Hybrid mattresses have micro-layers that are responsible for some amount of bounce. However, these mattresses still lack the bounciness that most couples might be looking for.

Tend to retain so much heat

Most couples also complain that these mattresses tend to accumulate a lot of heat which causes discomforts during prolonged sex sessions.

Can be hard to clean

You’ll also need to ensure that the mattress has adequate protection from stains. The comfort layers can be quite hard to clean off stains from squirted vaginal liquids.

Not the best regarding durability

These mattresses also tend to offer a considerably lower lifespan in comparison to their cost. They have above-average price tags yet offer 6-7 years which is somewhat below the industry standard.

Best Hybrid Mattress for sex

Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress – Editor’s Choice

The Alexander Signature is, in our opinion, the current market leader in this category. What I love about this mattress is that it comes in a variety of firmness levels. This is a good thing considering that we have different tastes.

Alexander Signature features a memory foam feeling and conforms around you. It also has some amount of responsiveness (not so much, but better than competition). In addition, it feels quite stable and has enough support along the edges. These 2 features are good if you want to try out new sex positions around the bed.

Sex on Air mattresses

Also known as an airbed, air mattresses feature air chambers that create a buoyancy feel. Most of our readers report that these beds are way above average for sex. So, what’s there to like or dislike about them?


Extremely responsive for sex

Air mattresses rank highly on this front. These mattresses use air chambers and, therefore, turn with you. This feature might lend you some mileage and also ensures consistency.

Easy cleanup

In case of stains from fluid penetrations, you could remove the cover easily for cleaning.

Offer good amount of support

Once you get a good hang of the adjustments, this mattress might offer good support which makes changing positions and styles fast.


Reduced bounciness

Most air mattresses have a partition where the 2 air chambers meet. This reduces bounciness and might be hard to create rhythm during sex.

Lacks discretion

These mattresses might not be as noisy as their innerspring alternatives. But they have some noise compared to latex and foam mattresses.

Has lower durability

More often than not, air mattresses do not allow sex on the whole bed. You’ll be forced to use certain sections due to the uncomfortable trenches in the middle. This leads to quick deterioration, especially along the edges.

Best Air Mattress for sex

Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Soundasleep is perhaps the most famous mattress on the market today. Besides being incredibly affordable, most homeowners report that it also offers a solution to most bedroom activities other than sleeping.

It has a thick multi-level layer that makes it puncture-resistant and waterproof. The sure-grip materials at the bottom also reduce unwanted sliding during energized thrusts. It also features comfort coil technology that offers some amount of stability and firmness.


  • Inflates easily
  • There are minimal slides
  • Its cost is a real bargain


  • Reports of cracks along the edges after some use
  • It might be too low for some users’ taste
  • Might not last for long especially with frequent sex on it

Sex on waterbed mattresses


It’s more discreet

These mattresses are made of vinyl and water only. As such, they tend to make almost zero noise during intercourse.

Allows sex all around the bed

Waterbed mattresses offer equal weight distribution. This is a biggie feature if you want to utilize every corner of it.

Ease to clean

You might also like that it’s hard for liquids and soiling to penetrate through into the mattress. This feature means that cleanup is relatively easy even after messy sexual intercourse.


Almost no bounce

Rather than being bouncy, waterbed mattresses have a wave action. Some owners claim that this causes them ‘sea sicknesses’ after lengthy sexual activities. It also makes it hard to get into a rhythm.

Can be difficult to move around

The wave actions from a poorly baffled air mattress can hinder quick movements and positioning. This can stand in the way of a pleasurable sexual session.

Best Waterbed Mattress for sex

InnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow Waterbed Mattress

The Innomax Sanctuary features 20 mil premium vinyl material and double reinforced corner guards. These construction features add to its firmness which might be ideal to most of us during sex. The reinforced edges also offer optimum support along the edges to prevent accidental rolls when things get hot.

This mattress has also been designed to contour to your body shape. This feature offers you better traction in a range of positions, which is a good thing during sex.

Do you need more options?

Snuggle Home 11” Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress might be a good option if you want to enjoy some pleasure from your sexual activities without bleeding your wallet too much. Users report that it has a good amount of firmness to it and offers excellent pressure relief.

This 10-inch memory foam mattress cradles your body tightly while contouring to your shape thus minimizing unnecessary sliding all over the bed.


  • It’s affordable
  • Has mid-to-high firmness
  • Lengthy warranty (20 years)


  • Almost zero bounce
  • Unreinforced edges make sex on the sides rather uncomfortable

Serta Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

The Serta is several folds pricier than the Snuggle Home above. But it’s not hard to see the reason why most reviewers prefer it. This model has a 3-layer construction design that features a high-density foam base layer, air channel support layer, and a 2.5-inch gel memory foam at the top.

Although it still lacks the bounciness that you might want during sex, several owners report that it has adequate responsiveness and minimized sinkage. The gel layers also work like charm in keeping your body cool.


  • Minimal heat retention
  • Prevents sinking too far inside the mattress
  • Offers good amount of firmness for amorous sexual activities


  • Its firmness seems a bother to some users especially when sleeping
  • It could get uncomfortably warm after vigorous and prolonged sexual activities
  • Some find it rather expensive for what it offers

Kingsdown Passions Immigration Mattress (Hybrid)

The Kingsdown Passions is a great alternative to Alexander Signature. This is a hybrid mattress featuring gel-infused foams and fibers and innersprings. The innersprings are individually-wrapped to minimize noise. It also features a center foam rail that minimizes motion transfers. You might also like its full-body surround edge support if you love making love along the edges.


  • Has excellent edge supports
  • Seems durable
  • Has average bounce


  • It retains much heat

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Inspiration (memory foam) Mattress

If you get really hot during sexual intercourse, the OptiCool memory gel used in this mattress makes it quite ideal for you. This mattress conforms to your body shape and positions and has higher than average firmness. This makes elevating or lowering your body to your partners liking easy and fast. It also offers adequate support, and it’s also considerably discreet.


  • Excellent cooling functions
  • Has adequate support
  • Has no odor


  • Not durable

Perfect Cloud Supreme Mattress (Memory Foam)

The Perfect Cloud Supreme seems another great option if you don’t want to break the bank for a mattress. Its 4.5/5 star rating across the internet suggests that this memory foam mattress might be a good bet for a sexually active couple.

Its 5.5-inch HD base offers you with proper support for the most vigorous intercourse. You might also like its Air Flow memory foam that aids in cooling you off during and after energetic sex sessions.


  • Enough base support to minimize unwanted movements
  • Molds to the body for steady sex positions
  • Helps in cooling you off


  • Not durable
  • Sags in the middle after some time
  • You cannot turn it over


There you have it: a detailed list of some of the best mattresses for sex according to categories. If I were to help you choose the best mattress from the available options, my pick would definitely be the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress.

This is a luxury hybrid mattress that comes at a very affordable price in comparison to the competition. It lends excellent support that extends to the edges. It allows you to try out a couple of sex positions and might, therefore, be ideal for amateurs and experienced couples.

It combines a noticeable amount of bounce and firmness for optimal grinding and bumping. This mattress is also conforming, but you don’t sink too deep into it. This feature coupled with its low-level noise makes it a great choice for frequent vigorous sexual activities.